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Deer, pit bull battle in bathroom (deer wins!)

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by miakoda, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Deer, pit bull battle in bathroom

    RACINE, Wis. It was a battle between a deer and a pit bull in the bathroom of a Racine apartment. Both survived, although not unscathed.
    The Falkners woke up to the sound of breaking glass yesterday.

    A deer had crashed through a window in their apartment and ran into the bathroom. The Falkners locked the deer in the bathroom, but didn't realize until later that their pit bull Shadow was also in the bathroom.

    The deer kicked on the water, flooding the apartment, and knocked the dog unconscious.

    Police arrived and were able to get the dog out of the bathroom. D-N-R wardens tranquilized the doe and took it away.

    Shadow suffered eye injuries, but otherwise was O-K.

    Jerry Falkner says their apartment may be damaged, but it could have been worse because the deer could have gone into their kids' bedroom. The children, ages five and six, were asleep when the doe visited.
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  2. pepper_mommy

    pepper_mommy Big Dog

    poor dog, probably up having a drink out of the toilet and BAM a freaking big ass deer is in there! that was probably scary for it! i hope it didnt suffer any brain damage being knocked out by a blow to its head!
  3. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Guest

    LMFAO! That is crazy! Could you imagine that!
  4. Attila

    Attila Guest

    I wonder if the SPCA is going to murder all the deer now.

    Poor dog. That has to be one heck of a knock to the head to render the dog unconcious.

    I can't wait till season so I can put some of those evil deer in my freezer and my belly.
  6. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    yup,,vicous deer alert,,keep your kids close
  7. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Actually, it's a fact that deer kill more people every year than probably every other kind of animal combined (including "vicious" doggies). I believe in 2004 in Louisiana alone (if my driver's ed teaching statistics are correct), over 150 people in the state were killed by deer & in deer related accidents involving vehicles. Too bad our government doesn't do anything to ban them.:rolleyes:
  8. laurajean

    laurajean Top Dog

    Very funny Miakoda, yeah maybe y'all should have huge deer hunts in Louisiana to wipe out those vicious human hurtin' deer. Maybe the SPCA and PETA can band together to kill the deer for our own good, of course...
  9. Attila

    Attila Guest

    Take a look at Michigans stats on deer related fatalities. I personally would love to see some SPCA and PETA people in the woods.

  10. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    In PA when the deer population became an issue they tried to call a special hunting season (their habitat was being consumed for development), PETA and other tree hugging organizations rescued these poor deer, that fall when you walked through the wooded mountains you could not go 50 feet without seeing a dead deer carcus that had starved to death.....WTF is wrong with these idiots.
  11. pepper_mommy

    pepper_mommy Big Dog

    if you shoot a PETA employee in the woods, and no one is around to see it, can you feed him to your dog?? lol.
  12. My belly too please!!! MMMM I love venison.
  13. cemoreno

    cemoreno Top Dog

    Oh yes me too!! I haven't had venison since I was 12 or so and I love it!!! I NEED to go hunting with my uncle this year! I am an expert with an M16 are shot guns all that different??
  14. wisconsindog

    wisconsindog Big Dog

    lol i live in the same area and that is funny cause fucking deer are all over roud here poor pit
  15. missybee16

    missybee16 CH Dog

    That's a hoot! Good read.
  16. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    Bwahahahaa! If a deer had crashed into our house, my husband and I probably would've looked at each other and said "Free venison!"

    Ew. Would you want to? Poor dog. LOL.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 11, 2006

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