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Last Activity:
Apr 16, 2022
Aug 29, 2009
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CH Dog, from Ameriaca

FrankDublin was last seen:
Apr 16, 2022
    1. IMPACT631
      whats going on man , how u been? Lola is good turning out the way i like.... she is doing awsome in hte show ring too lol..... mike moved to CT so i dont see him much but hobbs is doing good as a bull dog too... hows ur pup... got n e thing new on ur yard?
    2. junkyard
      Yo Frank D, whats happening, your not posting much these days ? Good to see you round here again, even if your lurking in the shadows.
    3. Mike C.
      Mike C.
      hows that bitch comming along?
    4. Lee D
      Lee D
      i leave em at home, in my glove box, and one legally carried on my hip. it is legal to own more than one Frank. lol
    5. Lee D
      Lee D
      i got kids bud, if i cant protect em who will??? 911? hahahahaha
    6. Lee D
      Lee D
      oh yeah, ill die by it, but somebody is gonna have to be either real fuckin good or lucky. i prefer my skill over someones luck anyday
    7. Rocky H. Balboa
      Rocky H. Balboa
      Thank you for following my request.
    8. Mike C.
      Mike C.
      cool im sure it wont be long before shes bouncing around hope your happy with her best of luck
    9. Mike C.
      Mike C.
      Hows the pup friend?
    10. chinasmom
      Have you checked your email? You need to do that in order to post.
      Don't forget to post an introduction. Welcome to GD.
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