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Game dogs

Discussion in 'Dog Blogs' started by 16x16, Apr 19, 2022.

  1. 16x16

    16x16 Pup

    I know this site is dedicated to the APBT however not many people refer to a hound as a game dog.In 16 X16 eyes a hound that's banned a bear up and gets swiped and continues pursuit till it takes their Last breath is game I'm satisfied.I also seen size matter if you ever seen a Kangel you know what I am talking about.I seen a feller loose his prize bull dog from a engagement against a Turkish Kangel dog
  2. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    where you on here before with similar posts ?
  3. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    lol he must be a weirdo wanting others to agree with his ideas. Then he can feel good about whatever he is feeding. Who gives a shit what others think? Define whatever you want however you want. Seems the rest of the world has gone that way anyway what with all trans bollocks.
  4. 16x16

    16x16 Pup

    Nope you got me confused with else.I retired and raised game dogs and gamefowl for decades.I have nothing to prove I always said your dedication and work will show without saying a word.I never peddled fowl or dogs.To be in fact I had signs in english and spanish no fowl or dogs for sale.I accomplish what I set goals for and satisfied.The last friend of mine I visited.I called him indian Chief .That day was a grim moment.It was starting to rain and when I pulled into the driveway to his house I was greeted by a Fed. In a blue raincoat holding a gun.I asked what's going on.He replies he in a lot trouble.I left never returned.A couple months later afther that I was in a accident and had to retire.I will say this a lot of this younger generatiion writes checks their animals can't cash Lol
    bamaman likes this.
  5. 16x16

    16x16 Pup

    Sorry I decided to not post anything further.It people like this knows all already.I was eventually going to open up and share my exsperience.Nope can't share with people that know it all .Damn did the Dingo eat ur baby or something.
  6. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Big Dog

    Share away, always interested to learn the history of these dogs through the various individual lenses. Don’t be deterred by the peanut gallery…
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