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Discussion in 'APBT History' started by F.W.K., Aug 11, 2017.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. B.I.S.

    Champion "Sunny" by Vanishing Breed

    "Sunny" was a 3/4 Pit Bull 1/4 Staff born on the 24 October 1986 on the yard of the late Joe W. But T. Jr the owner of Sunny's sire & dam made the breeding. "Sunny" was the only male from a litter of at least 4 bitches! He was a strong looking dog, red in colour with a red nose & tiny ears. He had an apple shaped head & a long neck. He was longer then he was tall but he still had plenty of leg. He had some major faults to be a successful pit dog. For one he did not have a lot of natural wind & blew a lot when he was exercised & while in action, but always would be there.
    Second, he was an awkward, clumsy fighter that was put down by opponents easily. He also had no bite. In fact, he had the least powerful mouth of any dog I have seen matched before or since, but the one thing that he had going for him was his gameness. Then at his fifth match after taking a lot of punishment for 55 minutes he could not go across because of the damage he received during this match, "Sunny" did not make it trough that night!

    There was only a small number of pups sired by "Sunny", he was only mated to 3 bitches, Quins "Blondy", Domo K's Bitch & Butsy's "Mo". "Mo" was the dam to the only dog ("JJ") that reached the pit he lost twice, the second time he proved to be deep game when he took his death from the K Brothers "Tyson"!

    The first time that I saw "Sunny" was on the yard of Paul R. when B.D was buying him. "Sunny"'s first match was against K Brothers "Josh". "Sunny" was only 15 months old at the time. On the day of the match "Josh" weighed in at 50 1/2lbs. "Sunny" at 44 1/2 lbs. The top weight was supposed to be 46lbs. B.D took the forfeit but went ahead with the match. "Sunny" took a beating for the first 26 minutes from the match when "Josh" quit on his third time up.

    Afterwards I bought "Sunny" from B.D. Then Boneyard drove down to see if I would match "Sunny" into their well known & thought of dog by the name of "Nathan", who had a name for being a destroyer. The match was made for 44 1/2 lb top. It was for a large wager & "Sunny" was in good condition for this one & never let "Nathan" do the damage that he was known for. "Nathan" was handled and conditioned by Davey R. As the match went on "Nathan" was going down more and more, & after 20 scratches each, "Nathan" was picked up at 1hour 48 minutes!

    After this, Northern Doc was down trying to get a match into B.D's "Jeckel", but a weight could not be agreed upon. So I took on Doc with "Sunny" at 44 1/2 lb. After the forfeits were down, Northern Doc told me that he would tell me during the match that my dog had only 15 minutes left before he was killed. On the day of the match, his dog "Barney" showed that he had a great bite & good wrestling ability. Doc turned around to me at the 20-minute mark & said "YOUR DOGS GOT 15 MINUTES LEFT" & it looked that way. "Barney" turned & was slow to move on his first scratch. I got as many handles as I could & "Sunny" was scratching hard. "Barney" was going slower on each scratch time up & on his seventh scratch he was too slow & "Sunny" was a Champion.

    With 3 matches in 7 months & a Champion before he was 2 years old! "Sunny" was the type of dog everyone wanted to go into. was next in line using a dog called "Ned" a 1/2 Staff 1/2 pit bull cross and half brother to "Sunny", both being out of "Billy Brokentail"! The match was made at 43Lb top & it turned out to be a scratching marathon with "Ned" coming out the victor. I picked up a game "Sunny" at 1hour & 13 minutes after 21 each; "Ned"'s owner said after the match, that all that handling had cured a back problem he had before the match. "Ned" went on to win 4 more times to earn the title of Grand-Champion, before losing to Scotsman's "Yogi" at well over 6 years old. I sold "Sunny" to Domo K & just over 1 year later Domo had matched "Sunny" in to the Leg Breakers. "Sly" was the dog's name & he was a 1-time winner. He had won his previous match against "Jake" a 1-time winner as well!

