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Garner, and other questions

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Marcosdad123, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Long time reader 1st time post. Been in dogs quite a while mostly AB's. Closest this to a "real" APBT was my hemphill/wilder crossed to some Lar san (primarily show stuff). Even still quite an impressive gyp (until she was stolen)!! ANYWAY, my question is this. Most people on this board seem to "respect" Mr. Garner, but some say -he has good dogs---just not my type of dog. Please explain to me what is meant by that statement?

    My second question is this. There seems to be a consensus on other boards (Bandog or working boards) that some lines of APBT's are more adaptable when it comes to bite work. (I am fully aware that human aggression is not the norm, and that there are plenty of other breeds that fit the bill if one wished to engage in that arena). But just engage me for argument sake. Take my old APBT for instance. When she was tested on the sleeve, she was totally unafraid of the agitator, but would not bite him or the rag for ANYTHING. However, when he brought his dog out to test (or any other dog in her presence for that matter), she went ballistic-matter of fact, we were kicked out of 2 UKC shows, and in one the judge said I ought to really think about showing her ADBA. Anyway, on the other boards, the consensus seems to be stuff that comes down from Chinaman (among others) wlll willingly do PP. Is it simply a matter of "some will--some wont"--or are certain "lines" more predisposed to that type of work? Thanks for you input.
  2. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    here we go again...
  3. redwar

    redwar Big Dog

    I know an old timer who told me it all started way back when the Chinaman dogs were reported to put people in their food, yes as disturbing as it sounds these dogs will eat the hand that feeds them another's hand. People thought since these dogs ate people they must be people aggressive which could mean they are good at protection work. However if these dogs get hungry anyone is fair game agitator, or handler. Chinaman dogs also willingly do bite work and in the past had done a lot of work on the rail roads, also known as rail work. I prefer a dog that does yard work, because i do not like to mow my lawn. Some great yard work dogs were Gr Ch Fescue, Ch Thatch 5xWinner 1xgl, Gr Ch Sod buster, and the immortal 12x winner dbl Gr Ch Thistle(aka dandelion)
  4. Bishop123

    Bishop123 Big Dog

    The thought of using a pitbull for sleeve work is way beyond my thought process. Your playing with a tremendous life altering fire my friend. Make sure your dog is secure and never put him on a sleeve again. Just my thoughts.
  5. Bishop123

    Bishop123 Big Dog

    I forgot to add, I highly recommend getting involved in ADBA shows. It would help promote a more positive image keeping the dog within its realm. Getting kicked out of 2 UKC shows hurt the image of our dogs.
  6. i thought chinaman was just an excite biter? i heard el negro and bobby peru where man biters though.
  7. 6sN7s

    6sN7s Top Dog

    if you didnt own the dog or know how its raised there is nothing you can tell about what kind of biter it is, imo
  8. coach

    coach Big Dog

    Bulldogs were not meant to be police dogs,watchdogs etc.no sleeves nothin...to try to make a bulldog something it is not is wrong on so many levels.They were never meant for human aggression.would you put a poodle in a box?Prob. My theory is that if you do this to a bulldog it ends up on the local news because it attacked someone.It's not in their DNA.You are forcing the dog to do something that does not compute.By the way....Garner dogs are outstanding and he can sell you a dog specifically for your needs.
  9. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Big Dog

    El Negro was a friendly dog and bobby doesn't like unfamiliar people
  10. LittleBoy

    LittleBoy Big Dog

    And Chinaman was indeed just an excite biter. Allthough he bit a previous owner while being very sick I've read somewhere...
  11. read that too
  12. The first part of your question is simply answered. There are people that don't buy dogs from people that sell thousands of pups every year. Also, there has been some question as to how some of the Garner dogs are bred. That is why you have people that say that they are not fond of the Garner type of dog.
  13. john denver

    john denver Big Dog

    Thousands? Dude quit the hating the man is still putting good dogs on the ground
  14. Not hating at all JD. just answering the chaps question. If my answer is wrong please tell us why then do people say that they don't like TG type of dog? Not hating at all.
  15. maydaymatt

    maydaymatt Big Dog

    IMO TG has, does, and will put out some dogs to be remembered. if his recipe didn't work then he wouldn't be where he is today, where he has been in the past, and where he will be in the future in the dog world. people just hate him cause they ain't him. like i said IMO.
  16. i don't hate the man. I don't wish that I was the man. The man has put some good ones on the ground in the past and will do so in the future as well. The man has done some fine things to further the breed that we all love. Would I buy a dog from him, No I would not.
  17. john denver

    john denver Big Dog

    everytime you get a chance to say something negative you do,you're exaggerating saying he has thousands of pups a year

  18. No i don't. Thousands of pups a year is an exaggeration. Fair enough. i don't bash the man. I just answered the dudes question. That is it. As far as me never buying a dog from the guy, that is my right, no?
  19. john denver

    john denver Big Dog

    you loss:) stick with PIK
  20. Will do. A smart investment indeed.
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