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Bulldogs in Japan.

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Wally123, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    I know European dogs are in vogue at the minute but I feel Japan gets overlooked, they have had top quality Bulldogs for longer than us Europeans. Has nobody on here heard of great dogs like Gr Ch Thunder? A dog has to be a 6x winner to earn Gr Ch status.

    Let's not forget that it is legal over there and the competition will be top notch, big shout out to the Nipponese....
  2. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    only legal in some part of countr side, not legal in capital cities. and some restrictions too.

    dog fighting was the culture of the samurai warrior, it says the in peace times, the samurai warriors would match dogs , funny how some greenies would say dog fighting is for cowards lol. well the bravest used to match dogs.

    Japanese Tosa - Steve Ostuni, Serena Burnett - Google Books

    Around the turn of the 20th century dog fighting was very popular in Odate province, this lead to the importation of foriegn breeds of dogs for crossbreeding in an effort to create a better fighting dog. This crossbeeding resulted in the deterioration of the classical types of traditional Japanese dogs.

    Dog fighting was so popular at the time that it became a social problem in the society of the time. There were organizations that organized large events and charged admission. It had become a booming business as a spectator sport. and was eventually banned by the local government in 1909.
    Emperor's Akitas
  3. GhostDawg

    GhostDawg Pup

    A close friend of mine had a 2xW/1xlG that he sold to a man from Japan who wanted the dog for no other reason then to breed into his Tosa dogs.
  4. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    Yeah the ABPT is still used in the Tosa breeding plan nowadays.
  5. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Last I heard dog fighting is legal in Japan except for Tokyo as there is a loop hole in that law. Japan is one of the places not INFLUENCED by the white mans customs/morals. AR activist try to go to Japan but the Samurai draw there swords and tell them to fuck off or die LMAO.
  6. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    My cousin was there for a while. They have real pride in their dogs over there and refuse any APBT heritage. it's damn crushing to them when a tosa or akita loses to an APBT.

    they got straight up comic books about the game over there

    Shiroi Senshi Yamato - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Byakuren No Fangu - Ginga Wiki - Gin, Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin - Wikia

    ^read/watched a lot of those when i was 5-9. loved em' all. the only two bulldogs i ever saw though died. one just got instant killed by an akita and the other was ( oh so ironically) killed by animal control for attacking people.
  7. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    They embrace the APBT, they have APBT clubs. They don't match Tosa's against Bulldogs except on rare occasions.
  8. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    very small amount. some have switched to bulldogs, others prefer the tosa. they hold a lot of pride in their tosas. matches from a while ago proved to some which dogs were better, and they switched.
  9. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    Forget about the stories of 30lb Bulldogs defeating 150lb Tosa's, it just ain't going to happen nowadays. It would be cruel and pointless fighting dogs with such a size difference. They don't even pit catchweight Bulldogs into heavyweight Tosa's because the Tosa would be too big and powerful. On the rare occasions they match both dogs it would be into a lightweight Tosa.
  10. GhostDawg

    GhostDawg Pup

    For me it is an unfair comparison of that of the apbt with the Tosa, it is not unlike the comparison of a mma fighter with that of a boxer. They are both highly skilled at what each does but what each does is a different sport then the other and with the dogs there is a huge size difference. I am a big fan of Sergey Kovalev, would I want to see him fight "Jacare" Souza under UFC/MMA rules ? NO. Nor would I want to see Jacare get batted around in a boxing ring with Kovalev.
  11. GhostDawg

    GhostDawg Pup

    Getting back on track to this threads first post I was wondering if anyone else could share any present day dogs of Japan such as as Wally mentioned Gr Ch Thunder ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [192092] :: THUNDER
  12. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    I like that blend
  13. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    Thunder hasn't been hardly bred at all for a great animal, looks like some American might have had an import off him....
  14. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    who said anything about heavyweight? i'm talking about say 45-60 lbs. vs 90-130 lbs. the heavyweights are straight upbeats, but in my opinion, they too slow to catch a bulldog. if said bulldog it a gut dog, the big one may be out of luck.
  15. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    Yes and a dog man over there who keeps both told me that even the lightweight Tosa's usually beat catchweight Bulldogs. I think most folk take the stuff Stratton wrote as gospel.

    The Japs don't usually match both breeds, they prefer to use Cajun rules with their APBT's.
  16. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Japanese are competitive, not stupid. That's a lot of weight to give up... Not sayin it don't happen, I'm sure not often any more tho. They got both breeds in pure form and a legal outlet. Givin up 30 is a waist of bulldog imo
  17. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    sounds like hogwash. tosas aren't anywhere near as explosive as bulldogs. then again, it could be a rule thing. if you match a APBT with nippon rules, it'll probably lose as it turns and makes noise. my friend has 2 bull terriers that have beaten APBT by pinning them or making them scream, with by indian rules is a loss.
  18. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    i think it was when APBTs were hyped up over there. now, can't imagine a good reason to match the two.
  19. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    Trust me a Tosa is a more powerful dog than a bulldog, I've seen a few matches between the breeds and the Tosa dominated. It's a bigger dog, and a dog bred for combat.

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    So when Tosa competes, they have there own rules? I've heard of them big and strong, do they have A scratch line? Are they matched by weight or every thing catch weight? I didn't know they were still active, interesting!!

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