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AADR Fun Show Taylorsville NC

Discussion in 'Dog Shows & Events' started by twiztidpitz, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. twiztidpitz

    twiztidpitz Top Dog

    There is going to be a fun show Saturday, Dec. 17th at the Taylorsville Fair Grounds. Boy is it going to be cold there!
  2. CB

    CB CH Dog

    I was going to go but i have a big game that day so i cant.
  3. devinben3

    devinben3 CH Dog

    we were thinking about going, just because we need to get some stuff from North Carolina (since we moved back to FL after 4 mths of NC)...but i think it's gonna be too cold for
  4. devinben3

    devinben3 CH Dog

    lol...well i'm in FL and it's still too cold for me...LMAO... :)
  5. ill be there... with my white dog keelo ... ( pullin )
  6. twiztidpitz

    twiztidpitz Top Dog

    Great! I can't wait to meet you guys there. We are going to pull Rambler and show Bud in Best Red nose, Judges Choice, and in the 12 - 18 month class. This will be Ramblers first time pulling in a show, so I hope he dose good.
  7. natas

    natas Big Dog

    Seriously!! you should all try coming to Maine for the winter. Tons of fun it's freaking freezing here and we have way too much snow!! I'll take NC weather any day
  8. apbtluver

    apbtluver Top Dog

    GOOD LUCK, post some pics if you get a chance.
  9. I have seen ya at the last few shows rwb... u was the lil prego woman with ya man :D or vice versa.... im always there... keelo needs more practice so i take him as much as possible ...
  10. how far are you from fayetteville?

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