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Good Weight Pulling Dogs

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by AGame, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    Nice Dog Pullingdog
  2. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    Coldriver's got some good dogs, that is for sure.

    I knew he had a litter a while back. Not sure if he sells to the 'public' or not.

    I am not sure if you're looking for a bigger or smaller dog. I know Versace is on the 'larger' side for many on this board. I believe he weighs about 74 pounds or so. However, his girl dirty is in the mid to high 40's I believe.

    Like many have said, teaching a dog to pull is the key.

    My 'pit bull' from the pound was my best one before he tore his ACL running in the yard.

    Good luck in your search and make sure you tell us what you decide on.

  3. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    That BACON dog of yours looks like the real deal. He's gorgeous and compact (40ish pounds, right?)

    If I were in the market for a dog, which i'm not, something off him may be a great way to go.


    PS: nice site as well. everything worked and is updated. that's the way it should be!
  4. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    Bacon Look Real Good
  5. thanks, he is 42lbs, depends on the organization to his weight but from 42-45, if i show try 2 get him down to about 38
  6. Wow I didn't know kelly pulled Bako APA. He isn't stubborn just REALLY loud! LOL
  7. Andrew which dog got injured?:( That is just in time for the snow pull your way!

    Coldriver sells dogs to working homes only. He has good dogs and puts ALOT of work into them.
  8. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    vader's mom.....Jake is the one who tore his ACL. He tore it in April. You've never seen him pull. Bell and Change are still going strong.

    Before he tore his ACL he was just really learning how to pull and figure out what to do to get the cart moving/rolling.

    Coldriver offered me a dog in October or so. I don't have the space or the time for another one, so I had to decline.

  9. Well that still sucks....but at least your seasoned dogs are still going strong:D! Good luck at the snow pull. Post the results!
  10. SA pits

    SA pits Pup

    Snow must be a bitch to pull on , we don't get any here
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2009
  11. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    SA: Never done snow. I WISH we did not get any here in Michigan, but, we do!! DAMN!!!

    I know it's MUCH harder to pull on, especially if the 'shoot' is not done correctly. I'll post some pics and post some weights on a new thread, probably friday or saturday.

  12. coldriver

    coldriver Pup

    Thanks everyone for the comps on our dogs. We are going to be pulling at the upcoming weightpull show in Sussex,nj.So hope to see some of you there.

    And we have one bully, type dog and that is Rico:)
  13. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    Iknew rico was the only one, Versace Can pull seen em at the Nj show
  14. labulldoger

    labulldoger Top Dog

    garner dogs are good pullers

    BEHAVIN Top Dog

    im not into weight pull, but what about the sorrells dogs, alot of them tend to tip the scales on the larger size.
    for a matter of interest are there any here that use sorrells dogs for weight pull???:)
  16. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    One more Time Barretts Bullpen its where its at
    Barretts Jefe of PPK
    Barretts Capone of PPK

    BEHAVIN Top Dog

    do ya just want to put up a full page add for em pp?lol...
  18. wardogkennels

    wardogkennels CH Dog

    12,000 pounds! Damn!!! Does anyone know how much the dog weighed that pulled that? WOW!

    I love the designs on those harness! Look bad ass!!!
  19. coldriver

    coldriver Pup

    The dog that pulled 12,170 lbs was our dog, Versace , and he came in at 70 or 71lbs that day:D...

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