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Heavy tab

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by machobuck, May 5, 2012.

  1. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    what are some of the better crosses with the tab bloodline i see it working with the rascal stuff and hit with some of the tramp stuff looking to add intensity into her offspring
  2. Icepick

    Icepick Banned

    Better question is what doesnt Tab cross well with.
  3. x2...............................
  4. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

  5. Icepick

    Icepick Banned

    Those super inbred papers look very impressive, but I'm surprised she she does anything at all bred that damn tight. I would stick her to something with no damn Jeep at all, maybe Bolio or Eli/Carver.
  6. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    theres a daughter of buck right around the corner from me i think in the right hands she would be heard of but shes moreless a pet now yea see i was thinking about taking her to a heavy rbjtb hound and seeing what id get from that since they are both tightly bred you can deff see that heavy inbreed does take away from them
  7. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    @hardtime he throwning winners when bred to tab hounds think thats the way im gonna go i was gonna go to ch bo master but i think the buck litter may be something special
  8. dutchy954

    dutchy954 Big Dog

    colby/tab... freshen it up
  9. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    LOL yeah out cross time looks like one of mine who is really tight and inbred on the jeep dogs. If I was going to ever breed her it wouldn't be to another jeep dog. I think red boy/jocko would be a nice out for her I am sure you could cross that with just about anything though.
  10. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    yeah im a fan of thoes really high strung hounds so im looking for a cross that will help bring that too the table

    BEHAVIN Top Dog


    BEHAVIN Top Dog

  13. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    i was under the impression that punk was dead im in the northeast tristate and thats the word up here unless thats frozen that you have off him
  14. flipboy

    flipboy Pup

    Not to offend anyone..It's not a bar list mix. Bred to the best dog available.
  15. in my opinion, i would definitely put the pure redboy over that
  16. hardtime

    hardtime Big Dog

  17. hardtime

    hardtime Big Dog

    how ever i did post a "real" grch and it got deleted but w/e


  19. MANNY1

    MANNY1 Big Dog


    BEHAVIN Top Dog

    weather punk is dead or not or grch or not, i was using an example...redboy 50/ be think'n it might just do the trick with the right dog ie:jeep/redboy,not like its been done before lol...

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