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cat food

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by pit#5, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    Can any one tell me if its ok to let dogs eat dry cat food
    Any chance they get they want to eat the dry cat kibble
    Some times they pull it off , is there some thing in cat food that is healthy
    That they crave
    The ingredients seem the same more or less and now a days I can find dog food kibble With almost same ingredients as cat

  2. Nell_Bell

    Nell_Bell Premium Member Premium Member

    Hell, my dogs eat cat CRAP anytime they have an opportunity :dogtongue: !

    Cat food won't hurt them as a snack, but stick with dog food or raw for their regular diet.
  3. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    The cat crap thing, some dogs love to clean the box , Gota be some reason some dogs like crap:crap:
  4. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    i wouldnt give it to them. unfortunantly i cant remember the specific reason behind it, as i was told it a long time ago from a old rep who worked for hills , and she explained it very well, which isnt going to help you know, but there is a ingredient in cat food which is needed for cats and will damage a dogs liver or kidneys over a period of time,
    if your desperate you can probly get away with it every now and then but i wouldnt do it unless you have to.
    give it to the pound and go raid some more bins for dog kibble if you have to.
  5. magdalena

    magdalena Big Dog

    I think it may be the amount of taurine that's bad for them?
  6. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    all i know is when my dogs get into cat food they end up with stool like water
  7. MinuteMan1979

    MinuteMan1979 Big Dog

    Taurine, Vitamin A, and also, cat food is usually much higher in protien...

  8. Sea Serpent

    Sea Serpent Big Dog

    You can't afford dog food or what?....feed the Cat to the dam dogs LOL just kidding. :D
  9. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    No No, I have a cat and I keep the food bowl up high but she jumps up and gets
    it. I have so much dog food i have been giveing it to lots of people ,( Ref from another Post Freedogen)
    I did find a good food (VIA DD ) I use as a treat - Royl Canin Giant breed the kibble size is big and i give the dogs a hand full as a treat. RC has some corn gluten but also has some Ingredents for healthy Joints Any way The idea behind the extra large kibble is to slow down the eating of giant breeds . The dogs are doing well on all the DD food .
  10. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    i find it very hard to beleive that trhe purpose of any super premium "large breed dog food" is to slow the eating of giant breeds. just because they are bigger you say they eat faster???? that makes about as much sense as thinking someone put hay in your bbq.

    the main purpose of large breed dog food is the ingredients may be higher in some products than many others and it has pretty much nothing to do with your normal ratings ie; protein,fat, salt ect ect. the protein will be slightly higher in large breed puppy food and that is to promote quicker weight gain in turn growth which is simply because giat breeds live a shorter life therefore they will grow quicker than normal, and this helps.
    the other additives that they tend to have is a higher calcium rate and even omega oils and to help joints and bone development specifically to aid such a large animal growing so quick. there are other additives to help with cartilidge ect things to promote a healthier longer life, as most of us wont get more than nine years out of purebred mastiff breeds ect.

    all super premium brands contain additives which are specifically placed in the food to make stools neater and smaller and then also will over time stop the size of portions fed to each individual animal. the problem people have with feeding these brands besides the overal cost, is the fact they cant get use to feeding the size of recomended portions due to the size and the look in the dogs bowl once the recommended rate is fed. most crew have came from cheaper crappier brands where you need to feed much larger amounts, and not only the dog owner but the dog itself gets mighty frustrated when the owner puts about a third of the normal intake in the bowl! the dogs get use to it and, thats fine but the major thing the owner needs to grasp is that if you feed the same amount as normal the only difference you will see is in your wallett and the size of your dogs stools will stay the same but they will be alot firmer making it easier come yard cleaning time.

