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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by xxwhitebulldogxx, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. I will be in the market for a new pup in the near future. I was wondering what are some of your thoughts on a few kennels. I want to get a dog that is stable around children, but also a very solid bulldog. I know some breeders have a bad rap, but with that aside. Who produces SOLID all around dogs that are good with kids. If anyone has thoughts,suggestions,compliments or complaints on the following kennels, i would greatly appreciate it. I'm in the Chicagoland area if anyone knows of any good dogmen that sells public.

    Pit Island Kennels
    Dramacide Kennels
    Bulldog Barn
    Tom Garner Kennels
    Evolution Kennels (Machobuck)
  2. ursaminor

    ursaminor Premium Member Premium Member

    Maybe you can forum search for each of those and get the idea??


    If ya want a family dog why not go to the pound.../????..there's hundreds of bulldogs in them, plus ya save ur money..and give a dog another chance.....but if ya want to go to a breeder there's plenty out there that will take ur money and tell ya what ya want to hear............
  4. I've looked at the kennels, was just seeing if anyone had any personal expieriences with them. I've been around the breed since the early 90's. Just haven't had a dog in a few years and didn't know how the latest dogs were (bloodlines). I want a gamebred dog, not a dog from the pound. I want to know where there dogs been/raised. My last dog i got from Ed Faron, so i'm not totally clueless to the dogs...
  5. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Those kennels are going to have good and bad like everyone else.Puppy is always a crap shoot.You may want to consider a older dog thats already kid and people friendly.
  6. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Agree w bana...never know how a pup will act no matter what the breeders reputation is


    Not saying ur clueless,just taught if ya wanted a pet,ya can save your self money...if ya been around in the 90's then ya know the best thing to do is make a few ph-calls, jump in ur car an go visit a few breeders..as for the style off dog to-day...there is a hell of a-lot off very good/great one's out there,but there is also 100 more times the crap,than back then...any-way good-luck in ur search....
  8. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    Oh yes you are.
  9. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    I've got dogs from Tom and Bulldog Barn. They breed quality bulldogs. Very sound animals all the way around. Maybe I just been lucky but that's my experience and I've got more than one bulldog from each.
  10. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    youll be happy with whatever you get from either one of those kennels.... however, if it was ME....of the ones you listed id deal with tom or BDB.....since china would be expensive to import......better go tom....plus he says hell cover 200 of your shipping right now....cant beat that.......
  11. 87buick

    87buick Top Dog

    Just from the list you have no preference because they all pretty much deal with different blood lines. So I would say next is whats your price range.
    Right now your at $1g to 2g's price range. Next are any close to you were you can visit, are they open to public? I know tom is. Pit Island's closed to public.
    Do they replace if your not happy, I know Pit Island has no problems in that ball park.
    Shipping is it an arm an a leg? Theres more questions then meets the eye. Also if after awhile the pup doenst meet your grade, you do know you have to foot the shipping bill again right?
  12. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I suggested a older dog because it seemed to me the biggest concern with the OP was HA.Thier is nothin wrong with taking a older dog from a good breeder.You said you know Ed and he is a easy person to talk to.Im sure he would point you in the right direction.And he isnt hard to find either lol.
  13. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    just go to tom dude, hes pricey but your most likely to find what you want through him and his breedings are from good stock. if it was me, get one off kemo.......wish i would have.....................
  14. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    BDB also has Chinaman and Spike blood to....they got it from Tom
  15. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    yeah but your going to be importing from china...... an unnesscessary extr 1k spend.... just go to the source.....
  16. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    I agree Tom would be the best choice given the shipping charge.
  17. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    Go to BDB and get some of that Panthro blood. You ll be more than happy. Yis Ole Man
  18. I'd be willing to spend $1500 on a dog that i know is a solid dog. I'd be willing to travel to check out the yards personally. As you mentioned, T.G. has an open yard and that's kinda what drew me towards him. And from what i've been reading on different forums, he produces some pretty solid dogs. My last dog was red devil/bullyson, as far as blood goes i'm open. I wouldn't mind getting something off Kemo or Santos.
  19. And thanks for all of your responses.....
  20. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    We had a son off of Santos that was given to us and was not a ideal dog, now i know he was only one dog but i believe there are much better sources of the Spike blood and the Chinaman/ Frisco to be honest. Also Red Devil x Bullyson dog from Ed who were the parents if you dont mind me asking. Yis Ole Man.

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