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Can you say Eli????

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by ohav4, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

  2. No photos. Fail
  3. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    Click on the ped the parents pictures are on there. The pups are only 6 weeks old I ain't took no good pictures of them yet but they are just some black pups nothing special in the looks department lol
  4. I have been thinking about getting a pup with a very similar pedigree. What do expect from these pups? I never had a Jack 2/Skull dog before
  5. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    I'm hoping they lean more to the mama's side of the ped because if they do.... I'm expecting some rough game eli dogs. Can't go wrong with that!!!
  6. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    Should be some rough little black dogs.
  7. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    Yessir!!!! Love them little black monsters!!!
  8. What would you expect if they leaned more towards the father's side of the ped?
  9. redwar

    redwar Big Dog

    Very nice, really like that bottom side as well, best of luck with them.
  10. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    I've got some Jack II/Skull stuff but from diff dogs.... Mine has some Earl Jr in there... But I'm real fond of mine
  11. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    Thanks!!! I appreciate it
  12. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    Oh yea how they working out for ya??? Can you post a ped??
  13. Good to hear,maybe you could post the ped
  14. dwd58

    dwd58 Big Dog

    Bottom side is nice, I would have went with something other than White Oak Biter for the top side though.
  15. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    Yea we are gonna see how these turn out. Until then we got this coming up too.
  16. redwar

    redwar Big Dog

    That should make for some powerful dogs there, very very nice!
  17. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

  18. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    I have to agree with dwd58 on white Oak biter.
  19. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

  20. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    I also agree.

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