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Butcher Boys Black Nailus (Pedigree)

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by Vicki, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

  2. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    nice to see a story about CH Nailus.
    not many people know this but Nailus was bred to terrier bitches and he appears in the pedigrees of some of the best patterdale terriers in the world.
  3. BustaH

    BustaH Top Dog

    thanks for this..
  4. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog


    his sire ch smuggler

    his dam heathers jet
  5. Mant beleived Nailus not to be a true CH his matches could never be verified by any bona fide dogman and no one knows anyone who saw any of his shows. Thats not to say the dog wasnt a good one just that his matches seemed bogus.
    Joe Graham the editor of Pit Bull News didnt reconise him as a CH and thats why Stokey Boy sent in a copy of his CH cert from the sdj.
  6. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    i know a man saw him tested and he said he was a real bulldog, as stated his matches were sketchy to say the least, but a good one never the less.
  7. preme

    preme CH Dog

    Good looking dog
  8. dutchboy

    dutchboy Big Dog

    Cert that appeared in SDJ,

  9. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    supposedly won a 4th too. no idea if genuine ort not but like i said, tested with the ben dog (a big nelis/panama male) and took it all and tried to go through his owner to get back for more.
  10. dutchboy

    dutchboy Big Dog

    His 4th was said tobe against Karls Gyp.
  11. Lets be honest there probably dodgey. He also had Hud, he was a game plug, when he was sold it was with the agreement he wouldnt be matched as he was only a brood dog. Next thing you know Hud is a 1xW and barnstormed the other dog :D

    Hud couldnt bite his way out a crisp packet, but by nothing short of a miricle becomes a hard mouth barnstormer in his new owners hands, pity no one knew the kennels or knew anyone that was there to witness such a feat.

    I know people that said they saw Nailus schooled and he looked good, I beleive them. I personaly saw Hud on several occasions and can say he was a very game dog.
    Did either win a legit show ? I doubt it, but if anyone can prove otherwise Id be happy to admit I was wrong.
  12. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    I love this line "Dell decided to leave the premises"

    Never heard of Nailus before so I appreciate all of the information being thrown around in this topic. Good looking dog, reminds me a lot of Midnight. How'd he produce?
  13. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    he threw a few winners but do not think he was used over much, perhaps his sketchy record was a factor.
  14. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    Are you sure?
    I know he was on a Patterdale-Breeder-Yard, but I think he has had too much weight for a cross.
  15. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    mighty big statement, some of the best in the world ??? how would anyone know unless familiar with a hell of a lot from throughout the globe ?
    nailus was a large dog , late 40's in shape , why would anyone put a dog over patterdales when many of the offspring would be far too large to work ?
  16. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    I've only heard about some light, working Staffordshire Bull Terriers, that sometimes goes in the Patterdale Terrier blood. But that's very rare. Only a few breeders do this, because the F1 generation often lacks in hunting sense.
  17. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    I was surprised when I heard it too but it was straight from the horses (breeders) mouth. I won't drop any names because in some places hunting with terriers is as illegal (and sensational in the media) as matching dogs has become here in the states.
    if you look at patterdale pedigrees you see alot of "unknown" in the pedigrees, many of these are really dogs with pedigrees unknown or different breeds such as JRT or border terrier but in many cases they are actually SBT or in Nailus' case APBT.
    and to say many F1 crosses lack hunting sense is true, but it is also true that some crosses are fantastic hunting dogs.
    I've had alot of experience with patterdales and I believe they aren't as much a breed which can breed true every generation like bulldogs but they are more of a "type" of dog made up of many breeds which you may have to add a little something different every few generations to get workers.
  18. snakewidomski

    snakewidomski Big Dog

    I know the name of the owner of Nailus. But you are right, it's better to talk about it by PM....
  19. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    thanks for your discretion.
  20. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    we probably all know who is being talked of but what i am doubting is that he ever bred some of the best working terriers in the world lol, though i am sure he would tell you he did.:)

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