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New Profile Posts

  1. joker
    joker slim12
    Hello Slim, I hope you are doing well. I was hoping you can provide some guidance regarding water during a keep. I have been reading a lot of articles on water and wanted to get your take what the average bulldog should be getting in water per LB during a keep in his/her feed. Excluding the free water.
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  2. Reginald Cyrus
    Reginald Cyrus king cyrus
    This is King Cyrus
    Anyone with T-Bud pups hit me on my new number 318-605-9320
  3. metin çetin
    metin çetin bestia
    Hello, I have very tight and perhaps the best jeep/redboys in the world, but I am looking for a multi-mouth line to reduce the kinship and add mouths. If you have chiflado or t bud sense or someone you know, please message me.
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    2. Piter2006
      Jeep Blood haha, i like It a lot.
      You can Post pedigree online?
      Feb 19, 2024
  4. Samuel Amador
    Samuel Amador slim12
    Hey all, I'm looking for a fire game dog... Maybe someone in Mexico have a nice pupp to sell me? Or in the states. Whatsapp: +57 323 961 9344
  5. Coalitionkennelz
    Coalitionkennelz Dusty Road
    What are you on about the bitch was never mine..tell your hero ricky to come and message me instead of being his little cheerleader like you know who me and Lola was.
  6. Big boyles
    Big boyles wicked13
    What’s going on everyone I have a boomerang/backstreets truez/Patrick bred male what are you guys suggestions on the best cross to run him with
  7. ben brockton
    ben brockton
    Talk shit and swallow spit
  8. galician
    galician slim12
  9. PLZ
    PLZ Limey kennels
    Hi Bid D, could I get your number?
    I dont have Facebook.
  10. Zionwood
  11. AllisonChains
    AllisonChains cutt
    Are you still active on here?
  12. Drake_KNLS
    Is this the GHK with the 9xw McDonald hound. If so I have a family of hounds based off him contact me. I got it heavy proven prodecers
  13. kasperian
    kasperian slim12
    I’d like to buy the carpet mill plans please sir
  14. Roofer
    Roofer reids skipper
    Can you help me get a Stafford pup skipper. I'm in England
    1. reids skipper
      reids skipper
      What lines
      Mar 5, 2022
    2. Roofer
      I'm green as grass with Stafford hoping you could point me in the right direction
      Mar 5, 2022
    PITS+PATTS odinslad
    Merry Christmas, hope Ur well, Ru still about and into the dogs? No Surrender!
    PITS+PATTS culabula
    Merry Christmas, hello mate,,hope Ur well, Ru still about, keeping stock?
  17. slim12
    A cat in NC has some dogs down off the Waccamaw RBJ dogs from Chicora II. Not sure what he has but it is as good a place as any
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    2. Houseofpain
      how can i contact this individual? and is mr mims still active in the dogs im also interested in some of his stuff as well. thank you for your time bro.
      Aug 5, 2021
    3. Ssdd
      I know them fellas real real well. You're talking about tate correct? Same fella who runs with T.B. Their combine rolls deep(if ya catch my drift)?
      Mar 2, 2022
  18. Houseofpain
    Houseofpain slim12
    Slims wats going on bro I'm new up here but I'm looking for a jeep/rbj cross or some working rbj...
  19. galician
    galician slim12
    Hi slim!

    How are you? Con i answer you how you use dexa pre match?
    1. slim12
      I would not use it but some do. Some use it the last 2 days going in at 48 hours, then 24 hours, then 12 hours and some is close as 2 hours. The same group will administer it with the same dose regardless of the weight of the dog. The only way to know the dose is to do a test run on your dog.
      Jul 30, 2021
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  20. Josh Denhalter
    Josh Denhalter wicked13
    Wicked, do you know anybody that breeds APBT's that are top quality and 60lbs. CW or larger? I ask because I saw a post of yours about how you were looking for a guy that bred Bandogs and Bulldogs and that made me hope you could point me in the right direction. Thank you.