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Good news! Always... on the road with Spirit...

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by beemerchef, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog


    So I moved my thread here... after my ignoramus computeramus middle brain finally figured things out... This the story of Spirit and I on the road... for six months now, homeless and camping... He made the news the other day, front page... more about that in a day ot two... ALL GOOD!!!
    Enjoy the reading... I will post an intro everytime I add to my website from the road...

    The Grand Canyon, AZ.

    What can one say about the Grand Canyon?... besides being mesmerized throughout this jaw dropping, eye popping, sensory overload experience. One of the few places I can sit for hours and loose my sight and senses deep into this incredible wonder.

    One of the most enjoyable place to also camp here... the nearest neighbor is about half a mile away... and I had dinner for lunch... as you will see!

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit My website in colors...
  2. simms

    simms CH Dog

    WOW, that is spectacular!
  3. pennsooner

    pennsooner CH Dog

    Well, he obviously dosen't have a fear of heights. Glad to hear he's making the headlines for good reason as well.
  4. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    Oh man.... that's beautiful but there is not way I'd be that close to the edge! :eek: What an awesome bonding adventure for you and Spirit!
  5. Michele

    Michele Guest

    that is spectacular!!
  6. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog

    Wow, I'm not sure if I am more jealous that you are living YOUR dream...or that you are living Mine!!!:)
  7. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    More on the Grand Canyon, AZ.

    I am very very Dizzy now....

    More on the Grand Canyon, AZ.

    It was just another beautiful day here, NOAA is predicting snow and mid twenties by Tuesday... but that is a couple days ahead. Lots of riding through the Park, the weekend crowd is a bit different... glad to see many city people coming here to enjoy the sites as we did... before the views disappear due to increasing haze... You can read about it here...

    You be well...

    Ara & Spirit My Blog in colors....
  8. Suki

    Suki Guest

    may peace continue to abound.
    tx, as always for the pics=i am beyond speechless, need for words, actually.
    safe journey. where ever you roam... :) keep in touch.
  9. Envy's Mom

    Envy's Mom Top Dog

    I find yalls story so touching. I wish I could travel like that, but I am not a fan of sleeping outside. I would need a camper of some sort. I will continue to follow yalls story. The two of you are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Spirit is a beautiful boy. Where did you get him?
  10. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    Valle's "Planes of Fame Air Museum", AZ.

    I got Spirit at a Shelter in northern Atlanta... I spend one week convincing them to have him... he was about 9 mths old... abused like you would not beleive...
    He could not even look at me in the eyes for two months... He is about 3 now... we are together 24/7... he is my buddy... NEVER raised a lip at anytime... loves to play with other dogs... but... when in the sidecar he will growl sometimes when people get too close... He is awesome... and still... after over two years, even being great with kids... I am on top 100%!!!... always... He is just a SWEETHEART and my BUDDY!!!... I think however he has an addiction... ME!!!
    Hope you all get to meet him someday... I have plans to raise Pit Bull awareness... you will see!!!
    And now for something different...

    Valle’s "Planes of Fame Air Museum", AZ.

    I think, I am fairly sure that we are going to "The Grand Circle" on our way to California...

    "The Grand Circle" including Zion NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Glen Canyon, Capitol Reef... and more.

    Exciting riding, hiking, photography and eating!... eating meaning cooking too...

    There is much more if we went a bit more North/East... but, have to leave some for next year!... and the following...

    A couple days ago we went to Valle ‘s "Planes of Fame Air Museum", what I thought was going to be a quick stop turned out to be an almost all day visit... a must to see, all in the Blog.

    PS: if anyone wants more pictures and info (taken also in pictures), let me know. I can send you the SmuMug link they are all on... too many for the Blog...

    Be well...

    Ara and Spirit... soon on the road again. My Blog in colors...
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 21, 2007
  11. that is awsome man. I,m happy to do a little traveling with my dogs to shows and sutch so its preatty cool to take your dogs where you have been. Hope all goes well for you and keep us posted on your trips.
  12. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    On the road, 89N through AZ and Utah...


