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Chico Lopez

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Holocaust, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

  2. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Um no. I was a college professor at the time and he was working at a bank probably as a teller. I chose not to do bussiness with him because I felt he lacks honor and character. Just read this thread. Plus he has a mullet. I am a father, husband and quite frankly an excellent representative for the breed. I had one conversation with him and never called him back. I have had good relations with the owners of the dogs going back to Haunch. This was once a sport of gentlemen...just read this board to see h kind of people associated with these dogs, uncivilized miscreants.

    You are a vulgar and barely literate scumbag who probably did not finish high school and works a menial job, representing everything bad about this breed. Now go back to your cheeze wiz, nascar, 300 lb wife and filthy hole ridden shirt.

    |My new mentor is a gentle man and a man of honor. His yard is full of proven dogs.
  3. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    This is the dog that will most likely be bred to the lopes dog modules.php
  4. but you keep slandering and throwing shots at chico when he's a real dogman who's heavily impacted and contributed to the breed on a global level. Most of you on this forum cant measure up to chico at all. Chico in his 50 years has accomplished lifetimes of work for the breed
  5. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    For the 7,000th time you spoke to Evolution kennels and not Chico Lopez. For being a "college professor" you really can't seem to grasp the simplest things. Like evo and chico being 2 different ppl.
  6. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    Chico has some good dogs and yes his pedigrees are spectacular. Evolution kennels campaigned most of them, not Chico. But they are not gold, and not worth $5k. No pup is worth $5, even if the ped is packed most pups don't turn out.
  7. False
  8. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    I have access to dogs and frozen semen upon which his whole line was founded upon. I can get dogs from Gary (Haunche's, Hollingsworth Bull and Red tide Crash's owner) and and his partner. The only reason I might buy a dog from Chico or Evo is to save me a drive, and it would only be to Florida were some of the purest remaining Hollingsworth dogs are located. I can get the dogs for less than $1.5k and that is only because the breeder spent a fortune on the sperm and takes immaculate care of the dogs and I respect his work and what he has done to preserve the line. Chico is a peddler and wants more than $5k. No one respects him or his silly little mullet.
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  9. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    modules.php Hollingsworth Bull

    modules.php Red Tide's Crash

    Due to modern technology I an get dogs directly from these two.
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  10. I found the Journey and the Future was well worth triple the easier route
    I am sure you will make the wise choices
    I can honestly say
    I'd have to make them drives, always have always will

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  11. Laced

    Laced Pup

    The chosen few!

    Attached Files:

  12. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Big Dog

    So now he is okay with Tom? I thought Tom was nothing but swamp Dwelling piece of shit peddler? Chico also mentioned to never even mention their names in the same sentence because he was better than him at everything! So there he is on bulldog Hill Getting black dogs
  13. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Big Dog

    Is that photo shopped?
  14. Laced

    Laced Pup

    Im pretty sure it is... i cant take credit for it... seen it on fb & thought it was hilarious...lol
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  15. Laced

    Laced Pup

    Look how hes dressed... that aint him..lol
  16. Pullingcovers

    Pullingcovers Big Dog

    You had me for a second
  17. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    This is me and the majority I know. Pups/dogs get bought. Pups and dogs off them just get passed around. We're obviously ass backwards on these mutts lol.

    I remember I went to someone's house saw all their Pups and very much jokingly said "hell son I'd take one of them(pointing at a very specific litter) for the free any day". Was back 2 weeks later he asked me which one I wanted. I of course tried to decline and pick the "lesser one"(when he insisted) and the fella I was with said "get that pretty ass white and black one"(obvious pick of the litter) Ole boy who bred them up looked at me and said "seriously bro take that one. He's who'd I pick" so I did. Rest of those Pups sold without papers for 1500-2k.

    Certain situations your face card will get you further than anyone's money.... but I don't personally know a single person with dogs that isn't a hard working blue collar type and they aren't selling Pups. They're all in the hole just for the love of the mutts.
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  18. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It is one of those double edge swords and could even be called a very profitable money pit.

    I had Fila Brasileiros once and was at a worming weekend. There was lady there selling puppies for $1500-2000 a pop. Sold a litter of 8 and like 6 of the 8 was picked up that weekend. As each puppy was sold/picked up she continues the story about how having dogs and selling puppies was a money pit and all the money she was losing.