    out of all the training i had when i owned a store that sold dog food, no i didnt go to university but i did sit down with every major brand rep and learn about their products and their benifits, i was never told that large breed food was made to "slow" down the eating.
  11. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    Thats what the bag said - the large kibble less gulping of the food slows the dog down eating , might be a gimick , for me its a cool treat and dog food to boot. when you get a chance read one of the giant breed bags of RC i got a pic of the kibble i guess i'll put it on for the heck of it -- later -- anyway do you think the large breed is a good snack treat food?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2010
  12. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    def wont hurt as a treat at all pit#5, so in a way your right but that is far from the no one difference in large breed food. a dog eats at their own pace regardless, i had a little 35pound male who would eat every meal like it was his last if i was to try to solve that by feeding him bigger sized kibble he would have choked to death.

    do what you please with the large breed kibble, use it for training your new dogs.
    just dont feed the cat food.
  13. ElJay

    ElJay Premium Member Premium Member

    I just want to point out that giant breed dogs should actually be given less nutrients as a growing puppy because rapid growth is very undesirable. Growing too quickly leads to major bone and joint issues in large breeds. Most large/giant dog breeders recommend feeding a lower calorie and lower (no higher than 27%) protein adult dog food and NOT supplementing with calcium or vitamin D.

    in fact, most reputable dog food companies that do have large breed puppy formulas will have less nutrients and protein in the food than regular puppy formulas do.

    Anyway, just wanted to stick in my two cents.... :):p
  14. Dogs stealing a little cat food here and there won't hurt them, but if you have cats make sure they are not stealing dog food. Cats need taurine, they cannot produce it themselves, and dog food does not have it.

    Royal Canin is a pretty marketing gimmick filled food, you can get much better for less $ actually.

    What ElJayBee said above is on the money by the way.
  15. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    Advina, what types of "gimmicks" are you speaking of??

    i am asking because i fed royal canin for years and never saw anything that i would class as a gimmick, i hold the brand up with the best and i think if you feed to the guidlines give or take a bit, you wont be spending any more than on any other decent brand. and i would feed less about half the amount, as a cheaper brand with better results.
  16. MinuteMan1979

    MinuteMan1979 Big Dog


    I'm pretty sure you got that BACKWARDS on the large breed food. I can darn near promise they all have LOWER levels of nutrients to SLOW the dogs growth, for better bones...

    It's as simple as reading the bag, not the neat little story on the bag, the actual ingredients. ;)

    Oops, Adivina and LJB already said this... But i like to hear myself type so I'll post it anyway!
  17. Personally I cannot give my dog anything with corn in it, she is allergic to it. I consider a decent brand to be one without corn / corn gluten. I have to feed grain free or raw actually, but there are good foods out there with grain as well, I just see corn as a very unneeded filler. Your mileage may vary but I personally wouldn't rate it to be up with the best.

    Edit - I think I pay less for my grain free dog food by the way than RC costs last I checked....
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 11, 2010
  18. I also find all the different breed formulas they make to be a bit gimmicky. If you feed your dogs well they won't need a specific "breed formula" in my opinion. I think its a marketing gimmick to draw people in.
  19. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    yeah i do agree with you there Advina, hadnt thought of it that way.

    any large breed pup will rapidly grow in size quicker than any other breed type in relation to the ratio of its adult size, ie a neo height wise will grow too its max height long before a lab will, youmay find that some nutrients will be lesser but if youlook hard enough on the fine print you will find that there are others which are def heavier than normal, esp in pup food.
    when choosing one should be checking every part of every bag for comparisons then choose what you think suits.
  20. pit#5

    pit#5 Banned

    How About this question and Junkyard you would know about
    Can dog food / now if I look at the ingredients of certain can foods especially low cost the ingredient list fails in comparison to certain can foods I umm acquired
    The can food I am curious about is Royal C high Fiber Royal C Intestinal HE
    Ingredient list is
    Water ,chicken liver, rice flower ,corn meal, chicken ,cottage cheese ,mackerel ,egg ,oat bran ,and then all vitamins both can dog food types are more or less the same
    I realize this can food is for a specific reason (health) but if I compare it to normal can food at super markets it total superior Can I give my dogs this acquired food

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