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Last Activity:
Nov 4, 2012
Jul 31, 2008
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Everywhere under the Sun!
Electronics Technician


Top Dog, from Everywhere under the Sun!

JBlazeRx7 was last seen:
Nov 4, 2012
    1. NOTK
      so you runnin banjo blood, im very interested plz email me thks alot. Also, any luck with the grch.midnight stuff???
    2. Mr Mark
      Mr Mark
      Alright, sounds good! Optimum, huh. Can you get me a discount, lol?
    3. Mr Mark
      Mr Mark
      Yes sir, I will be at the show both days. I'm coming with with the camper, my partner, my girlfriend, a couple of dogs, and some pups, lol! Looking foward to it. Hopfully, we'll get some nice weather!
    4. irishpit
      shes 2 and a half now as u can see im a little behind updating pics but you've prompted me to do it,good job lol should have pics up today r tomorrow
    5. irishpit
      thanks man,she's not so small anymore(shes a bigger pain in the ass lol),ive been meaning to post some recent pics, gonzales is in great shape is he yours?
    6. ultimatek9
      We train at the Dog Training Club of St.Pete ( in St.Petersburg, Florida.
    7. BuckEFleming
      hey buddy thaks for the message! i havn't really met any one yet but getting a pup off ThePostman Can't wait! i have great pits but know papers Time to get her right and proper! and start impressin people in the apbt Comunity with these amazing dogs! There are definatly some amazing breeders on this site!
    8. Mr Mark
      Mr Mark
      Pick away, lol.
    9. JBlazeRx7
      Well try callin the store Ace's Pet Supply in Newark NJ and ask for Jessie.973-504-9736
    10. NOTK
      Dont have an email or # sry
    11. NOTK
      Owner of whitefoot is the one I was gonna go to, are you in the same area? Tell me how things look, thks alot.
    12. NOTK
      yea the blood still interests me but from what ive been told many are rough curs, and basing a yard on this blood would require much more than one pup which is all i got room for so far. Any younger dogs you happen to know of??
    13. JBlazeRx7
      Sorry guy's didn't mean to delete your messages just tryin to clean up some space in here is all!
    14. TripleJ
      Thank you!
    15. MOOT44
      Hey! My mom trains for agility in St. Johns Michigan at CharKer Kennels (it's something like CharKar or CharKer kennels, she works with the state police and german shepards)

      In regards to the black dog, I have her ped, but have NO IDEA how to post it anywhere. You got any suggestions?
    16. ThePostMan
    17. Stillwater
    18. PADogman
      I'm doing pretty good.Trying to stay out of the heat.See you like the Chinaman/Jeep stuff.I got some of that myself.
    19. JBlazeRx7
      I would just like to thank Marty for welcoming me to the Pitbull forum. I like to say I look forward to meetin some real dog fanciers in here. As I'm gettin back into the game after a short break i needed. Would also like to thank Junior G. for given me my bitch who's gonna turn out really nice! She's only 13 months but she has some FIRE in her as I can see already.
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    Everywhere under the Sun!
    Electronics Technician
    Bloodline of Choice:
    Jeep/Chinaman or RB/Boyle
    My family, my life and the preservation of my dog's!


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    Two small bits of advice from two of the top dog men in the dog game-increase the work and rest a tired dog. To understand this is to understand what a tired dog looks like when he is over worked and needs a day of rest.
    Quoted by: Don. Mayfield and Danny B.