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Your experience with Hemphill dogs

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by CLKENNELS, Feb 19, 2009.



    What are you guys experence with this line of dogs.What are their strengths and weaknesses.What would you improve.In my last thread i was referred to a breeder who has pure Hemphill bulldogs..Their is a waiting list for his breedings, so it may be a while before i can purchase some pups. That means I have alot of time to research this blood.
    P.s. Google isnt turning up much information
  2. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    I've wondered the same thing about the old Hemphill dogs myself.I have one dog with it way back,so I don't guess it really matters in her case as it's probaly to far back to make in difference.But the dogs close up in the ped comes from the old ones so I've wondered before if the old Hemphill Geronimo stuff was good or was it just mostly used to breed up some of the bigger dogs we have now.I was a little let down when I found in my dogs ped,but if it was comparable to some of the better bred game dogs of it's time[pre 1976 of course] I won't mind it as bad.Anyway,like the original poster asked,I just can't find much about them except for a few breeders with really big dogs,just curious as to what this family of dogs did in the past.
  3. Chef-Kergin

    Chef-Kergin Guest

    you're looking in the wrong places.

    and it might NOT necessarily be a bad thing you can't find much on the internet regarding people who successfully run the blood today.

    it's probably that way for a reason.

    i have heard that they're not for the novice owner.

    good luck in your search.


    Well if your finding big dogs ...look at the kennel that was referred to me in the other thread.dogs are 30-45 lbs. Check out the peds on his page.matter of fact the whole page is infprmative minus strengths and weaknesses. If any1 else has info for us let us know. Thanx
  5. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    I have a hemphill dog.....but its a larsan dog:o She isnt real big 40lbs.


    The website was old family kennels...us folks interested in these dogs should check out their site and post what they think. I personally think this guy is decent .
  7. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    I honestly haven't messed with a ofrn dog so I don't know much about them.The one dog I have that has it in her has it way back.I'm sure there are some true to form ofrn dogs out there but most I've seen have been 75 to 90 pounds.But that's mostly what I see online is people selling overgrown dogs and probaly just calling them whatever they choose to.I wished I had a dollar for everytime I seen a Gatormouf pit online'lol'.I was just curious how they compared in their day with the other top name bloodlines.I guess what I'm asking is were they bulldogs or showdogs?


    Google old family kennels or get the link from my other thread when I ask about lines off of lightner...
  9. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Theres a member here with a dog that is ofrn x rbj/bolio. Maybe theyll comment on this thread...
  10. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    I have two ofrn dogs we got out of florida. The oldest is 5 years and his nephew is 4 years old. They are probably not pure hemphill though. They have woods, wilder, red ranger, and some larsan mixed in there too. They both weigh around 65 lbs. The guy I got them from used their relatives for hog hunting.
    Very intelligent dogs but don't like strangers. Only like our family. Tried to show one of them Ukc and he wouldn't let the judge touch him. Thought it best to keep him at home.

    SPFDOGS Guest

    You want to get a "Hemphill" pup, yet you dont know anything about Hemphil dogs?.
    Didnt Bob Hemphill pass away in the 1940's?.Someone is selling pure Hemphill dogs?.lol..

    SPFDOGS Guest

    Just because someone has a dog with Hemphill blood in it, doesnt mean that their "expiriences" with that dog is going to be a acurate evaluation of the Hemphill line (if there is such a thing) as a whole..

    If you havent seen 15-20+ animals from said line work, than in my opinion you should keep your opinions to yourself, as they really have no merit..
    preme likes this.


    Spfdogs,how about you check out the kennel I posted and then comment.now granted I was gonna purchase a dog but there is a waiting list so I have to wait and I'm gonna study ..just check out the kennel. Let me know your opinion.thanx
  14. BullDozer

    BullDozer Top Dog

    And then there are those who could see 15-20 animals from said line of work and not know more than a person who has seen one - well said however SPFDOGS and I do believe it was I cheese was speaking about but I do not pretend to be an expert to anyone who believes in that sort of thing - so all I'll say is he is a good dog but he's no longer here. I do not really work with that particular blood much and although I do know a thing or two about it - I think I'll leave that to more "knowledgeable" dogmen.

    SPFDOGS Guest

    I dont see a link to the kennel, but I can tell you right now that I have absolutley no first hand knowledge, on any Hemphill, or OFRN dogs..I have read all about JW "trying" to preserve these dogs after the death of BH and such, but thats about it, and that dont amount to sh*t..
    If the dogs in question are big red, cropped eared dogs, with nice shiny coats, and fancy names than I can probably tell you straight up that they arent my cup of tea..
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2009
  16. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    CLK their are very few people alive who have owned pure Hemphill dogs. You might want to get in touch with the owner of Maud who appeared on the cover of the Stratton book. If you don't know who that person is, he is the person who bred the dogs from Old Family Kennels.

    Since I own some of the purest Hemphill dogs I'll be more than honest. Temperment wise alot of the old pure Hemphill dogs had nasty temperments. Geronimo almost killed Jake Wilder when he went to feed him. Maud would have loved to get her teeth on any human as well as her sister Scarlet Lady. Matter of fact the former owner of Maud has a pic of Scarlet Lady trying to bite him through a fence. Stratton has written a story about Bad Red the last Lightner/Hemphill/Wallace dog which Wallace owned tried to go through the window of Richard Stratton's station wagon to get to the owner of Going Light Barney.

    The former owner of Maud cleaned up the gene pool and the only reason why Maud and Scarlet Lady saw the light of day was because they were gamer than they were nasty and trust me that's saying something. Environment played an important part also in cleaning the gene pool of man biters. Socialized early and as pups as adults the dogs never had problems.

    I haven't had any problems and all the dogs I have produced have been the favorites on the yards they are on. I wouldn't say the dogs are needy but I don't thing they would do well on a 100+ dog yard. They are attention hounds who want to please and love affection. They will please their owner to no end and most are very energetic.

    Size wise the heavier Hemphill dogs are small to medium weight wise. Females average 30 to 50 on the chain and males average 35 to 60 on the chain. Personally I haven't produced a female over 48 on the chain and no male over 60 on the chain.

    Alot of people think they have Hemphill dogs because that is the majority of the bloodline in their peds which is false. Every time you cross the blood becomes a combo of the two not one or the other. When you add a half a dozen crosses you get further and further away from the Hemphill blood. Add to the mix breeders who haven't witheld the standards of Hemphill and 40+ years later alot of people don't have remnants of Hemphill dogs, let alone the performance and traits of hemphill dogs.

    I don't consider myself an oldtimer but i will tell you this. The names on peds and dogs will determine the quality of what you feed. Ricky Jones once told me..."Blood always tells."
    corvettedex likes this.
  17. Chef-Kergin

    Chef-Kergin Guest

    to many people seemed concerned with the line of dog they (want to) feed, not who they got it from in the first place. seems to be the more important factor imho.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2009


    Well like I told you ,the kennel I was referred to dogs are all under 45 lbs. The link is in my lightner thread
    Dogs thread. Clik on my name and u should find it. The kennels name is old family kennels.chek it out and let me know what u thin. I asked for opinions, that's why I'm not "retaliating"


    Look at my thread about lightner dogs.its a link for old family kennels. Check out there page and let me know what you think. I'm no expert but they look pure to me.


    Thank you crazy horse . What do you think of old family kennels. They look decent to me but you've owned these dogs and may be one of the more experienced persons on this thread.

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