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Breeding to a well bred cur?

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by NC, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. che

    che Top Dog

    Today is a strange, when i woke up i just wanted to read some apbt history. I started the read what kind off dogman Dragan Radonjic he was , in past i had contact to his familly so i knew Some about him and his work but i wanted to know more. For the ones who dont know this man he is the owner Radonjic Jumbo ROM. World start to know him better after Jumbo his dogs are know for their gameness.
    He was a great dogman with very very big heart. Always training schooling culling hard , he was very sick and weak many would not leave his bad in his condition but Dragan him self was dead game too. He showed that to whole Balkan .Dragan imported a young male dog from Hardcore Kennels,USA. After some schooling, off course he match him, his name was Radonjic´s SIMON. The dog showed not to be game and Dragan lost and regardless to the great pedigree of SIMON, Dragan put him to sleep as it should be done, he didn’t care about his Paper work he never caree about pedigree if the dog was nothing worth. He said he would whipe his ass with his famous pedigree. That match was exactly 7 days befor Dragan´s death. Some people told him that even if it was a cur, SIMON could produce some Champions and Dragan answered to all of them:`IF SIMON could produce a Champion, then that Champion would produce lots of cur dogs like SIMON is´. Dragan was a person who teached us all about this game. Unfortenately, Dragan and Vesna are not among living anymore, but their connection with their dogs, sport and people will never be forgotten.
    Bloods of their dogs still runs in the veins of a big parts of our dogs.And when ever you watch a match where one dog after 2-3 hours of taking punishment, being down, get up and scream on his scratches like if the match was just started mand run like a fast train right into the stronger opponent, then you can be sure that Radonjic´s blood run in the veins of that crazy dog.Ask all those people who still keep successfully blood of radonjic, ask them why they still keep it! One thing was important for Radonjic couple, they trully love their dogs, they love to breed them and they were always very carefull about bloodlines and pedigrees, But on the top of all, they loved matches- dogfight. We belived that if they would have 9 years old CH JEEP R.O.M in their yard, in good health, they would have matched him for sure, that´s how they were. They were not like many dogmen who purchased well breed dogs from the States and bred them without gametest them first or even roll them. They were a different kind, once we remember Dragan said: `A young imported well bred dog is not worthy if his owner is not game enough to show him” rest in peace great Dogman.
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  2. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nice read.

    The guy that turned me onto the dogs use to say something similar, "Sometimes you have to be as game as your dog". He too was hard on the dogs and you could look across his yard and know for sure all the grown dogs had been to the proverbial door. Those you could see chose to stay.

    Guys like that have always been in the few and as time progresses their fraternity gets smaller and smaller.

    Again, nice read.

  3. che

    che Top Dog

    100% slim. Salute to the ones who knows what to do with these dogs.

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