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Who has a slatmill forsale ?

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by huckleberry, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Looking for a good slatmill any forsale
  2. where are you located? i have one left im in south jersey! if you like free spinning mills, you will like this one. if your interested give me a call! 609204-2852 jesse, i want 1000.00 for it. its got wooden slats and is powder coated. probably wont be building anymore till winter when my normal job slows down..
    oh! i see you like fat bill stuff! i use to have some good stuff right down from fatbills two eyes to fatbills mallory. i only have one bitch left with two eyes to mallory up top, bred to boudreaux "Alice". nice bitch! gona be breeding her to one of my mayday/bolio male soon. my main blood is off grch Haunch and real tight grch Andy capp stuff. but i do like the fatbill stuff when you get a good one! it use to cross well with my old wises maximillian stuff i use to run...
    well let me know if your interested in the mill.

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