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For the folks new to dogs

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ben brockton, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Big Dog

    Round here we call those Anancy Stories…
  2. San Siro

    San Siro Big Dog

    These dogs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, charactars, and whatever.
    I have seen dogs carried in and the opponents started laughing because the dogs was super shy. Tail between legs during washing and eyes like they were scared....
    Untill they let go in the box, in seconds to minutes the guys that were laughing and saying it was gonna be a easy win, had the same scared eyes as the opponent dog had they laughed about.

    Some of them are not Dog Aggressive, some of them can walk and live with other bulldogs too, it doesnt matter if they are untested or have more W's, some are stable with other dogs, some are not.
    I have a female also that i can for miles with conditioning, passing other dogs, smelling other dogs, without wanting to attack them, and another dog i have sounds the alarm and goes psycho crazy when they smell or hear a dog that they cant even watch yet.

    Myself, if i would want to breed dogs, they have to be proven.
    I would BUY dogs based on pedigree, and then when they are not proven or from proven sire and dam i dont care because i pick them for a reason.
    But i can not breed dogs without having seen how they act.

    So for the starter of this discussion, i would not breed those dogs without putting them to the action.
    And also i think the mentors are not so open anymore as before because of all the fucking technology from nowadays.
    Besides not being able to trust the future dogmen, there are being people arrested everyday, based on spying on phonecalls, internet behaviour following, and more shit.
    It is just not as safe as years ago.
    Then you have to go to 3rd world countries where they don't give a shit about animal rights or where it is still legal.
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  3. Ssdd

    Ssdd Top Dog

    Saw 1 who got sent from an urban environment. They tried to chain bump him he had absolutely no interest. Actually looked around confused.

    Took him to the square. He saw those walls and screamed his fool head off til he was cut loose. COMPLETELY different animal in that instance. Turned out he'd never been on a chain let alone chain bumped but was schooled in the square. He was confused by the whole situation because he didn't know the environment. Put him in the one he was used to he showed out and made a believer out of everyone there.
  4. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I re read this post again and it's really is spot on so I wanted to expand on it a bit. Not to take away from the rest of this topic but because if one is coming into the world of these dogs they should know that nurturing is a big part of any breed of dog. Especially ones who's only desire in life is to please it's alpha. YOU.

    I Agree with all that quote and spend a lot of my time on here trying to show that part of owning these dogs along with good husbandry. It's why you never see me showing my dogs baring teeth or cranking up. I prefer to promote their softer side publicly even though every one here is fully bout it bout it or they wouldn't be here. I have never really understood why people feel like others will look down on them for loving and treating their dog or dogs with some form of compassion. Superiority complex perhaps. Maybe their mothers didn't hug them enough growing up or they just want to impress a bunch of retards they don't even know online or in person etc. ( this isn't directed at BB just in general I know he take good care of his). I haven't meet too many people in these dogs that didn't truely love their dog/dogs or at the very least, respected them enough to know that the dogs crave that kind of attention no matter what the dogs original purpose is to be. Even the ones I know that are extremely hard on their dogs still provide their dogs with that kindness and attention while raising and through out the dogs life or for however long they own or have the dog. This particular animal craves human interaction and attention. The ones I've meet that didn't give that, at least to some degree, I really never wanted to associate much with ever again and they definitely would never get a dog from myself directly.. There is a time to turn it up and focus on work and there's a time to, just be a dog. They will spend more time as the latter in their lifetime so I never cared to be around the ones who only viewed the dog as a tool that just gets used and put away. IMO, that is some cold ass shit to do to an animal that it's entire world really is you. I love my dogs dearly but at the same time have no issues poppin one that deserves it. I've seen some pretty hardened men weep over a dog. They are man's best friend before anything else IMO. Others view it differently but thankfully I never really cared what other people thought. Right is right and wrong is wrong. You can't fairly expect your dog to give you 110% when you give them 20%. I want my dogs to have every advantage to be great. Nurturing is a big part of that IMO especially in their youger years.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking good care of them and showing them some love and if you can't, then stay the fuck away from this breed. They got enough enemies as is.....
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  5. Zionwood

