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bolio blood

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by poorboy513, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. it's hard to get some tight Bolio stuff down South RSA. Would love to get some, wonder what it would cost to bring some in?

    =^^=GYPSYKITTIN Big Dog

  3. phill

    phill Top Dog

    i don't call it boyles blood but many do ,if this dog is returned to me i'll give a favor back " a pup " my pups speak for themselves good enough the old female's name is black mari on papper it's black mary ,, this dog schould be in my hands only i think i saw her last week the same blue collar as i baught in 2008 at a show it's really insulting to both the animal and me ya guys claim her to be the best boyles bitch alive but would never concider spending 12 dollars on her and slapping a new collar on her , this is your last chance to get what you want i can careless if she is holding pups or howmuch the stud fee costed their not your pups their mine
  4. phill

    phill Top Dog

    i'm sorry i see that i posted it on bolio blood just pissed asuming my thaughts are true more then likley they are , i'm sure the guys that read boyles blood thread read this one as soon as a new reply comes up
  5. scrap24

    scrap24 Big Dog

    Anybody know of Bolio breeders in Az other than The Preacher? Looking for somebody specific but not about to post there name. If you may be able to help please PM me. : ) thanks
  6. scrap24

    scrap24 Big Dog

    Can somebody post my dogs ped #416679 ? it would be greatly appreciated. I cant copy & paste from this comp.
  7. flipboy

    flipboy Pup

  8. scrap24

    scrap24 Big Dog

    thank you flipboy! just wanted to share.
  9. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    thats a great looking patrick bred dog
  10. The Saint

    The Saint Big Dog

    A couple of years back you could get some of the tightest and gamest Bolio blood down south. Hudson Hawk ran some of the tightest Bolio dogs and also did very well withthem. Pity we never got round to crossing his stuff with my Junior stuff

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