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Dumbest stuff you've heard

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by gameexchange, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

  2. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    for me the biggest load of bollock in any type of dog was the old "head cracking" shit in the the pitbulls its the usual idea of dickweeds that a rednose is something extra special.....ive still got a friend who like his rednose mutts....i give the idiot a wide berth as much as i riled just thinking of such shit.....:rolleyes:
  3. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    a friend told me, when conditioning the dog on the walk rub dogs tail w as itll make him stretch his back legs more and it will be like his on a springpole for 30mins a day.

    I knew it was bs so i didnt do it....week or 2 later friend rings me up and asks me if i have been doing it...i lied and told him yes only to hear him piss him self laughing :D
  4. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    lol ...
  5. venom

    venom Top Dog

    I been going on walks around the neighborhood, since i recently moved here. We came across these two guys holdin a pup. I asked him about the pup, he said " he's a pit, rednose". The dog wasnt even red, and had a black nose lol this is like 3 days ago.
  6. Uh I hate to tell you but the used motor oil treatment works on mange. I had a friend bring over her new dog that had mange and it spread to all my dogs. I tried every medication known to the vet and the feed store and nothing worked. I was literally spending hundreds of dollars on dip and treatments. I finally gave up and changed the oil on the truck and throughly spread the oil all over my dogs. Not only did the dogs not lick it, but it completely healed them AND the oil made they're coat soft and shiny and the hair re grew back in very fast. I only left it on for 24 hrs some say 36 hours. I was hesitant at first but I swear on every dog on my yard that it really does work and it cant be worse than all the chemicals in that other crap I bought from the vet.
  7. grave digger

    grave digger Top Dog

  8. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    My neighbor from New Orleans told me that the you are supposed to throw a "fighting chicken" (his words) on a dog so that the chicken beats it up. Then the dog will be ready to fight.

    ATEXAN Big Dog

    "Look at his teeth he got that wolf in em some of that brenham....."
  10. Tank1

    Tank1 Big Dog

    "Put grease in their food for worms"
    "Colby dogs have spots on them"
    A guy was trying to sell a dog and asked what bloodline is he and he replied,"Buckskin"
    "Pitbulls come from hound dogs"
    " A hound dog can whip a pitbull because that's where they came from"
  11. quinny

    quinny Big Dog

    i was asked if my dog was a greyhound cross, when i said nah mate hes purebred the bloke looked at me weirdly and said well surely its got some jack russel in it! WTF from greyhound to jack russell!:rolleyes: Ive sarted to tell people he's whatever dog you want him to be!
  12. CTG

    CTG Big Dog

    people that have them blue boudreaux' dogs or tiger striped rednose gator ahahaha
  13. ryan

    ryan Pup

    My wife and I were walking by a tattoo shop and saw a pitbull hanging out in the shop so we walked in to say hi. He looked like a black dog from outside. He ended up being a blue bully but looked atheletic. He was 54 lbs at 6 months, and was bigger than our 2 yr old bitch.

    In response to animal aggression, the owner said it's all about how you breed dogs, and raise them. If the pitbull is DA, it doesn't have the proper temperament due to incorrect breeding.

    He kept mentioning blue nose and red nose, and said that the red nose dogs were bred for game, the blue nose for temperament, and the brindle dogs for fighting. That's when I knew we had to leave.

    I told him that the red nosed dogs are not a type of pitbull, but rather, it's just their color. My wife saw where I was going, and we made our way out of there. However, upon exiting, I asked him if he heard of the American Bully breed and Dave Wilson. He said he did, and not to believe everything.

    Yet another clueless pitbull owner. :(
  14. I saw on the news years ago about a gang banger that wanted to get into the dogs. He bought some big piece of **** and always thought that the closer to the ground was better because the other dog couldn't get into the chest as easily. What do you think he did? This is not made up its true..
  15. coco0889

    coco0889 Big Dog

    Just last night I had a guy tell me your dog isn't a pit bull. He can't be no pit bull, he too small. All my friends got pit bulls and they like 100 lbs. I said well do you know anything about pit bulls? He said "no". I simply told him well i do, and I know what kind of dog I have. He was just like whatever and still insisted that my dog isn't pure because he isn't as big as his Rottweiler.

    Most times ill be on a walk and people will ask me what kind of dog I have and I will tell them Pit Bull, then 9 times out of 10 they will tell me no its not, so I say your right its a poodle and they always look at me like im crazy. Don't tell me something stupid and I won't tell you anything stupid.
  16. art

    art Top Dog

    tommy 3 that was funny as helll............... hell i like this one he got drive so he game lol
  17. hanky

    hanky Pup

    does this dog have a under bite?
  18. coco0889

    coco0889 Big Dog

    I just saw a guy walking a blue pit bull and he had a pad lock and chain around his dogs neck. The couldn't have been any older than 8 months. I asked him why do you have that big chain on his neck? He told me "oh its not too heavy i can put my finger through it!" :nono:
  19. jrpitdog

    jrpitdog Pup

    I always get "what kinda pit is that?" Im like what the hell do you mean? "Ya is it red nose Irish? Black nose American? or Blue nose?" Thats when I turn and walk away.

    I still get the "lock-jaw" thing and the brain swelling thing too.
  20. catchw8

    catchw8 Big Dog

    lmfao that the funniest thing ive seen on the forum lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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