    Zionwood Pup

    I agree wholeheartedly. I have always loved my animals. My pride and joy. Right now im in southern michigan and it's winter here. I put a lot of work and time into their dog houses and keeping them warm cuz they are too destructive in the house. The walls are 2 in. thick with 1 in. foam insulation. insulated floor and roof too with a hinge. I'm always checking on them multiple times of day. Straw all the way up to the top of the house to further protect them from the cold. If you outside with no gloves and your hands are cold, stick your hands in those dog houses. You don't even have to touch the dog, just stick it in there and is warm. In the summer time, I used to fall asleep at their chain spots with them. Kadabra, my female, used to fall asleep on my chest some of the time and we napped together. To this very day, Kadabra has always been my lil girl but she is bad bad. Killed 2 cats and a big ass gopher. I just laugh at everything that she does.
    I have met A LOT of dogmen like you talked about. I think that these people not only dislike dogs, but a profound discord animals in general.
    I agree, man. I love my animals with everything I got. I live in Southern Michigan at the moment, sadly, and I put everything I had into keeping them warm. The walls, roof, and floor is all insulated. 1 in. Foam in-between the walls with a m
    Just glad to learn what I am from yal and just experimenting and observing what I can from my own. I Agree that love is definitely a critical factor. If you lead your men by fear, and power, without any real favor or deep respect, they will leave you on the battlefield to die when you are injured. But if you lead em by respect, care, or as Lao Tzu said, "treat your men like parts of your own body, is a sound leader indeed" then they will treat u the same. I'm starting to learn that more and more with the dogs. Though I never beat em or anything like that. I love my animals, and I take care of them as best I can. Unfortunately, I live in Southern Michigan at the moment and it's winter time. I spent a lot of care, money and time on their dog houses
    They are fully insulated, roof,floor, and walls. 2 in. Thick with 1 in. of foam in the middle. All the hay they need with a flap to keep the cold out. It's a bitch with Kadabra, my female cuz she's ate some of her insulation out but I make it work. I make hot hand collars for them and much more to keep em warm at all times. If your hands are cold on the yard, stick your hand in them dog houses I bet u they will be warm.
    AGK, I know what kind of dogmen u talking about. They don't like dogs. They don't like animals for the most part. They just use the dog up until they don't serve them anymore and toss em. My cousin is one of them. He bout a male, and tested him when he was only 7 months old!!! Hunted him officially when he was only 13 months. Sad to say, he was a "GRAND CHAMPION" by the age of 15 months. Even sadder than that, that ain't the end.They hunted him again, at 18 months, he was successful but ended up dying in the end. I saw him hunt and he was a phenomenal animal. Hard mouth, intelligent, good ability but put through way too much, way too early by heartless, gluttonous fucks who only saw dollar signs when they looked at him. Men like this, don't love their dogs. Hell,, I don't even think they even know what real love is and probably never will because their ego has deluded them for so fuckin long just to get by their strenuous existence in whatever shape or form. They are very sensitive to how humans treat them, no matter what merits they have or what they can do in the woods. Seems that in my excitement on the breed I have neglected them in that way too so I gotta start all over and learn in my future endeavors with bulldogs.
  6. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    Your cuzzo had a grch all in 3 months who gave the certificate skante warrior magazine lol
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  7. che

    che Top Dog

    5 wins in 2 months. @Zionwood ? I had a very bad day until I saw this. You gave me a reason to smile. Just for this . Thank you.
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  8. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    The Gamedog Book Of Fiction by Bourne Last Knight...... bedtime stories for the family.
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  9. Zionwood

