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Any Pics of Zebo dogs?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by Brothermarree, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. jeepdogkennel

    jeepdogkennel Big Dog

  2. speed

    speed Big Dog

    Hello I am from Poland and want to show you zebo female Lonzo's Superlady.My friend has this female.

    Parents:Lonzo's Jenny Jim & Lonzo's Muscle


    I have her daughter Black Pepper(Zebo/Frisco)
  3. wisconsindog

    wisconsindog Big Dog

  4. DiMaSaLaNg

    DiMaSaLaNg Big Dog

    awesome dogs!
  5. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    LOL What a trip....
  6. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

    well this might be a dume question but iam still learning are all zebo or lonzo dogs short and stocky or is it just the why there bred they look nice the question comes not jst the pic on here but pic on some kennls that carry there stock just asking. is this a good line to work with do any of you rate them high up there or no.
  7. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Not my cup of tea, nor that of any real gamedog fancier. It is a line, that is for the majority popular, because as you noted, they are short and stocky, with big bucket heads. Its an easy excuse for people to say they are breeding gamedogs, when they are really breeding for looks, and a famous dog 10 generations back.
  8. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog


    As for your previous comment, a bad trip at that. ;)
  9. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    There are 2 types of Lonzo dogs around today. The new type & the old type. The new type are the short stocky dogs we see today. The old type are somewhat rangy & preseve the original Zebo type.

    This is Zebo:


    As you can see Zebo was NOT a short, stocky dog. In fact, it was said that Zebo's back legs were so long they looked like they belonged on a taller dog!

    The divergence in type occured b/c Lonzo began breeding for what's on the outside instead of what's on the inside. The stocky fad hit & Lonzo wanted to cash in & the era of the stocky Lonzo dog began.

    However ... if you find a breeder that is breeding working Lonzo dogs they are NOT short & stocky, but instead have the type of their great ancestor, GR.CH. Zebo.

    Here is a pic of a Lonzo dog off working lines:


    He is a triple bred son of Lonzo's CH. Buba & as you can see, he is not short or stocky.

    As for it being a good line to work, I have them & it has been my experince that it depends on what type you get. The new type isn't that great. Sure, they're impressive looking dogs, but they often are poor movers w/ little athleticism & poor wind. Most quit after 30 minutes of work. In some cases they don't have the heart for the job & in other cases they have tons of heart but quit b/c they simply cannot breathe.

    These defects are all due to their physique. Short, stocky dogs just don't work well. Asking a new type Lonzo dog to work for any length of time is almost like asking a modern English bulldog to work for any length of time. Of course you will get an occasional exception to the rule, but on average the new Lonzo type dogs aren't a good choice if you want a working dog.

    The old type meanwhile has produced some very nice working dogs.

    As for "real" gamedog fanciers not liking Lonzo dogs I would respectfully take that comment w/ a grain of salt. There are gamedog fanciers who have the line & who are working it, they just keep their business on the DL.

    Hope this helps! ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2006
  10. 440rider

    440rider Guest

    IMO there are some "TRUE" zebo dogs out there and they ain't through lonzo stuff.....look at muscle what's he have a 1 shot of zebo in the 4th 7th and 8th gen..what are the zebo %'s in him..He's more of a Mike/Vin dog like elvis than a zebo dog....and NO i dont believe that zebo and vin were littermates or bellymates..... that's another topic. The blood never did well when bred back into the lonzo stuff but there are zebo dogs that are the true form when crossed the right way. eli,eli,eli
  11. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    There are indeed many good dogs off the Eli/Zebo x. But if you cross the different Zebo strains you will get some very nice dogs too.

    Two examples right off the top of my head are Newburn's Buck, a 2xw - 1xLDG who went over 2 hrs. The other is CH. Sinful Sister. Buck was Lonzo on top thru Buba blood & Luniewski on bottom. If I remember right Sister is mostly Lonzo on top thru Stewart blood & McGee's Panther on bottom.

    However ... it is the general consensus that to get working dogs out of Zebo blood, it is better crossed than pure. Of course that is kinda an oxymoron, b/c there are no truly "pure" Zebo dogs. Even Lonzo's dogs had outcrosses to other bloodlines!

    Some of the ones I have heard of working well were Zebo/Eli (of course!), Zebo/Colby, Zebo/Jeep, Zebo/Bolio, Zebo/Sorrells, Zebo/Snooty & Zebo/Greenwood.

    I figure the Zebo line is like any other line. You'll get some good ones who are pure & some good ones who are crossed. You'll get curs who are pure & curs who are crossed. If there were one line who had it all or could do it all we'd all have it. But that is not the case & as such we just choose the line that carries the traits we like best & go from there. ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 2, 2006
  12. wisconsindog

    wisconsindog Big Dog

    ppl are so quik to say the lonzo line dont work and just cause they dont know any ppl that are true to this line and perserving the gameness of this line. i will tell u i know ppl that are very seriuos about there lonzo dogs and there crosses i must say they can work and are out there hunting sucsessfully. true alot ppl have them super short and stocky blood but that dont mean nothin a dogs look has nothing to do wiyh performance. most these ppl never seen a lonzo dog hunt so just stop giving edjucated guesses
  13. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    ABK- I should of said "nor that of many gamedog fanciers", I proved once again using words like "all" will make a statement false with only one deviant. Of course there are good Zebo dogs, stands to reason there would be a few, Zebo was a good dog, throw enough of them out there,and your bound to get working dogs. If 85% of those dogs are being bred simply because of their looks, and a famous relative, your chances of those good dogs just dropped that much. Put those dogs in the hands of knuckleheads like the above pit/akita breeder, and chances arent good you'll produce anything more than an aggressive dog you can throw fake titles on for your website. How many "kennels" specializing in Lonzo blood have I seen in the past couple years with "paper champs" (4xW OTC) that absolutely no one knows of, except for Joe Blow peddling the pups, and his buddies Al and Steve, next trailer over. LOL too many too count! There might be some good Lonzo dogs out there still, but I aint seen them, and im not holding my breath. We both know they wont be flappin gums about their dogs on game-dog.com either!

    But back to the point, in the right hands, with a strict program its been proven Lonzos line can produce good dogs, just as any other. I dont know of any recently, that were good dogs, besides Panther... and that was what, 10 years ago? I never seen him hunt, but heard he was a good one, and trust it.
  15. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    Good post & very true. Many Lonzo dogs have poor %s b/c many ppl are breeding for peds or looks. But if you go to a breeder who actually used their dogs you can get some good ones. But sadly those breeders are 1 out of 100. :(
  16. wisconsindog

    wisconsindog Big Dog

    look i just said that would be a good working dog and ppl were using it never me i am pure apbt man not a cross breeder with the akita although i do like those dogs but i can tell u lonzo blood is some the best if bred the right way every one has every line for looks please i dont even wanna go there but like i said lonzo dogs make good dogs if fbreed right
  17. King

    King Pup

    Not a pure Zebo Dog, but a Lonzo dog none the less.

  18. Brothermarree

    Brothermarree Top Dog

    Nice Dogs They look well put together.

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