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Last Activity:
May 27, 2022
Jul 25, 2009
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Top Dog, from Across the pond and way up in the woods

HighCoastHiker was last seen:
May 27, 2022
    1. ohpitbulls
      Thats AKA in my avatar he is the new one on my yard onlineped#129363
    2. Yardboy
      The unrealsitic shit comes from an overwhelming head up the ass. Stuck on material things and thinkin his shit is better than anyone else's even if they have the same shit. Some people get so stuck on themselves they don't realize there's better out there. I say he bought into the hype. That's what I did. I couldn't find a better place to get a dog so I did a search and bought into the sales pitch of another mans ego and I was really disappointed. But hey, maybe he'll get exactly what he's looking for. Can't help myself, I see bullshit I call bullshit.
    3. Yardboy
      I couldn't help it, I know he breeds good dogs, but some people put a little too much faith in other people. He's only a man who breeds dogs better than most but not the best IMO.
    4. Marty
      Hello HighCoastHiker,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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    Across the pond and way up in the woods
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