    On the road, 89N, AZ and Utah.

    89 Northbound from the eastern entrance of the south rim Grand Canyon to Utah must be one of the best scenic road I have ever been on. So much scenery, from rock formations, to the Little Colorado Gorge in a more intimate setting than the Grand Canyon... to Panguitch... were we had to turn around. Campgrounds are closed, snow is still present with more on the way, wind is howling and why can I not set my mind to the fact that winter is not over yet!

    So we are south of all that... 50 this morning near Kanab... and will take some day trips to the scenic areas surrounding us.

    Some pictures of our way up here on the Blog...

    You be well...

    Ara & Spirit
  13. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    Kanab Canyon and more, UT.


    Kanab Canyon and more... UT.

    How can so much happen while on the road without a "home"? The trails of the mind must be wide open with all its doors unlocked... Turned on by a friend to Ken Foster’s book "the dogs who found me", suddenly opens a path of joy finding out that his Pit must be Spirit’s brother!

    And what better surrounding than riding through a Canyon to discover just a bit later that "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary", a no kill shelter for animals, has tours of their center... where I actually find Ken Foster’s book less than 24hrs after its discovery... and should I also mention "autographed"... All this leading to a great dinner... I never thought that living on the road was going to be so exciting... as you might read it in the Blog...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit My Blog in colors...
  14. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    A quick long ride through Zion NP., UT.


    A quick long ride through Zion NP., Utah

    I need to learn new words to describe this Park, or I just have to stop riding through these natural wonders. My vocabulary is starting to feel limited! What a blast... going... what a shower... coming back! The rig is purring... with 170+/-K on it I even hate to think about it... no jinks please.

    And as if the ride was not enough we are moving there for a while... it will be base camp for many other attractions if that is what we are going to call them.

    This one is already in the Blog.

    Enjoy, be well... hope that you are also having a great weekend...

    Ara & Spirit Spirit's Blog by now!!!
  15. Suki

    Suki Guest

    :D ..."Home" is where you lay your heart...

    continued safe journey and please continue to check in. pics are amazing! :)
  16. Marty

    Marty Banned

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, I would love to do something like this one day :D
  17. simms

    simms CH Dog

    I enjoy reading your blog as well....Thanks for the great cooking tips!
  18. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    The Canyon in Zion... Utah.

    You know... I am so lucky to be with Spirit!!!...


    The Canyon in Zion... Utah.

    Staying in most of the day, NOAA called in for some bad weather... but I think they are mistaken.

    Great campsite, so great that we might, just might stay here for a couple weeks... but I have said that before. It is just that there are so many places to ride around here... and see!

    Might even have some company soon... that would be great... Fire at night, great roads, great scenery... what more can I write on the Blog!... many pictures too...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit Today's Blog...
  19. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    Darker Skies In Zion NP., Utah...


    Thanks... it gets better today!!!

    Darker Skies in Zion NP. Utah...

    The forecast... after these couple days is as sunny as it can be for as long as they can predict it!

    Lets endure these couple of days... I know that it will be all worth it.

    Did not hold us back from some riding as darker skies make for some great pictures and give out a different feeling about this whole place.

    We did have to turn around, bitter cold winds... the snow flakes were an added attraction...

    Luckily enough ingredients to make dinner... preceded by a visit to Farmer’s Market...

    The Journey goes on... cannot even think about our next destination! This is Home for now...

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit My Blog today...
  20. beemerchef

    beemerchef Top Dog

    Kolob Terrace road, Zion NP., Utah


    Kolob Terrace road, Zion NP. Utah

    East of here is still bitter cold, I was so wrong assuming that things will warm up at higher elevations! I guess I have lived in Florida too long...

    But west of here, off the town of Virgin, is Kolob Terrace road which is less crowded entrance to also Zion Park. Love the setting, the riding... but not the road blocked by the snow a bit further up...

    Cooked up a poor man’s pasta dish also with what I had left in the small pantry... tasty!...

    It is on the Blog... in living colors!

    Be well...

    Ara & Spirit

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