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hello from ian uk

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ian uk, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    hello i have had staffys for 11 years and i had an american bulldog for 8 years i have 2 staffys puppies 1 is 11 months and the other is 4 months i have enjoyed reading the posts on here .
    here are some pics of my dogs i would have a pitbull if there wasnt a ban in uk
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2010
  2. SA pits

    SA pits Pup

    nice pics , welcome to the site !
  3. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    Thanks sa pits the blue 1 is an Irish staffy and the tan 1 is an amstaff
    cheers ian
  4. damon

    damon Banned

    Ban!what ban?
  5. cute dogs dude!
  6. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    Pitbulls are banned in uk
    cheers ian
  7. shortbedder

    shortbedder Big Dog

    Nothing wrong with good Irish Staffies.
  8. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    lovely looking red do realise the "supposed "amstaff" is banned too in the uk?? comes under "type"....:rolleyes:
  9. crazy horse

    crazy horse Big Dog

    hello and welcome
  10. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    took the words out my mouth peppa :p....even the staff could come under type with the wrong arse so called expert. Am staffs in the uk? Mostly poorly bred types called that by peddlers. All that said they look nice dogs and youve not come on selling anything like the last uk prat :D welcome to the forum.
  11. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    I know Amstaffs are banned as well I seen the parents when I got him they where very nice dogs the mother was what you in america call an old family red we over her call them red noses there are quite a few people selling pitbulls over her there are always adds for red nose amstaff for sale I took both of mine to the vet to get them micro chipped and I told them what they both were they put them down on the papper work as staffys they said the breeders of both dogs have done a nice job of both puppies .
    It shouldn't be the dog what's banned it should be the owner who gets banned from having dogs they blame the breed it's not the breed but some of the people that have them the dda over here isn't working they should scrap it and put the responseabilty on the owner
    I love my dogs they are a part of my family
    there's idoits over here useing dogs as weapons because the police can't do nothing to them were if they had a nife the ploice would arrest them what what I heard as long as your dog isn't being a nusanice they will leave you alone reguards to amstaff and pitbulls I know a lady who's got an old family red and the dog is stunning
    and there is nothing wrong with Irish staffies they are nice dogs his dad was 19" to the shoulder and weighed 60lb my dog will be the same size the Irish staffies are old time staffies like psycho lines
    cheers ian
  12. matty

    matty Big Dog

    I just hate the term "Irish staffords" Nothing irish about them lol! I have a few dogs bred down from physco and Beanie but dont refer them as irish staffs. It amazes me that most blue dogs are peddled as "irish staffords", Physco line etc They are always big heavy things, 60lb is a big big dog no where near the weights of physco makes me wonder where this size actually comes from. Will be interesting to see how that red pup of yours develops.


    Hi Ian and welcome
    as Matty mentioned the whole irish staff think is controvential, but mostly in UK not in the USA. I do own an Irish Bull Terrier out of Ade's Pup, I like to call him this way since he is registered as such. I do not really care what the different opinions in UK support, I just enjoy him for what he is.
    Out of which dogs your blue one comes from? Anyone I might know from ikc, sibtc etc boards?
  14. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    When I was looking for a dog there was people selling blue Staffordshire bull terriers kc reg for £750 to £1000 I bought mine for £450 the breeder wyo I got mine off sold to some 1 and they sold it on for £800
    cheers ian
  15. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    On his paperwork he's down as a irish bull terrier his dam chadds meg and sire is chadds paddy
    cheers ian
  16. luge

    luge Big Dog

    Hello and welcome. £750-£1000 price range!!!!!???? :eek::eek::eek: For one 'pretty on paper' mutt! Id be expecting a whole litter of pups for that sort of money! Peddlers Never cease to amaze me!
    This is a great forum you will enjoy it here:D:dogtongue:
  17. bull601ds

    bull601ds Pup

    Welcome Ian I am new to this site also and I look forward to getting on everyday these people are very informed and helpful.if there is a ban obviously people in UK are as stupid as Americans who do the same.great looking dogs
  18. Ragingstorm

    Ragingstorm Big Dog

    Hi Ian
    Welcome to the forum, beautiful dogs you have there.
    As you know I have stock off of Roger too, this forum has a very tough crowd on it but you will learn lots and theres no fart arsing around. They may come across as rude arrogant and know it alls, but they are actually just very passionate about their dogs and know a lot between them, so dont take anything personally.
    I personally dont use the term "Irish Stafford", never have never will, real dogmen in Ireland actually laugh at the term.
    Matty I personally have never seen an "Irish Stafford" over 55lb (winter weight) except one, but would be interested in seeing the ones you claim are always seen.

    Enjoy the forum Ian, you will learn lots and lets be honest we're all always learning.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 8, 2010
  19. matty

    matty Big Dog

    Sorry let me rephrase, i see a lot of blue dogs well into the 50lb mark which is a big dog in my book, having said that i know of a few good blue dogs around, like they say it doesnt matter what colour they are!
  20. Ragingstorm

    Ragingstorm Big Dog

    Thanks for the clarification Matty, yes 57-60lbs is too heavy for my liking and i'd be tempted to say that dog yes, is blue in colour but has very little if anything to do with its ancestors. But the blues I have generally come across are 40-42lb fit and 48-50lb winter weight........anything above that and id be dubious about its breeding, personally.
    Ian I think the Sire to your pup, which I saw around 5-6 years ago was around the 43-44lb mark, (unconditioned) I would say your boy wont be very much more than that when he's older. Id be really grateful if you could keep me updated on him, he looks a nice boy, also Roger is the only blue dog breeder I know of that has consciously introduced a healthy out cross into his dogs.

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