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New Profile Posts

  1. The chief
  2. karate kidz kennel
    karate kidz kennel bamaman
    what bllod you got im looking for some
  3. RickyB
    RickyB oldguy
    this is Ricky , my new page I got locked out of my other page tried to get a new password , but got no answer from Game dogs forum
    any P ,,if you need to ask me anything to make sure its me ,,thats ok ,, R
    1. oldguy
      OK mate, I had trouble getting onto the site last few days myself, all good anyway.. You take care and talk soon. P
      Feb 20, 2021
  4. Mumblez
    Mumblez MAPS
    Ela broski....I’ve been thinking about you lately and just thought I’d say hi.....
  5. Terry Mettler
    Terry Mettler bestia
    Thanks for the information, so many "dead" websites on search engines it gets old searching
  6. CarterMan
    CarterMan Mashamplan
    I'm Ray Carter son David Carter the family that made the assassin blood 910374299four
  7. Diablo Two
    Diablo Two LuNoTiCK
    Hey remember I bought your Diablo 2 for $20? Want to buy it back for $10?
  8. Sleep
    Sleep BronerFan
    You ever decide what u were gonna do with the female
  9. bulldawgman
  10. Biko davis
    Biko davis corvettedex
    hey buddy I see you in SC I'm in West Columbia can you send me a message
  11. Pitlover187
    Pitlover187 corvettedex
    Hi! Do you have any information or contacts to pure Colby pits? We bought a Colby off Lou 20 years ago and can’t get in contact with him! If you have any info that would be amazing !!!
  12. casey billy
    casey billy ELIAS'PISTOLA
    Hello my name is casey billy im lightning Billys oldest grandson. I never met him of curse. But im really interested in talking to someone that actually knew him. Ive heard few storys but everyone that ive talk to didnt really kno him i dont think. But please contact me back please. Ive been told i look alot like him. Especially cuz my eyes are just like his my grandmother says
  13. galician
    galician alabama
    hi Alabama!

    How are you?i read your posts about dexa pre show, i also see make this way!
    but later need give dog a broncodilatador phenyleprhine?
  14. Gengar94
    Gengar94 billbulldog
    I caught you with a pokeball yet you are insulting me. Get back in the pokeball and when I get water stone you will become vaporeon.
  15. billbulldog
    Gengar you need to lay off the drugs
  16. Gengar94
    Gengar94 billbulldog
    Suck my dick muhfucka
  17. galician
    galician ben brockton
    hi ben!how are you?
  18. billbulldog
    Just here to learn more
  19. pejay
    Anyone know why I get msg " Game Dog Forum - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action" when opening photos?
  20. Ali shah
    Ali shah Fortis Kennel
    Need some live e books link, particularly looking for the complete gamedog book by ed faron on e book link please anybody can help