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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stinkrock, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    Jack is selling his board for $20,000.
  2. outlaw910

    outlaw910 Pup


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  3. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Why am I not surprised? LOL......His board is slow as fuck with probably a significant drop in membership renewals. LOL
  4. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Seems like a lil too much for that site it's on life support now if it was busy who knows maybe it would be worth it
  5. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    With the right owners that site could be the best on the net. It's jack that's the issue if he is having troubles financially to keep it going. No buisness can withstand alienating it's customers. No one wants to discuss anything there for fear of being banned for not agreeing with him or doing things exactly how he wants it. Sounds like the Ferrari is crashing into a wall. :lol:
  6. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    Exactly what it is you pay then disagree and he bans you, it could be a great place but Jack doesn't allow to be. Well I'm sure he'll come up with another $$ making scheme
  7. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    My same exact thoughts. With a different owner I bet the forum would do great. He banned me for no reason and that's the last I'll ever get on there with him owning it. If he sells it I might get on there again.
  8. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Tree u gotta big mouth and your always the 1st one to join the band wagon to burn the which at the stake LOL.
  9. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Toom, you're the one with the big mouth sticking your nose is business that doesn't concern you. I was a member there and was banned for doing absolutely nothing so I have every right to comment what I did. You're the one jumping and it appears to be on my dick. Please remove yourself. Thanks.
  10. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Nothing against JACK I just wouldn't pay a dime to be on his board.Jacks a very smart guy and had some nice dogs he just can't be trusted.JMO
  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Here's the ad for anyone with the coin. Go in 5 ways it's 4 stacks a piece. Lol

    The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database is for sale for $20,000.
    It is available to whomever has the money, and who wants to take on this lifetime project to keep it going.
    I have done all of the important groundwork to get it started, putting in uncountable hours, articles, etc.
    I simply do not have the time (or interest) to do so any longer.
    The prospective buyer should have the time + intelligence + credentials to run it properly
    If you feel you qualify, you basically have a turnkey operation at your fingertips.
    I have the documentation to prove it can make you more money per-year than the interest earned from a quarter-million in a CD.
    Email me for more details, thank you. Serious inquiries only.

    Thank you everybody who has participated here, but my New Year's Resolution is to get out of dogs completely, for good.
    For this reason, I will not be posting here anymore (no more articles, nothing).
    The only exception will be to help with any kind of life-threatening emergency.
    Other than that, I will only monitor the content of the board for appropriateness.

    If this website sells, I will set the buyer up on his own server, and provide 10 hours worth of assistance to help them figure it out.
    I will promise them full-functionality before I release the content, but after that, the buyer is on his own.
    The buyer will have to get his own computer coder for any upgrades.

    If the site does not sell, it will go down at the end of the year.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year,

  12. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    Wow he says he is getting completely out of dogs. Maybe someone could buy that website and the plot of land in MX that TG is selling. I have enjoyed his book and YouTube videos about raw diet.
  13. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    Hope the site dies and he gets out like the ad says. The only people willing to buy that site for 20k is the HSUS.
  14. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    Never thought of that. Good point
  15. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Couldn't u wait for the site to die and just copy it for a lot less
  16. ragedog10

    ragedog10 Top Dog

    Jack is out of dogs because they weren't as great as he claimed they were, 20 years of breeding where are all those great dog's at? Silver Back was the supposedly greatest Vise Grip dog where are all the winners? Quarter out yeah his blood has a use, Jack will come up with something to make $ off the dog's that's what he does.
  17. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Who do you suppose runs Pedsonline? LOL
  18. Mop Master

    Mop Master Yard Boi AKA MopMaster, Gutter Boy & LWG

    I disagree.... lahel could buy it & slap the sdj logo instead & prolly make a lot of money if he plays his cards right. 20k? Wait closer to the deadline & offer em 10.
  19. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    The times I went on their I used a friends log in info. When did use it was just to check out Peds.
  20. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    I will admit when pedsonline first started I joined it. But after that big contraversy shit went down I never went back unless I borrowed someone elses account. lol

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