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Cotto vs pacman

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dadecounty, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. dadecounty

    dadecounty Big Dog

    Well the fight of the year is 1 week away get your bet's in.My money is on COTTO.
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy Big Dog

    Id never count the pacman out of any fight....as far as im concerned he`s world class...but should be a good one.
  3. BKNLS

    BKNLS Big Dog

    I love Pac but he has never fought a boxer of a caliber of Cotto. I am going for Cotto on this one.
  4. Rampage

    Rampage Big Dog

    Pacman! cause I wanna see Pacman v. Mayweather
  5. forty6mantis

    forty6mantis Big Dog

    cotto is going to manhandle pacquiao as shown below
    this just taken during press conference in florida:

  6. redneck

    redneck Pup

    pacman. bet against him a few times and always lost. seems he's peaking now but fighting the naturally stronger man so will be good to watch. pacman though by points
  7. Lonewolf

    Lonewolf Big Dog

    Pac will simply overwhelm him with speed and volume of punches..I like cotto alot as well, but I have to go with Pac.
  8. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    cotto all the way...
  9. DMMK

    DMMK Big Dog

    Pacman in 5 rounds......to much speed:D
  10. KeystoneState

    KeystoneState Big Dog

    Easy, Pacman.
  11. TwistedMettle

    TwistedMettle Big Dog

    pacman. speed kills.
  12. dadecounty

    dadecounty Big Dog

    All valid points but what im excited about is theses boys are not going to run they are going to stand in the middle of the ring and go at it.It is going to be A classic fight.I like pac & his style & under normal sircumstances I would be pulling for him.But I think his time is up.Im going to have to go with the bigger,stronger(slower)fighter.Cotto.Besides the man got punched for 10 rounds with A cement block over & over and did not quit.If thats not GAME I dont know what is.
  13. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    aye thats right..i think marquez...is he still banned for that??fair enough....cotto quit in that fight....but who wouldnt...:rolleyes:
  14. dadecounty

    dadecounty Big Dog

    It was Margaritto freakin cheater!And my man did not quit his corner wich was ran by his uncle at the time thew in the towel cause he was getting pounded.
  15. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    apologies mate....but was near the mark eh....lol.....either way....the dodgy fecker tampered gloves...its happened before.....forget the americans name....he lost to a another from other shores....thru dodgy gloves...his face was so bad he couldnt fight again....a promising fighter wth bright future...i think in end he died early...o.d or something.....life ruined by the thought of being cheated in the sport he loved....:mad:
  16. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

  17. dadecounty

    dadecounty Big Dog

    Holy shit that aint no lie my man.I was too young to see it live but I saw A documentary on that fight on HBO.Being A boxing fan I was at A loss for words when I saw that.What a trgedy that was.Have you seen it?
  18. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    i saw the documentary......my grandad made me watch it when i boxed years ago.....certainly makes ye think of the shit that can go on...i think collins hit the drink bad after that....not many know the name or the story.....which is a tragedy in itself....he was a promising fighter.....:(
  19. Bubba

    Bubba Top Dog

    Pacman by decision.
  20. forty6mantis

    forty6mantis Big Dog

    what kills speed then in the "sweet science"?

    Timing and power. Cotto has both of them. watch the clottey cotto fight and tell me if pacquiao can hit harder and faster than clottey. Clottey is an under-rated beast. it will be a walk in the park for cotto. pac has never been hit with anything like that. when he does, wapacman will lose his superpowers.

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