    The match was made for at 45 1/2 lb. "Sunny" took a lot of damage in the last 30 minutes of this match. Most of the damage was to the chest & legs and he was unable to come out for his 7th scratch at 55 minutes. "Sunny" died that night of the match. This ends the story of Ch. Sunny! "Sunny" won 3 matches and lost 2 but in game fashion!.
  2. Awesome read!awesome history! Keep em common...
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  3. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Thanks FWK....I enjoy the material you post.Some I have not read.First time ive read this one.
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  6. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    It's true Grand Champion Ned was over 6 years old when he lost against Champion Yogi, also true Grand Champion Jacko was 8 years old when he lost against Champion Curstopper.. Hell's Jock's Bash was beaten by Scotsman's Yogi.. Bash was 38lb and Yogi 42lb.. Bash one of the gamest I ever saw.. After the show his owner said anyone who wanted Bash could keep him and I left with what I still consider 'pound for pound,' was a better dog than Yogi.. Bash won 3 and lost 1, his style was sheer grit, determination and gameness, like Champion Sunny... Thanks for the article FWK, brought back good memories :)

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  7. reids skipper

    reids skipper CH Dog

    Do you Think curstopper would have beaten jacko if he was younger oldguy ? They Reckon jacko was a right alligator
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  8. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I take nothing away from Champion Curstopper, I truly loved that dog, he was game beyond belief and I was proud to hold him in my arms and call him my friend when his time came, but he could never have beaten GR.CH.Jacko in his prime.. The man who bred Curstopper knew it, the man who owned him knew it, in fact the whole north east knew it.
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  9. Craig Muers

    Craig Muers Digger

    Tremendous biting power devastated dogs jacko was a freak of nature
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  10. reids skipper

    reids skipper CH Dog

    Did jacko produce any offspring with the same mouth ?
  11. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I owned Jackson who was out of Jacko x Minnie, He was a game dog, but little else, still wish he'd been bred though.

    Jackson's litter sister was Scar's Lady (just 2 in litter) she was very game female, lost on 3 legs against Joe Montana bred female, Lady got bred to Eugene dog and produced sire of Xara 2xw bitch, a very nice dog called Zack.

    Minnie (Chainey x Grizzly) was best bitch I ever owned, killed in road accident or she'd definitely have been bred to Batty which would have been only Chainey x Grizzly x Curstopper blood in UK inside 3 generations, sadly never happened.

    Yarrakin Lad's 'Stitch Mahone' was a 1xw sired by Jacko (forget the dam sorry) Stitch never had same mouth of his sire and unstable around people so Yarrakin put him down.

    Jacko was 'the' hardest mouth dog I ever saw, nothing else came close to him.. Other hard mouthed dogs I saw were CH. Klogger, GR. CH. Bill, Black Max 2xw, his litter brother Nailer 1xw, a brother to Yogi & Hagar called Archie and the Itchy female 2xw.. All brutal finishers, but for mouth alone, none in same league as CH Jacko.. It's like the man said earlier.. Jacko was a freak of nature, a one off, never be another like him, he really was that special :-B
  12. reids skipper

    reids skipper CH Dog

    Thanks @oldguy … how was itchy bred mate was she down off rustlers chuckie ?
  13. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

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  14. reids skipper

    reids skipper CH Dog

  15. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Was bred to rustlers soloman, maybe was thinking of that.
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  16. David Hunt

    David Hunt A thousand mile Journey begins with one step.

    Great Read and share FWK.
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  17. David Hunt

    David Hunt A thousand mile Journey begins with one step.

    Please correct me if my information is wrong. A staff is the name that the Ukc, Adba , used After visiting serval breeders They chose Colbys Primo to represent what a staff should look like. So a staff isn't a staff?
  18. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    Well let's just say your not exactly right okie dokie you probably had "Pit" on your mind when you mentioned those two registries instead of the AKC and their other associated kennel clubs. As the legend goes and the example given will answer your confusing question which is just basically f#king around with semantics to suit ones needs at that time.

    Speaking of confusion, apart from the name "Staff" I'm not seeing any discernible connect between the pedigrees of Primo and Sunny. If it's an oversight on my part I'd like to know where, unless of course you are merely implying that the chances of dogs in Sunny's pedigree are more likely contain the Dog Daddy breeder(s) in Primo's pedigree.

    However at the risk of being wrong myself (we'll I reckon it's just another vain to slip us a bit of least your true to form buddy.... lmao
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  19. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    opps wrong "to contain"...."vain attempt"

    any more on the finer details are beyond

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