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Last Activity:
Nov 24, 2009
Oct 31, 2004
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The BUCKEYE state
Custodial Supervisor


Big Dog, from The BUCKEYE state

yellaman420 was last seen:
Nov 24, 2009
    1. =^^=GYPSYKITTIN
      Ill post pics when my ol man gets them loaded, Im not computer savvy! LOL!
    2. =^^=GYPSYKITTIN
      my bitch is down from deadzones demon"mr.rude" and josephine. rude is heavy bred chinaman/bolio and josephine is boudreax. im looking for another heavy bred chinaman bolio dog to breed to if she proves worth breeding next year. so im still waiting for a chance to know if i like what i see or not. ive been an over the road driver for almost 8 yrs and lost contact with all my people!
    3. =^^=GYPSYKITTIN
      is your red dog a wilders inferno blood? I bought a good male for my stepsister down from a dog called cheech and a bitch little lady. hes a good solid tempered dog with lots of potential and very good with her baby, supervised of course!
    4. cheese
      right on. where your name yellaman come from if you dont mind me askin? I feel you on the 420 part though lol.
      How Your Dogs Breed
    6. cutt
      thanx for the link. Im from h-towntexas, I feed inbred RBJ's and jeep/redboy,holla anytime.
    7. Chef-Kergin
      thanks....i try and think with sound logic.

      makes life easy, and when thinking about these dogs, too.

      there's an adba show in IN and IL in aug. you plan on going to either of those?
    8. Chef-Kergin
      thanks ;)

      ....what are you referring to?
    9. TripleJ
      TDP> last I heard they use alot of Jeep rascle.
    10. Bullyson
      RQ is ATK's dog. TripleJ is the founder and my mentor.
    11. Mott's APBT's
      Mott's APBT's
      nope she didnt take. Ill hit her again next round and see what happens.
    12. yellaman420
      Yeah, I figured they would be something to see! I reckon Deuce X Morticia didnt take?
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    The BUCKEYE state
    Custodial Supervisor
    Bloodline of Choice:
    As a former combat vet and avid hunter/shooter, I oppose the loss of any fine sport, or sporting dog

    Dogs, Hunting, Dogs, Martial Arts, Dogs, Music and Dogs