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Floyd boudreaux needs our help

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Carlos betancourt, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Do your thing, man, I can see you're passionate about it. I hope you succeed. Like I said, you're a great friend to him.
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  3. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Floyd is a Legend. I agree with Trezz about raising money with Stud fee's. On a different note, in the state of SC if a elderly person is on Social security / Disability there are several programs that help folks with home repairs . I have know problem donating to help. However, Ask Mr B if he is on Social security ect, if so I will be more than happy to research to see if the State has similar programs for such a need. God bless! Dex.
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  4. Thx treez ...and I do agree the redboy stuff is a hot product....but its posted up on pedonline....but I will advertise it here as well...boudreaux s dagger and ham up for stud.....that's the skull stuff....boudreaux s marty is one of the tightest redboy strains around rite now...marty is 8 or 9 yrs old and producing good looking bulldogs....look him up and off springs to marty
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  5. DeX I will ask thx
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  6. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    Post him on the Facebook groups too, man. That is more popular than peds online nowadays. He'll get calls I'm sure of it.
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  7. I dont have a facebook the internet is a dangerous place if your not careful....maybe you all can post the dog on it and keep the link in mind...I got a feeling after the show this will get traction...I truly believe it will pick up steam
  8. DeX I thought about reaching out to groups like that ...churches etc....i just didnt wanna bring the attention to him......I dont know how those groups would look upon that...I just figured we'd raise the money for the contractors to just come in and do the job and get out
  9. I just wanna give a shot out those who has donated to Floyd's cause...old guy thx...stone shark ...hope many more follow in yalls foots steps thank yall god bless
  10. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Also on a stud note, What Males does Floyd have these days?
    Floyd is a Legend. "When the legend becomes fact, Print the legend" This man has faced the powers that be and He needs a hand up. Those powers that be can actually help Mr. Floyd, and should.
    Local Churches should help. I'm talking government programs that help the elderly who are in need. It takes internet skills, lots of research for the resources that help our elderly.
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  11. The stud males are dagger ...ham .....marty...with a few young males off of dagger and ham on the yard
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  12. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    Theres not 4k ppl to donate $5 here... just the sad facts...

    Have Floyd charge for the those free pics he takes with girls, kids, and fanciers at every show. Hell I know a broad with 70 pics of floyd and her/her kids... 5-10 each is a bit of loot towards the goal....

    I hope he makes it but you wont get the end goal just here. Sites VERY inactive. Fb, Instagram, YouTube, etc(where the wanna bes hang) is how the spread the word... youre gonna have to venture in that world to hit the goal.
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  13. You're Welcome. I am on Facebook restrictions until May 5th. Sharing post out my pages into groups and not paying Facebook for advertising. They hit me for 90 days, next time banning me for good. K
    I did share it in the only group I am an admin, small secret group. Also sent to some friends who hopefully post it into some groups. Look forward to seeing you and Floyd at the end of the month.
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  14. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator said you donated 100:
    ".I will be donating a 100 tomorrow this is not a scam.."
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  15. I was.. I donated what I cud and will continue to do so every week ..I donated 20...and will continue to drop 10 or 20 something every week....I get it is hard ..I to have a family wife 3 littles ones with every day bills...all I can do is ask for everyone to do the same
  16. Holocaust I have a friend thats gonna be posting this on YouTube.this wint be the only site it'll be on ima try to get as much play as I can...I figure the dog ppl is a good place to start getting the word out..and it will spread
  17. The dog show will help spread the word...any one going to popularvile ms for the show are more then welcome to come up and ask me in person with him standing there ....the more that do...will only be more testimonials to this situation
  18. We have made 10 of these, Floyd will be signing them and it's the only 10 we will do. Each will come with a hand written note signifying its authentication.

    We will be raffling one at the show $5.00 a ticket, 3 tickets for $10.00. They are available for outright purchase at $50.00 each. Normal cost is $33.00. Every penny collected will go directly to Floyd. SSK will cover shipping cost, plus the cost of all 10 collars. We will do an online raffle for one, and will be taking some to other shows. Again only 10 will be made. These will be display and conversation pieces. IMG_20200222_114237.jpg
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