    Zionwood Pup

    Yep. Ain't it sad. Put it all over YouTube too.lol
  10. Zionwood

    Zionwood Pup

  11. Zionwood

    Zionwood Pup

    Books ain't everything.lol
  12. che

    che Top Dog


    I am not the type man who makes jokes about someones unfamiliarity with this dogs , we all start somewhere, but is that what he say or what you saw cause you said you have seeing his hunt so i think you know this guy . Anyway thanks. This is a bad story no one will believe. I dont mind his first hunt at 13 months, i know one whic won his first at 12 months old that dog became later a Ch D.O.Y G.i.S. But the dog you mention, you saw, you heard, wins 5 hunts in only 2 months . I am already confused about the whole story you tell. I just saying this is a realy weird storry but yes laughter is a good medicine, i hope you meet a real honest dogman who will respect your love for this breed and dont show up with his bsl to get attention from you
  13. Zionwood

    Zionwood Pup

    Plus, it ain't true. Just an example
    Well, honestly, it's a HORROR story that no one will believe. Why? cuz it's that stupid of a thing to do. I don't think that that merit of him being a grand champ at 15 months was official, nor was it officially documented as such. Documented? Possibly but I saw a couple of the animals he went into, and its definitely some eyebrow raisers. One looked like a bullshit blue hog. There is no grand champion, nor any official hunts, just a dog who was schooled for anywhere from 30 mins to 90 mins at a time, basically.
  14. GrChHaunch

    GrChHaunch Top Dog

    I literally spend a full 4 hours a day inure with my pup not counting snuggling in bed after a bath. My wife lets her out for half an hour first thing in the morning and spends 30 minutes with her. She then goes back in her kennel of indoor pen. I get up later and she goes back out for 30 minutes, then I spend 20-30 minutes on the flirt-pole, fetching, and or obedience. I then work on the computer and she gets to run lose in my bedroom. If she settles down enough she spends time snuggling on my lap. She then goes back in her kennel and eats and has water. An hour or two later sometimes longer, up to 3-4 hours if I am training a client she goes back in her kennel. Then she comes out again for more fetching, flirt pole, and gets another 30 minutes running loose in the house while I work on the computer. I try and supervise her as she still has the occasional accident, even at 14 weeks.

    The accidents are strange as I almost always have a dog 100% housebroken by then. I have implemented 100% positivities reinforcement for house training, but at 14 wks I am sorry, if you piss for shit in front of me you are getting disciplined. I don't give a fuck what the exerts say, going in the house will get you a life on the chain outside if you don't adapt, sorry. Iv'e never had a dog keep making mistakes after 14 weeks so this is somewhere I disagree with the experts, it is basic Darwinism. I start using discipline, not hitting but yelling no and holding her nose close to the piss. I know many who may disagree, but I simply won't tolerate this in my house. It is tantamount to quoting in the box. Like I said, 4 of 5 dogs pass. I've never had a dog have accidents after 14 weeks, usually they are 100% house broken by then. I am keeping her because she is so exceptional in other ways.

    This dog is special because her obedience is incredible at 14 weeks, she heels, fetches, sits, stays, comes with near perfection. When I bought her, all the dogs were lunging up against the kennel cage, but became very calm when I picked them up. She was different, she licked my face like crazy and was a little fireball when I held her at 8 weeks. I did not pick her, she picked me.

    After her afternoon flirt pole/fetching/obedience she goes back in her crate for an hour or so and then in he evening she comes out again for more fetching and some flirt pole. Maybe a little more obedience. The bottom line is this dog gets constant human interaction and craves even more. There really is no limit to how much bonding these dogs want with their owners. If they had it their way they would be tied to your hip 24/7. I also believe the more love and affection you give them, the more confident they will be in the box, although I do not match my dogs. I have tested them in the past when I owned 2 dogs, they weight pulled for 20 minutes straight at he ages of 13 and 14 months respectively. I have now been told that this is too long for such youngg dogs, although the dogs I had passed with flying colors.

    The bottom line is these dogs thrive on human attention...

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