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Dogmen Conversations about Man-Biters and Man-Eaters

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Robertosilva, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Pip

    Pip Pup

    I want to do ADBA shows and keep as a pet. I understand they need a lot of time and exercise to be a happy dog and I can offer that.
  2. CopperOFRN

    CopperOFRN Big Dog

    It’s not just a lot of time and exercise to be a happy dog. I know plenty of people who have owned “game dogs” unknowingly and ended up with major problems. They can be extremely rewarding, but also take tremendous responsibility and time in the owners part. I had the sweetest jeep female you’d ever see. She was excellent with children/strangers any human really. BUT, get her around another animal and you’d be dealing with the spawn of satan. She lived to be 12 and because I knew what she was and didn’t try to change her- she lived a long happy life. These dogs naturally have a greater propensity towards animal aggression. Also you have the chance of your dog growing for a year or two with other dogs and animals and all of the sudden BOOM they are never the same. Simply put- they could’ve been triggered and something turned them on or they matured and their hormones changed. Happens to different dogs at different times for different reasons. My Male was that way. It wasn’t till he was about 3 that he became a savage. There are plenty of stories out there of just that. There are also plenty of dogs at young ages too because of the way they’re bred and impatient dog men. What I’m getting at is you’re shopping for a Ferrari and I really think you’re looking for a Honda Civic. Look into AB’s. Now- that’s not to say you can’t end up in the same boat- just reducing the likely hood. IMO game dogs take a certain type of individual to own and train them properly. They NEED to work and in some cases they can’t turn off the need to work. In some cases they can. I wouldn’t tell just anyone to buy a Mali, or Dutch shepherd either. As well as many other working breeds. Hope this helps
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  3. chili

    chili Pup

    Thank all of you for sharing your experiences. Old guy, That sounded intense. I debated sharing my own experience… but I will share my story regarding my first and the only APBT I’ve owned who turned out to be a man biter. for folks who think it’s how you raise them, I would agree to an extent but I believe there are some dogs who have mental disorders that no training can solve.

    Unfortunately this is very much how my dog turned out. Raised from 8 weeks in a home with children. I took this dog everywhere with me since the day he came home. Treated him better than any dog I’ve ever owned, but he earned it all through nilif. He was well-socialized with humans and even had some dog playmates while he was young before he started to ‘turn on’ around 10/11 months. He was the most serious puppy I’ve ever seen. He didn’t ever get the zoomies, he never chewed on a single thing (not even my wife’s extremely fluffy slippers she left out often), he potty-trained very quickly and never even play bit or mouthed. If his teeth came out, then play-time was over, he was all business then. To this day (his last day) we play/work together 1on1 everyday for 1hr+. He will do anything I ask the first time and without hesitation.

    He is smart and built like a brick house but he will for no reason and without warning come at folks, mostly me now as I’m the only person he will tolerate. If he is focused on his task then he pays no mind… such as on our walks or runs, he will strut right past people/cars/scooters/bikes without a 2nd glance.

    However if he’s not being focused on a specific task, he will fire up with no provocation. Some days he is an especially mean mood, more so if he is tired from a hard play/run the previous day. He likes to work the flirt pole and chase water out of the hose until the water runs out!

    I had to separate him from the family at 9 months after he started getting weird with my son, the same kid that used to crawl into his kennel and sleep with him as he grew up. The same kid who took him on walks with me everyday. The same kid that the pup and I would pick up from school and the pup would sit on his lap the whole ride home. Around this same time, he stopped letting anyone pet him except me. If he growled to warn you, even if you stopped and backed away immediately he was coming for you anyways. His growl is merely an opening introduction for his ivory. If you hear it, it’s too late, it’s on. God forbid anyone make eye contact with him or it’s on too. Come anywhere near his 800 sq ft. kennel, he’s coming for you. Get within 20’ of his food bowl during meal time, he’s coming for you. Try to touch/pet him anywhere, even if he rubs against you and rolls on his back in front of you begging for pets…it’s a fucking trap he’s coming for you!

    I hired a highly-regarded behaviorist at 6 months to work on his issues as he was showing food aggression despite me working diligently with him on it at every meal. he tore the guys hand up for attempting 1 pet at the end of a training session around 9 months old.

    Thought he might just be a one man dog but turns out I was wrong…the dog has bit me on 7 different occasions now (not even counting the time he got excited and bit my leg to get after this little yappy dog, just the outright attack bites). Things had been going ‘smooth’ since the last time he put some serious holes through my arm in Sept. we hadn’t had a problem in 6 months (through meticulous management) but In the past two months he’s scratched into me twice.

