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dexa pre match

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by galician, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. galician

    galician Pup

    anybody here use dexa pre match?
  2. Aseelman

    Aseelman Pup

    What about Knox gelitan old school way to stop bleeding
  3. galician

    galician Pup

    no for stop bledeing, to dry out
  4. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Not in a long time. It use to be a part of the regimen the last few days out.

    It has been a number of years since I used dex or any other diuretic.

    It is not a necessary tool as much anymore.

    oldguy, DISCOIII and galician like this.
  5. Aseelman

    Aseelman Pup

    Dry out yes wich stops bleeding. I’ve seen it work
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  6. What knox gelatine Aseelman please?
  7. galician

    galician Pup

    how many hours before mach you was use dex?
  8. galician

    galician Pup

    oh yes, but dexa have much more benefits
  9. What is it?
    not dex the other one.
    fogive the amutre here,these old curious methods facinate me.
    david63 likes this.
  10. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    It's a corticosteroid mate, good anti-inflammatory properties, also diuretic which means it draws fluid out of dog if used in days leading up to hunt, which IMO is a bad thing.. Used it in past, always did test run pre-keep, make sure dog never took adverse reaction, if all ok, I gave shot an hour before hunt to minimise duiretic effect of Dex, last thing I wanted pre hunt was to realise the Dex fckd my dog and now he needs to get active.

    Knew guys who jabbed their dogs full of Dex just to make a specific weight, then watched them stiffen up & fall over in 20 mins because they was so dehydrated, and after a long days hunting, if you don't have IV fluids or don't know how to use them on your dog, then best bring a spade. Others probably got different opinions & know more about proper use of Dex, just my opinion.
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  11. Ok...complicated shit.why not just give the dog say half or a qaurter of a ibprophen tablet before the hunt for the inflamatry thing?
    i cant see that knocking the dog in anyway shape or form.
    though i suppose it could put stress on its liver?

    Thanks for explaing btw.

    Arrr stupid question.take no notice of me.the whole things something i know nothing about.

    All the best mate.
    oldguy likes this.
  12. Aseelman

    Aseelman Pup

    It’s Same as jello only no color or taste added wich is what jello is made of
    Soze the killer likes this.
  13. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Ain't knocking ya bud. Please don't give your dogs gelatin thinking it's going to do anything. Biology don't work like that.
    oldguy, Soze the killer and Aseelman like this.
  14. Aseelman

    Aseelman Pup

    No problem, I was just passing on what was used years back from Howard Heinzl and Dwight Stubbs. I personally have never matched a dog and was only in the dogs for a minute but these old boys knew there stuff. We e come along way since then and we’re more informed now.. you just need to know what your doing.
    david63 and Soze the killer like this.
  15. Ok....what type of gelatine we talking here?beef gelatine or a synthetic gelatine?
    if we talking beef gelatines or ones made from other animal coligens then whats wrong with giving that to a dog Ben?
    i aint got a clue mate,im all for the learning.
  16. Gotta be beef gelatine in Hinzles day!

    DISCOIII Premium Member Premium Member

    We never used it to make weight if you’re opponent had a good mouth it would definitely help late into the game and it was not used right before but a few days in advance as it would be in the dogs system 48 72 hours

    DISCOIII Premium Member Premium Member

    Just a little more information you should never dry your dog out put him in good hard condition and he will take it from there if you have the right bulldog
  19. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Nothing wrong with colligan for health benefits just not as a coagulant.
    If I'm not mistaken Lee kanard was the first to introduce DeX in the 50's. Then Mayfield tried to mimic it by his dry out method. My hat is off to them boys due to thinking outside the box. But as discoIII posted nothing beats conditioning not just on the money or worked but real conditioning.
    oldguy and Soze the killer like this.
  20. Yes mate.i agree...naturel all the way.its cheating other wise.
    oh no did i just right that?ill right it again.its cheating doping the dog up..
    I just read back though this page and im like fcn hell!maybe i should go and do a science corse lol

    All the best folks.some good info from you all.
    david63 and oldguy like this.

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