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help with bloodline

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by bull601ds, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. bull601ds

    bull601ds Pup

    Can anyone tell me any info on a particular bloodline without a pedigree. I'm interested in tha rascal line cause I have a dog that's mother was a rascal bitch.He is so much smaller than any APBT I have ever seen but very stocky.
  2. CTG

    CTG Big Dog

    was she a pure rascal bitch or just had some in her? also whats the top side?
  3. CTG

    CTG Big Dog

    if you dont have a ped or know exactly how its breed its gonna be a little difficult to give info on what you got.
  4. bull601ds

    bull601ds Pup

    She was purebred rascal bitch top side was old family red nose
  5. bull601ds

    bull601ds Pup

    I had someone on another forum suggest the line come from colby. I also had some say that the line came from a famous dog called JW crenshaws ch rascal. That same person that the Eli line came from the Boudreaux line because of a dog named boudreauxs Eli.I read a lot and like to educate myself on the breed I know a lot but am still new and don know a lot about bloodlines
  6. CTG

    CTG Big Dog

    you can read about some of them dogs here.

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