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Last Activity:
Jan 2, 2006
Aug 19, 2005
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Nov 12, 1965 (Age: 55)


Big Dog, 55

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Jan 2, 2006
    1. Boy-boy 416
      Boy-boy 416
      wasup yall iwas thinking of getting back a jeep/redboy/sorrell dog from my partners previous breeding at first wasnt to intrested in the out cross the another guy i know did a simaliar breeding just strait redboy/sorrel cross an his prospect looks great so dose the one im debating getting back. I was wondering if any body else has done a simalar breeding or knows of any. If you have or do I would be very intrested in hearing what you think of it
    2. BishopBullyZ13
      Seen you were the star u must know how the website works.......How Do i add a picture where my name is?.....And No one replies to my post man....maybe i can just ask u directyl
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    Nov 12, 1965 (Age: 55)
    Bloodline of Choice:
    Pistol, Jeep, Snooty


    Ch missy