    The first of these last two bites, him and I were hanging in the backyard together. I was maybe about 8-10’ away from him minding my own business planning out the spring garden when I looked his way and we connected eyes for a millisecond. He does this look where he raises his head and he looks around the general area very slowly, anything that connects eyes with him, however brief, is the target. instantly he was on me. Fortunately I was wearing 3 thick layers because it was ice cold outside and he didn’t do too much damage to my arm. I grabbed his collar with my other hand and when he let go of my arm to get a better hold, I controlled him by the collar dragging him to his kennel. He fought like a mofo to get at me but I managed to get him in and locked up.

    The month after, a very similar situation again. I was about 8-10’ away from him again when I said “who’s my good boy” in the sweetest voice a grown man can make and instantly all 65# of this mofo was on me again. I threw out my right arm as bait and he grabbed it while I snagged his collar with my left hand. I can only imagine if I wasn’t 200# and played physical sports from 4yo through college, my ass would’ve been toasted. The fight must’ve lasted a minute because My wife heard me struggling to fight him off and she came running down two flights of stairs to back me up. She is ride or die! I managed to get him out to his kennel where he slammed into the gate over and over attempting to get at me.

    Finally, through the fog of my love for this goddamn dog, I was forced to admit that this dog was a serious danger to people, even his own family.

    Sadly, but with a side of relief, I am putting my boy down today.
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  4. chili

    chili Pup

    I should mention that I had my dog checked out at the vet as well, bloodwork included but they could find nothing wrong with him.
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  5. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It happens. I have only one in all my years that bit me for no reason.

    I have had a few that would turn/spin around and snap/bite at me to turn the loose if they were locked in on something.

    That is borderline and even can be considered a slippery slope.

    Again, it happens. It is more often an individual thing vs. a family or a particular line.

    Sucks, especially if it is a good dog or a dog who has gotten a lot of time/work.

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  6. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I was like you mate, gave dogs chance after chance, but eventually realised I was just fooling myself, never really had a problem with any dog that spin around to bite me, cause he wanted let go, no issue with one that wagged his tail to welcome me in his kennel space, then wanted to eat me when I tried to leave again, that's just love, it's traits & characteristics, it's fire & fury, but them horrible bastards who bite you on the sly when your back is turned without any reason or provocation, the ones you're kind to and they try to kill you in return? There's only one place for them man!
    I know better dog men than me who don't care how dogs act, long as they're prospects, they'll work around human aggression to get the dog hunting, but that's not me, I like to bond with a dog through working and mutual respect.. but then I ask myself what happens if a dog attacks me in the dark, out in middle of the woods, just me and him, with nobody around for miles? I don't want dogs like that around me and I'm not breeding nothing with those kind of trait and don't care how good they are.. The dog that attacked me just happened to be the best stifle dog I ever seen, I mean he was a monster.. His litter brother was average bulldog, but a man biter too.
    Blackfish (2).jpg
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  7. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    I feel the same way you do Oldguy. Damn a man biter
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  8. wicked13

    wicked13 CH Dog

    U should of hung him the first time he did it
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  9. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Hay Oldguy. My partner went out of town and I was left with the responsibility of feeding his dogs. He had this one dog name Rock he was a man eater I had to feed him with a Coca-Coca bottle in my hand I was scared of that dog he'd already bit me on my right hand and I carry this scar to this day. I told my partner Jesse you are going to have to get rid of that dog or find somebody else to feed him. F### a Man eating.
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  10. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    How was that dog bred if don’t mind me asking Oldguy?
    There was a dog tied up in our local park when we was younger. Looked abit like gr ch Barney. Just being the soft with dogs type that I am I would of kept him. Another kid from the estate ended up with him though. Dunno his age but was only young and would play with my dog. Was seeing him every day but then started working n changed the times I’d walk my dog.

    Months later I see the dog being walked and with a muzzle on. I thought the kid from the estate was trying to make his dog look hard or something. So when he asked me to hold the dog while he pops to the shop. Me being me and thinking I’ve been around plenty of bulldogs and never seen any proper human aggression. I took the muzzle off and was letting him have a sniff on a bit of grass. Owner comes flying out the shop and shoves the muzzle back on. Course I say the dog don’t need it he was just sweet with me. Walking n talking and still holding the lead. When suddenly completely out of no where the dog turns around n comes at me. Thank fuck that muzzle was put on a few minutes before. Wasn’t scared as I knew the muzzle was on but was a second of panic because it was so out of the blue. Also wanted the owner to grab the lead asap as didn’t want him slipping the muzzle. He proper wrapped his front legs around my leg and was trying to get me through the muzzle. Could proper feel how tense the dog was. Would have been my own fault thinking I’m the bollocks taking off the dogs muzzle lol . In the end the dog attacked one of the owners family members. Ended up rightly being put down after that.

