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Curious how others would handle this situation...

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by AGK, Jan 24, 2015.



    ....ffk..sake...key you never had to worry about this...nobody would ask you for a pussy,,never mind a dog.....lol...lol.......(could'nt resist)
  2. kera5

    kera5 Big Dog

    or you can tell them an outrageous price,that useally runs them away!
  3. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    or they think .......yeah that money i also wanne make lol
  4. Brubaker

    Brubaker Big Dog

    Ok Key. A true game dog? But if I remember correctly quite a few Vick dogs where placed in homes as pets and that worked out for many including the dogs. As my best friend growing up used to put it, Dogs be Dogs! The three I spoke of before that I got back from there pet environment. They acted very different from the other dogs on my yard. Most of whom where tightly related. The only difference being they where raised and socialized in a completely different environment than the others. Same blood. But you would think they where staffs in comparison once they sat on the same yard with the other 50 or so dogs. And cajun if we keep reffering to our dogs as pipe bombs in anybody hands or any situation. The eradication of the american game dog will continue and our breed won't be around to be ours anymore. Believe that.
  5. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    i think agk is talking about people ...that what ever you give them (any breed) its gonne be mash .the ones that don't understand ... a pitbul in appartments is Always on lies ..cant run free in parks ......
    and are afraid to put one on the chain...ect
  6. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Maybe the pipe bomb was a little extreme, but I do live by the loaded gun theory. I treat them like a loaded weapon, I would never lay my gun down in a room full of people and walk away, or leave my gun laying around outside. I've seen people that have these dogs think it's ok to let them run free sometimes and "have fun". Well if you leave a loaded gun laying around people that don't know about or value gun safety eventually somebody will get shot, or by not understanding they will throw the gun away. Kind of similar with dogs when they're put in the hands of the irresponsible or unprepared. Shit ends up hitting the fan or they admit they've bitten more than they can chew and a lot of times take it to the pound. Or possibly sell to a worse person

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  7. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    there faster then a bullit


    .......bru ..ya make a few good points....theres a few that been rasied in houses,but just never take to inside,,seen people get a big dog,,he ends up takeing over...they end up scared off there own dog ffsake..i went up and there he was in there tv room sitting on the sofa..he never touched any one he would just look at them with the long stare..when they tryed to shoo him out...the facts are there,theres people that should'nt have these dogs or any other dog...and like ya say..the eradication off the game dog...it go's back right person, right dog....
  9. Brubaker

    Brubaker Big Dog

    Lol. I think everybody is missing the bigger message here about what you are posting so I will stop dancing around it. Once again this a PUBLIC forum.

    Hi pitbull owners my name is John Q Public. Great site you have here. You guys really seem like you know what your talking about. Well as you may know I support BBL's because I'm afraid of pitbulls and my natural instinct is to control or erase any danger to me or mine. But you guys know so much about them and have owned so many so before I do that I will give you a chance to educate me and others like me on the breed. So are these dogs sound and safe animals for everyday people to be around?
    No these dogs are loaded guns, they belong on chains and only in the hands of responsible people that know there history and what they are capable of. Its better if the kids stay away and I wouldn't give a pitbull to someone with other pets because the pit will kill them. Etc,etc. But as long as I'm the one feeding them they'rrrrrrr Grrrreat!!!!
    Ok so I guess we are on the same page here. Thanx for all the expert input and testimony guys. So sense these dogs only belong in yours hands or those like you and you are minority and I agree with the loaded gun theory and loaded guns are illegal in public unless you have a permit so it turns out BBL's aren't to far off. So in our more populated areas we will band the breed all together because the owners themselves agree that there are to many irresponsible people to know for sure so we will take away trust of our fellow man in general and tell them no because that makes us feel safe. And in all the other rural areas of our great country we will monitor and controls the dogs, not pets, by deeming them the same as a concealed weapon and you must have a permit to own one and we will set a limit to how many you can own to keep the population under control and we think this will all but cut out dog fighting and animal cruelty because we will monitor the owners with permits and prosecute the ones with out a permit. Thanks again for setting this straight guys I really don't know why we couldn't see eye to eye on this before. And don't worry about contacting us we will contact you!

    Is that Nazi enough for you guys. Far fetched yes. Kinda like most the crazy things I've read from those nut jobs. But far fetched or not all of that can easily by derived from this thread and held and used against us. I mean come on I'm not stupid I understand all the scenarios you guys speak of and reasoning behind the distrust in so many others but you can't let it turn in to the same negative paranoia that others have about OUR dogs. And most of all if you do believe all that please just lie about it next time or for the dogs sakes don't go posting it on a monitored message board. By all means do what you want with your own dogs and don't give any away but try and keeps the reasons to yourselves. Wise up
    All in fictional fun:)
  10. Brubaker

    Brubaker Big Dog

    And Blue you can joke and say whatever because you live in Ireland. And lets face it if people over here start baseing things on an Irishmans ramblings then we are already fukd! LMAO!
  11. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Idk where you live but where I reside you don't need a permit to carry a loaded weapon, so long as everyone can see it and you haven't concealed it. I mean I see your point, but if everybody went out and got an APBT and treated it as if it were a border collie or golden retriever would that help paint them in a better light?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    now-now...bru..don't get your knickers in a twist....not everybody gonna agree with ya ....ffs....


    and just because you may-be fucked up ,,and don't/won't or can't see things have changed...today...well then......and as ya said it is a public forum and we all have different opinions....an why read the rambleings off a crazy man like me...lol..if ya want me to be honest..ok...you did not give a fuck who ya gave dogs to...and there was loads like that..and thats reason why theres so much shit today..it's one off the biggest reasons pit-dogs are where they are today...


