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Black Gold Dog Food

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by tko001, May 11, 2005.

  1. tko001

    tko001 Pup

    I had started this thread maybe a month ago. For some odd reason all threads went back to february and it was deleted. I finally got a chance to put my dogs on the blackgold dog food. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I can seriously see the difference. I used diamond dog foods for the last 9 yrs. I really like the results I'm seeing in the black gold brand. Less stool to pick up also.


  2. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    i tried it and didnt like it.but to each there own.i feed pzazz and alot a people say it sucks..i like it jigaboo likes it so i gues it works for us..
  3. tko001

    tko001 Pup

    That's good for you GrCh Jeff. It's working pretty good for me and mine. What didn't you like about it? How long did you feed it? Seems to be sticking to my dogs a lil better than the other feed. Less waste to clean up and the look tighter and more solid (muscle wise).

  4. J M A N

    J M A N Big Dog

    Diamond is the only thing I feed. I have tried using all different brands (not Black Gold) and keep coming back to Diamond. It makes a difference to me.

    I don't think they carry and Black Gold in this area. Im always willing to look at something. What is the cost & what size bags does it come in? 40? 50?
  5. blackdog

    blackdog Pup

    I feed mine Nitro and it works real good for me.
  6. Yung-One

    Yung-One Big Dog

    Out here black gold is 17.99 for a 40lb bag. But the guy at the feed store will sell you a 60lb bag for 23.99. It won't be in the original black gold wrapping but it's the same feed. He get's it right from the distributor.
  7. tnob

    tnob Big Dog

    Been feeding mine Diamond Green bag. They seem to really like that. 17.99 bag. I would try the Black Gold but noone carries it around here.
  8. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    it just didnt keep the wieght on and his shit was stinky as hell...with the food i feed he maintains good weight and as the bag says"their shit dont stink" lmao
  9. tnob

    tnob Big Dog

    well what do you feed now if their shit doyt stink?
  10. GrCh_Jeff

    GrCh_Jeff Big Dog

    Air i feed air nahh lmao pzazz..his shit dont stink man
  11. Yung-One

    Yung-One Big Dog

  12. 6uDDy

    6uDDy Pup

    below are a couple pics of my dog at 3 months, 18.9 lbs. thats the size and age i got him. i took him back to the vet at 4 months and got his ears cut. he was 28 lbs. ill take some pics tom. and post them. dont know if that is alot of growth cause this is my first pit (first dog even). but that is how hes doing on the black gold i started feeding him as soon as i got him.

    local feed store had it and said it was the best stuff they have seen in a long time and the best stuff they had. i saw a bag of diamond dog food in there so i guess it is better than that. there was a guy there that had his 98lbs. pit in the back of his truck and said it is the only thing he would feed him. so im gonna stick with black gold. i started feeding him calf manna today, heard it would beef him up real nice.



    here are some pics i took today, at 4months. so this is what you can look forward to with black gold. again, i dont know if this is alot of growth for a pit but its what i am getting.


    does anybody know about how big this guy might get? the breeder showed me the sire and dam and both were 90+lbs.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2005

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