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Ben Are You Guys Really In The Lane

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Monkey Brockton, Feb 23, 2022.

  1. You traveling driving trucks so much and spending so much time on the forum and youtube live chats and Facebook groups and deep web forums.

    How you guys got time for all that??

    I really know that you ain't shit in the box!!!!
    You are not shit, cheap Mexican trash.

    I'm the king of the box!!!!
  2. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

  3. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Big Dog

    Well I’m the king of jack in the box
  4. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Looks like you got some competition
    Pullingcovers likes this.
  5. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Big Dog

    Fuck that bastard and that backstabbing whore
    Ssdd and ben brockton like this.
  6. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    I'm not at all saying this is some Mozart music but if you like weird shit like me you may dig it.

  7. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Straight clown
  8. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Which one? Ben or I? Cause you've run your cocksucker to both of us.
  9. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Big Dog

  10. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Funny how you tried to talk that hot shit and Bill told you to fuck off with your cur bred junk then kicked you out the chat.
    Ssdd and patjr like this.
  11. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Yall must have been picking on him. He never talks shit, challenges random online to dog fights, cries like a pussy, then calls everyone clowns and curs for not accepting his public challenge into his unstarted dogs.

    Dudes a bulldog hero and the best to do it since Colby himself. Yall just bullies
  12. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    I mean has dna-p his whole yard. This is allowing him to "experiment with genetics" and do duel sired litters. (I personally don't know how getting the adba to play the muary show let's anyone know a fucking thing about genetics but I'm no tom garner or mccoy)

    Also cur bred junk? HA he's got like 1/4 jeep redboy in the one dog alone! As he told me once "I have mayday closer than anything you have" it was such a hard flex I'm still trying to recover.

    There's not a ton of post on here of him wigging the fuck out and getting into it with some of the most respectful ppl on here (agk) for absolutely no reason.

    I for one am going to stand up for this exceptional dog man and pray he'll quit getting picked on by vicious internet bullies so we can all bask in the well of knowledge he has on game dogs.
  13. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

  14. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

  15. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I don't have no beef with him. He wigged out on me? I aint really one to hold a grudge so if he did I don't remember it. I don't have no problem with him that I'm aware of. Never seemed like a bad guy to me. Just passionate about his dogs as we all are. We've probably all talked shit to eachother at some point in time over the many years on here. I aint got a problem with anyone. There are some I like more than others but I'm too old to really care what anyone thinks. Lol a perk of aging and total self awareness I guess. :))
    david63 likes this.
  16. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    He did his typical you didn't agree with him he got huffy and puffy started in you checked him he took his ball and went home.

    If you don't agree with him every time he opens his mouth he'll eventually show the feminine side he can't hide and start in like a bitchy woman.

    It's low intelligence coupled with a huge inferiority complex. Lots and lots of jealousy and "why can't i" shit.

    Dude can't read a pedigree. He's admitted it, he's proved in on here recently. But he's "forgotten more than most will learn" with free dogs. God forbid you actually know what animals you like and purchase them. He'll talk shit about that too.

    All I'm saying is if anyone messes with dude for real you're setting yourself up for disaster.
  17. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    I have no real issues with the dude outside speaking on my grandmother, making youtube videos and post using my government name, and blatantly lying about me to anyone who will listen to him.

    I've let it slide multiple times and have pointed ppl looking for a pet quality animal his direction in the past.

    Just the ultimate dogman shit gets old when it's obvious to everyone he just owns some pets and enjoys adba shows. The constant "yall are bullies" by a grown man is comical. But i have never once seen someone coma at dude unless he chirped off first. And it always ends the same way him in his chest challenging everyone to a match. If you don't accept you're a cur or clown or some other dumb shit. I mean the fella literally choked back tears on YouTube over a few days old litter of pups but brings up culling and curs all the time.....
  18. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Yea I'd have to agree that is not cool at all to put people name out there but it seems to happen a hell of a lot in these dogs. Personally it's dry snitching to me but others may feel differently. That's the thing about the internet. People have become very comfortable with disrespect because it isn't face to face anymore. Differently world these days and it's not for the better either. Hope yall work it out but I totally get it.
    Pullingcovers and Ssdd like this.
  19. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Last time I saw him face to face I was gonna stomp him out but like my girl said "you know what you'd do if you was with me and the kids and someone jumped stupid at you... let it go"

    So I did.

    As far as the name shit.... if you're gonna say all that for nothing imagine what you'd say when the Jake are talking to you about time.. especially out of someone who was considering doing the race over a 90 day county bid. That mouth will open and not stop moving if you're facing years and know anything about anyone..
    AGK likes this.
  20. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    He's allegedly moving on down here. If he does we'll pull up and can put an end to all of it. But if it's gonna be some run your mouth at the end kid shit he can eat my dick. We can throw hands, talk, or he can stay in his lane. All up to him

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