    Makes me wonder how big does a dog really need to be to stop a person? The intensity of this bulldog trying to get at me, you’d be in for a horrible time lol . Don’t know if it’s just because it was up close n personal but seemed a lot more intense than some of these breeds I see biting sleeves on YouTube. Seems they are more viewing the sleeve as playing a game. Rather than wanting to really hurt the person. Still I imagine you’d be fucked up against say a presa canario or good malinois.

    Have handled a bitch that would snap at you or anything around her if she couldn’t get to what she wanted. Just put it down to high drive than actual aggression. Was more just a snap n frustration than wanting to hurt you. She kept you on your toes though n was piece of piss to keep in shape as wanted anything that moved. The wind could blow an empty coke can over and she’d be screaming to get at it. Meant fuck all though when it came to it.
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  11. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Two things I have said plenty of times. If it has teeth well then there's definitely a possibility of getting bit. It's all prospective. Never seen one I couldn't handle. That being said it's very rare to ever see a true man eating dog within the breed. So folks really ain't got to put much thought into them.
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  12. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I do respect what you say ben, but ” The odds of being killed by a shark around 1 in 3,748,067.. Seems pretty decent odds until you're the one sitting on a surf board 50 yards from shore with a 15 foot Great White circling you haha!
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  13. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    A Coka Cola bottle? Thanks david, I'll remember that one, although 16oz claw hammer maybe better option haha!
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  14. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    like I said Oldguy that dog Scared me. Nobody else around to get that dog off of me. The Coca-Cola bottle was the only thing laying around close enough to get my hands on it.
  15. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I understand better than most @david63 , I thought I was Maurice Carver, could cope in any situation around dogs, could handle dogs that lesser dog men were nervous around, then I got nailed and educated all in same day.. Even my partner, although genuinely concerned over my injuries, he fell into trap of thinking, if I was only as good a dogman as he, then probably it never would have happened.. 4 months later I arrived at the yard to find the brother to dog that attacked me hanging off his and shaking the crap out of him, heard the screams before I saw the crime haha! It made me more wary that's all.. I go out in the field most days with a 55lb male, throw the ball, he fetches it and drops it right at my feet, nice dog.. It's a fact that in the past I pushed dogs (and myself) to the limit, there were signs in the dog that attacked me, I spotted them. can't deny it, but I was in the business of breaking through barriers, going beyond limits, I thought I had the next GR CH Zebo, maybe I did, but he wasn't long in showing me I wasn't the next Mountain!:-B
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  16. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Carlito x Benji x Boyles
    Both sides of pedigree are questionable apart from Sprayman's Ben part.
  17. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    next Mountan Man.. Sorry!
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  18. 16x16

    16x16 Pup

    I know a woman that kept her past father's dog strain primary base old bullet strain . Afther years she had the problem in which this thread confines the issue.I told her to obtain as good of Mims blood she could and breed it into them.Bamm the problem eased and they produced several worthy offspring.However the worse of the worse I ever seen my uncle got a Dog from me and bred it to a chow.JUNk Yard dogs that would eat a man to pieces.Go figure about every chow dog I seen was very possessive Even especially food and water bowls.I known a person had a full blooded chow had for years.One day he bent over to pick up food bowl and the chow bit him in the face and ripped him good.Go figure. Holding blood is important .However some times it can work out for the better some time.Also it can turn out not to be so great.Just as bee keeping learn as you go .Good day
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  19. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  20. nq100

    nq100 Pup

    There was the Malinois mentioned a cupple of Times. So here my 2 cent's about that topic. Not claiming to know annything about the top dogs of game breed apbt .
    Most of Malinois have the behavior pattern for the Sport or the Police. Thats far away from what i would call " serious" even if they are capable of doing their duty. There are some deadly cases but if you know the Story almost all of them where accident's and a bunch of stupid dog owners.
    Geneticly you cant breed pure peaple freandly dogs with the ability to kill an other animal. To some extent you can do it but there is not one Gen for peole freandly . It all exist's on a spectrum. And genetic is a bitch . Every now and then there are cold dogs even in the best lines and even that happens on a spectrum.
    In the staff breeds you have the Problem that derive from that people friendly trait. To breed that into a animal you only get that over neurological and hormonal factors that produces a kind of dissoziative disorder, scizophrenia or something in that manner .
    The reason why a mal is safer is becaus he can express and prozess his emotions honest. In that sense a pitbull is bread to be a liar. He is angry but not able to cummunicate and Prozess that Emotion correct. This builds up inside. Accident's happen often with dogs they snap or the attack looks like a assasination like an RKO ( out of nowhere. The dog schows normaly the behavioral pattern to be nice but he is not inside .

    Top Dogs at anny working breed are always a potential Aggressor .

    Not clayming to be right , some thought's abut that.

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