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Bulldog or not?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by LatinoLingo, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. tattooit

    tattooit Pup

    I half agree. The part I disagree with, is being able to train a gamebread dog to disengage from battle by voice command. That's something i'd never believe unless I seen it with my own eyes. Im sorry, but once theyre ON, the only way theyre stopping is by physically being parted, or curing out.

    Now getting them to do certain things while in action (go to the stifle for instance) sure! Of course. But flat out stopping!? No way.
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  2. Or Stompanato
    I have seen, and ran a good one who did not need a breaking stick. If I had him by the scruff or tail, he was like clay in my hand. "drop it! Wait!. Good boy"
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  3. tattooit

    tattooit Pup

    Right, for sure i've seen that. But never disengage via voice command. That would be something crazy to see.
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  4. It wouldnt be wise to stop the engine during a flight. Lol
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  5. Tmatt

    Tmatt Pup

    I've had one that did not need a breaking stick but I had to have her by the nap of the neck and tell her a few times to let go before she would. I have never seen one stop on bodice command alone.
    I can assure you that a dog stopping on voice command does not make it more "game"!!!!! I've had dogs that are as game as they come and have bred for that for over 20 years and voice command has nothing to do with being game!!!!!! Being game is the willingness to continue regardless of how tired or injured the dog is and voice command can't make a dog do that!! Just my .02
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  6. You cannot assure me of this. Because you have never seen this. I didn't say "stopping" made him more game. But The ability to obey a handler and fulfill a command before/after/while being chewed on makes him game. I mean, I would never turn off the engine during the Middle of a flight. So if your assuming that's what I mean, no, no good hound does that. And no handler experiments in such a foolish way. I'm simply explaining the intelligence of specimens I have seen who don't need a breaking stick. This intelligence has everything to do with gameness. Because I can assure you, the break by voice was followed by a hard scratch every time. +All that together makes that a good dog, call it game or lame. I admire The ability to redirect an attack to a stifle, or face or genitalia by using a bell, whistle, or a simple point and shout + Then part him without a breaking stick. watch his eyes shift from his opponent to his handler the whole trip. Now you and hound are one. he is truly game this way, because he is in it not for him self, but FOR HIS MASTER. This is loyalty or "gameness " at its best. Not your internet dogman definition of game.
  7. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Lmao. I'm speachless.
  8. tattooit

    tattooit Pup

    Loyalty only goes so far in relation to games. It's limited by the degree of gameness you're discussing.

    Because if you're talking ALL THE WAY... loyalty becomes obsolete once shock sets in. Deadgame dogs are scratching past the point of no return on one thing... Raw Instinct they were born with.

    You can certainly help your charge through command training and deep bonding. But you can not train a cur game. They either are or not.

    Fictiously speaking
  9. tattooit

    tattooit Pup

    Actually, the more I think about it. Loyalty and gameness have absolutely no correlation.

    Because eventually, no matter how loyal a cur may be... It will stand the line and look up at you like "what now"? Lol
  10. Im not speaking on turning cur game, nor am I speaking on deadgame dogs. I am sure it's too late for a dog whole fits either of those definitions. Commands + bonding won't do them any good past those points.
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  11. tattooit

    tattooit Pup

    Right. I think we're on the same page here, mostly.
  12. Haha, very true. But we ain't talking curs.
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  13. The ability to obey a handler and fulfill a command before,after, and while he is being chewed on makes him game. Wow.....Doesn't that just make him intelligent? Game and obedience are different characteristics.
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  14. If they are happening at the same time, they go hand in hand. If he is listening, obeying, and not quitting,, while the opposite is just not quitting; at this moment which is more desirable? Which one is really taking more pain? One who can multitask under pressure, or one who gets frustrated by pressure? .. FYI, I don't mean that the traditional hardheaded pitdog ain't good. I'm just saying, it's nothing special To be hardheaded
  15. Tmatt

    Tmatt Pup

    I am all for giving a dog direction while working... I am not disputing that. I'm disputing the gameness aspect of being able to call one off making him more game. Just because he is doing it for his master doesn't make him game either... Obviously gameness where I am from and gameness wheee you are from are two different things. As far as my internet Dogmen definition of gameness goes, come on down here and I'll show you real world gameness. I have a place where we can hunt anytime...
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  16. Tmatt

    Tmatt Pup

    I agree 100%!!!
  17. Tmatt

    Tmatt Pup

    Please give me your definition of a cur... Dead game is the only way to be. Gameness is gameness is gameness. If your not talking dead game then what kind of game are you talking, half game, 3/4 game, 7/8 game or what? I have never heard of any other type of game
  18. Tmatt

    Tmatt Pup

    Tattooit said it best... Dead game dogs are scratching past the point of no return on one thing... Raw instinct yet were born with.
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  19. Lol, half game. No, you guys are taking it out of context. For the last time, I did not say intelligent dogs were game, I never spoke on a curr, and I'm not questioning the gameness of any dog. . To clear all this up, I'll sum it up and let u know I like a smart dog. a loyal dog, not a dummy with a mouth.
  20. I think your trying too hard to teach me something, instead of reading what I write. There's only one way for us to settle a dispute about a hound... I'm done lol

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