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does SIZE matter 4 sbt

Discussion in 'SBT History' started by dbliny2, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. dbliny2

    dbliny2 Pup

    new to the website not new to staffs lovin all the dogs ive looked at on this but whats the limit on height and weight. i love the more athletic stafford but i think u can still acheive that without going to big. i dont blame anybody for going so far away from the show stafford trust me im in the us i think its worse here then anywhere.but in my opinion a staff should still hold the old qualities like going after badger ratting fighting. in the old days these dogs were poor working mens dogs the less u have to feed the better sorry 4 ramblin 1 too many pints. love to hear peoples feedback on ideal height n weight not tryin to create standard just curious.
  2. Don perryoni

    Don perryoni Big Dog

    18" is perfect for me my freind. Perrry
  3. gunman2376

    gunman2376 Big Dog

    if i would go for fox i could have small ones, going to boar i would pick bigger ones, if a mix of both i could go for about 15-16", i guess it depends what type of work they do
  4. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i would say that tis height to weight ratio, as in a 17-18 inch dog @ 37- 43 lbs would be a fine animal. where as a 16inch 48-50 lbs dog may be too heavily built for any strenuous type of activity, a nice ballanced dog is what many people strive for.
  5. Don perryoni

    Don perryoni Big Dog

    Rudy 47lb 18" would look better at 42lb

    Attached Files:

  6. lamp

    lamp Big Dog

    Big red i would go as far to say was perfect as in height to weight,think he was 18" /42lb.
  7. dbliny2

    dbliny2 Pup

    another example of pics can be decieving rudy doesnt look that tall in pics great lookin staff though just looks shorter in those pics that bein said u should be be proud great lookin boy
  8. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    What is the weights and heights of Staffords at the large end of the scale?
  9. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    Let's 're phrase that what is the biggest Stafford recorded not a fat one!
  10. I totally agree 100% my ideal too


  12. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i got a 20inch 52lb dog lol
  13. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    16-17 inch and 30-35 lbs is perfect for me.
  14. pockets

    pockets Big Dog

    I have young dog that's 15 months is 46 around 18 1/2 tts and is no way fat and bit fully filled but dies depend in what you are wanting from the dog male I'd prefer 34 to 38 females 30 to 34 but a good staff is hard to find so use what's is a true stafford as there ain't many about
  15. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    That's a pretty big boy, but if he's good that's all that matters. Is he one of the ones you posted pictures of?
  16. pockets

    pockets Big Dog

    Yes there is probaly a picture posted of him when he was about 10 months

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