    ...in other words...THE RIGHT DOG FOR THE RIGHT PERSON...REGARDLESS OFF THE BREED....FROM A JACK-K TOO A GREAT DANE.....hows that.....there has been and allways will be ass-holes should never have an animal..but if you feel its ok to give them one ..go-ahead..but ya should'nt expect everyone else to agree with ya...
  15. Brubaker

    Brubaker Big Dog

    In my eyes maybe. Every dog breed has people and animal aggressive individuals. Pitbulls are just more capable animals so the consequence is greater and so is the responsibility of the owner.All the negatives are true of any breed. I used to treat my ex-girlfriends chihauhaus' with the the loaded gun theory around my daughter. she would kiss a son of ch.mike on the mouth but I wouldn't let her near those damn biter chihauhaus. I bad dog is bad dog. A good dog is a dog weather it be a border collie or a golden retriever. And a great dog is a pitbull:) lol And its funny you chose a Golden retriever as an example. Happens to be the only dog I've been seriously bit by. Never a pitbull. And yes I was leaning towards a handgun but since were getting off topic I was pulled over in the great state of Alabama during a hunting trip and the sheriff looked through the window and pointed at my shotgun and rifle and asked if they were loaded. I said no and he said better not be. So I always guessed that it was illegal in certain situations everywhere. Don't know no for sure. But point taken. And I will apologize to all for getting on my soapbox a bit but if we don't paint a good picture of this breed who the hell will. cheers
    ps cajun. OSU!? really!?
  16. bounty

    bounty Big Dog

    If they say, i want a puppy. i usually reply well when you want a grown dog, because that's what this puppy will be in about 10 months, come and see me.

    My Brother asks all the time but he don't take enough good care of the dogs he already has, so i just tell him that. lol.

    It is a shit position to be put in, mostly because the people asking have no idea how much time, effort, passion and money you put in.
  17. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Basically its not about painting a good or bad picture but more of us telling people the straight up truth instead of sugar coating it so that anyone looking to own a Game bred apbt will know what to expect when owning this type of breed of dog and the heavy responsibility that comes with the territory of owning one.

    Your mistaking the negative paranoia of how the general public views our dogs and what we know to be the TRUTH. The problem is the majority of the general public cannot distinguish between the myth's and truth's of the apbt hence why no matter what we say they will believe what ever they want to believe no matter what we tell them and only a select few that ARE searching for the TRUTH will believe us. Most of us here are trying to educate the general public on the real TRUTH of the APBT. Can APBT make great pets? Sure they can in the RIGHT HANDS...In the wrong hands they can be just as deadly as a loaded weapon. Here is a fictional story of what happens when you are a irresponsible owner. A apbt got loose one day. The owner of the dog went out to look for him. His friend/neighbor told him your dog ran away and you might not be able to find him since it was almost 2hrs ago, well the owner said dont worry I will find him very easily and the neighbor looking very perplexed asked how? The owner said I just have to follow the trail of dead dogs that will lead me right to him LMAOROTF.
  18. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    This is more how I look at it. ----^

    Its not that I dont think they cant make great pet because in capable hands they make fantasic pets. In capable hands though.

    In my particular situation lets all see if this is a person anyone would give a dog too:

    1. Lives in an appartment with no yard.
    2. Has 2 other dogs
    3. Has 2 cats
    4. Has a bird or 2 as well.
    5. Will willingly get rid of these animals he has raised from pups or kittens to have one of these dogs.
    6. Wants one basicilly to turn it onto people as he lives in a shitty part of town. Guard dog.
    7. Knows absolutly nothing about gamebred dogs. Spouts the AR myths damn near everytime we have talked about it.

    I could probably go on but you get the idea.
    Now, I would never misslead someone about these dogs. If that looks like the same thing as the other side or making the breed look bad well, I dont see it. I see it as letting them know what to expect from a dog with this kind of drive. I actually care where the dogs I let leave here go and expect them to be well cared for as they would if they stayed here. Not be set up to fail by putting them with people who know nothing about the breed or what its tendencies are. I especially dont want them going to people who look to raise them as guard dogs. I would rather just keep them myself. These dogs are not for everyone just like many other breeds are not suitable for certian folks. People seem to just think they are. They see how good my dogs are with my kids or how well behaved a few of them are and think the dog is just naturally like that. Never seeing the obsessive amount of time and energy spent to get them that way on my part. I prefer my dogs go to people who already know what to expect, not be the owners new expierment.


    bru ya had me thinking,,and ya hit the nail on the head,,,theres all-ways been dogs on the little island,,,includeing game dogs,,yet the number of incidents are one off the lowest to non-excistent ,,what do's that say...???
  20. Brubaker

    Brubaker Big Dog

    All good points guys and Blue I try to make sure and put some lol's and smiley faces hear or there so everyone can keep in mind that my panties aren't in a twist. It's all in fun and with a grain of salt and so far no one has got personal with me and I hope I have returned the favor. I notice in most of my threads it usually comes down to the same group a guys posting with each seeming educated and level headed. well said saiyagin and spot on. Yes times have change but I have felt for a long time that the time to just educate has past. Its more of a fight these days. When I have a client it is my job to educate them thru the whole process. If something goes wrong and or a long time client of mine is about to take there business else where then I need to step it up a bit and paint them the prettiest picture I can to give them reasons to stay. Not lie! Sale. So maybe I'm wrong I just have felt more desperate about the advocation of the dogs than merely just educate. Educate is just part of the process. The process of the breeds survival. But maybe I'm blowing things outta proportion. Who knows. But I do find it a little odd that the guy that doesn't own a dog and has nothing to lose, me, is the one being a little paranoid. And again Blue I was joking about the Irishman thing. I do that a lot because my childrens mom and family are all Irish so cheers.

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