    I laughed and being the 'new guy' in that click she was offended. I simply told her unless there is an unexpectant vet trip for the mother or the puppies there is no way to sell $12-16 grand worth of puppies and lose money.

    My argument was that of course you are losing money if you factor in the 2000 (in 1999) model Dodge 2500 w/ a Cummings diesel, 4WD with a lift kit, towing a 28 foot toy hauler with an all aluminum custom built living quarters for the dogs and the front 16 foot of the trailer was built nicer than my house. If that falls into dog expenses, absolutely it is a money pit.

    Both my dogs placed ahead of hers for the weekend in bitework and protection work.

    I showed up in a 85 Chevrolet Blazer I bought from an insurance company coming out of a flood with a salvage title. I even swapped to a 2 barrel carburetor to save gas from NC to Georgia. I had one dog riding in the front seat and the other retard was in an aluminum dog box.

    If I sold puppies and chose my route, I am making serious jack selling puppies.

    Even at a flea market I saw a guy with a litter of seven Rottweiler pups for $400. I thought to myself no one is paying $400 for a puppy at the flea market. An hour or so later as we were leaving he cut a guy a deal on the last for $300. He sold $2700 dollars worth of flea market puppies in an hour. That is crazy cash for a big bag of Puppy Chow and $100 for shots and wormers.

    The first litter I sold off the Filas six of seven sold for $1500. I kept one. It was so easy when the even better bitch was bred to my really nice male I bred her too. She had 11. I had made the right turn onto easy street. I am looking at easy $15 grand coming my way.

    12 weeks later those bastards were eating me out of house and home. I had a 'buy one-get one' sale and then even a 'buy one, get two more'. This one guy said he and his wife wanted a pair but they simply could not afford these dogs on their income. I asked him if he could back his truck down to the dog pen. He liked two of them and his wife liked two others. I told him to open the gate and I packed them in like sardines. He left with six or seven puppies. I gave him papers and all. I lost my ass on that set.

    So there is a story with every angle. But I will never believe there is not money to be made in these dogs, and dogs period for that matter, if one chooses to do so.

  19. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    There is money in it to an extent. One can cut a lot of costs out and take many shortcuts. It'll show eventually though. I been selling dogs for 25 years here and there and anyone who knows me personally will tell you the amount of time I spend talking care of dogs is never really factored into the total cost. I got to really respect someone for them to get a free dog from me. I can count them on 1 hand. If my time and what I sacrifice in life to do this was factored into price, none of yous could afford one. It's that simple. People who do this, at least in the manner I do it will all tell you the amount of time and money involved in doing breedings and taking care of pups is very involved and fluctuates depending on the level of care and husbandry one gives his animals. There's more to the cost than just feed and shots. I'll never get rich off the dogs or even break even and I never wanted to as they aren't my bread and butter but I could not do what I do without them paying their own way with how many I raise. Everyone wants something for nothing until they are in the other set of shoes. See it all the time. I'll give someone a dog that would never do the same, I'd have to pay. The great thing about the dogs not being ones source of income is if someone wants to haggle down price I just tell you fuck off and kick rocks. Nothing in life is free and those who typically say they'd give this and that would rob the fuck out of someone on a dog. Lmfao. Seen that shit for years.

    That ain't towards slim or anyone else here in particular but I've given dogs to people for years. At least 1 from every litter i do. It's very seldom it's ever returned. Matter of fact, just 1 single time in 25 years so while everyone likes to say the dogs should be given for free well, go get them free dogs then, won't get one here though lol. I'm sure most are ok with that just as i am ok with saying absolutely not. Unless your someone I respect very much and know for certain will keep the dogs best interested in mind. That price tag allows me to sleep better at night knowing 8 out of 10 who get one from me just going to breed it at 9 months old anyway and make a come up off my work. I'll never be sorry about it though or feel like I should give anyone shit for free. It's the most untrue thing I've ever heard. At least in my experience. Like I said everyone wants something for free these days yet when they got pups they'll cut your feet off with the price. 8-|
  20. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Like I have said OVER AND OVER name another breed who will lay their soul on the carpet and it's everyone else fault this $500 pup didn't win you 10k and ended up on a leash in a tree or their ass hanging out a bucket....

    This is the only breed of dog when they don't work they pay the price. All others become a pet. But ask $2500 off 2 proven dogs your ran up and down the road with. Risked it all. And all of sudden you're a peddler just for trying to recoup gas and a a gamble...
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