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Oct 27, 2014
Oct 5, 2009
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Big Dog, from Va

Poisoned was last seen:
Oct 27, 2014
    1. quinny
      "yep.. My own dad had to - it was a 2+ year old bulldog bitch on a little mutt. HE got her mouth open - 1 broken finger and 18 punctures later. It's not that extraordinary"
      Yep, I had to do the same when mine was around 8 months. Sure, still a pup. But my fingers were mangled for nearly 2 months. I got away with 12 small punctures and a tonne of bruising, no broken bones though. I couldn't bring myself to get stitches. No good when you drive a truck for a livin!
      HIYA,love your dog.Great markings and fit as a fiddle.nice1.Now i know about the name change Alsatian/German sheperd,But i was wondering why some peaple call the lower slung,longer haired dog,the German sheperd and the taller,shorter haired dog the Alsatian?Ive asked a few owners this and the've said the've heard this quite often.Any info would be much appciated.
      Hello mate,thanks again.I would never give my dogs steroids,its just a lot of dog pictures ive seen from the Balken states etc,the dogs seem overly muscled?It got me curious as ive always been interested in the conditioning of match dogs/gamecocks.I like reading things like Barney Fifes keep.Ive just read about Carbo-loading gamecocks.Im realy after some tips on a pep-up(natrual) for my Patterdale Terrier in the feild.Im worried if she goes to-ground(enters a Badgersett)by accident and does battle,shes got the minerals to sustain her?Some dogs are beneath the turf for days!Any info would be much appreciated.Ive got a question which should be right down your street?I'll send it in another PM.Takecare mate.
    4. kyosbullit
      let me know were u r and ill see if i can sort something out for the black bitch wot needes a home??
    5. kc bulldogs
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