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Dog suplement, SweizernHund - Pit desire vs M-Pack. Is it worth for 1y/o dog.

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by Hellic, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hellic

    Hellic Pup

    I want to take dog supplements for my dog. I need pro. advice.
    My dog is mixture of American Bulldog x Stafford(Father) x Rednose Pitbull(Mother).
    Reason why I want to take supplements is that now she started to develop musculature and skeleton.
    I did research and I found Pit desire & M-Pack from SweizernHund.
    Can you suggest me anything better?

  2. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I could not find the ingredients to either of the two supplements. Post a link to the product.

    Most bulldogs and even bulldog mixes do not need many supplements for a muscular build. What they need is a good balanced diet and exercise.

    A couple three pounds on a dog can be the difference between lean and fit with good muscle tone all the way to looking fat and slow. It is a small window.

    The pictures of bulldogs at the end of a keep ripped up with great muscle tone is a thing of beauty. The kicker is that the dog is in an unhealthy state. His blood volume and water level is low and his life sustaining body fat is extremely low. At peak conditioning the dog is not in a good place for long term health.

    Professional body builders do not walk around all year ready to step on a stage and compete. Bulldogs the same. There is no point in making one into a muscled freak of a dog when their is no athletic purpose at the end of the training cycle.

    A well balance diet followed by daily exercise will do wonders. The dog, based on being a bulldog, will look fantastic.

    Post a link to the products you listed. Two things, 1. I am thinking they will be expensive. 2. I am also thinking they are common ingredients that can be purchased way cheaper. I have seen products touted as the next great thing for dogs. Bulldogs simply can't perform without them. The ingredients are the exact same thing as a daily multi-vitamin.

    Good luck.

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  3. Hellic

    Hellic Pup

    I agree with you. I'm not trying to get muscular and conditioned dog yet! I just want to get the maximum from her genetics, its fantastic!
    They aren't very expensive. 20-40e


    Pit Desire:хранителни-добавки/pit-desire/

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The pit desire is a creatine supplement. Look for human grade creatine. It will be more pure and it will be less expensive.

    To maximize the genetics ensure a proper diet and proper exercise.

    Hopefully there is an exercise or game that he/she enjoys. When they think they are playing a game but actually doing some work things turn out much better.

    The other supplement is a beef/protein supplement. Dessicated liver would do the same and may be a little better. Price and I am not so sure.

    Hellic likes this.
  5. Hellic

    Hellic Pup

    View attachment 17175 View attachment 17176
    She has minimum 3hrs activities day.
    Running/Swimming/Spring Pole/High Jumps... etc Thanks!
    I will appreciate others opinions,thoughts,tips...
  6. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good looking dog.

    At the same pose lower the dogs head to a straight ahead look.

    From that side view if you can see one or two of the last ribs the weight is close. Look at the dogs face. If the area below the eyes is sunken in the weight it a little low.

    You should be able to see where the hips are at but not have them protrude into the skin.

    That is ballpark. Then do the normal exercises and work. Adjust the feed to dial the dog in. Over time the amount of work will increase, the weight will drop and the feed will have to be re-adjusted.

    For looking to be a fit and healthy dog there is no real need for supplementation, unless the vet says otherwise.

    The first thing people lose track of is rest. We are all concerned with the work and how much and how often we work them. What we should all be concerned with is rest.

    Rest the dog, fuel the dog and then work the dog. Repeat.

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  7. Hellic

    Hellic Pup

    Thanks a lot for those words, if you have any advice worth mentioning I'd like to hear!
    Thanks again!
  8. A supplement for pet is something you need to figure inside out, as with this there are massive side-effects, so you must not go randomly. I only go with proven stuff and this web site, it’s just fantastic with their natural supplements for our pets, it is just what you need!

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