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How To Post Pictures

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by Vicki, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    There are multiple ways to share pictures with other members in the community. You can upload images to our picture gallery, attach photos to posts within the forums, or use imgcode to share pictures from an external site or from your gallery. The following is a tutorial to help you better understand all of these options and to promote the usage of them.

    Uploading pictures to the gallery

    You can upload pictures, videos or sound files to the picture gallery on the site two different ways. The first of which is by clicking the Upload a File link from the Pictures drop down menu at the top of every page while logged in and then choosing which category is most appropriate for your file:


    The second way to post a file to the gallery is by browsing to the category you want to contribute to and clicking the Upload link toward the top of the page beneath the navigation bar. Choosing this method automatically selects the category you are viewing to upload the file to:​


    Attaching and posting pictures in the forums

    As noted previously, you can both attach, or upload, pictures to posts or display an already hosted image within your posts with imgcode. ​

    To upload an image to your post, or when creating a new thread, scroll past the Message box where you type text to Additional Options. You will see a button that reads "Manage Attachments." Clicking this button will open another window that will allow you to upload files of certain types to your posts:​


    After attaching an image to your post, you can choose to display the thumbnail(s) of it\them inside of your posts (like this post) rather than at the end your post by using the paper clip icon at the top of the editor box:​


    To share pictures hosted elsewhere, or in our picture gallery, there is a handy icon labeled "Insert Image," when hovered over, that will allow you to paste the URL of the image to add to your post:​


  2. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    The most common site that hosts pictures elsewhere is Photobucket. To insert an image from Photobucket into your post:

    1) In Photobucket, click on the "IMG Code" line below the picture you want to post here. The line will be "Copied" to your clipboard.

    2) Position the cursor where you want your picture to appear in your post.

    3) Paste code into your post. Be sure you are using the IMG code!
  3. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    In addition to the forum gallery, you can also create a photo album in your "Public Profile". That way, you will have all your pictures in one place and anyone viewing your public profile, can also view your album. However, new pictures will be subject to moderator approval. That usually takes 24 hours or less. Once you have created an album, you can use album pictures to post them into any thread or forum.

    To create an album or add to your existing album:

    1. On the forum toolbar, above, click on the "User CP" (control panel) button. A new page will appear.

    2. On the left side of the page, you will see a menu. Click on "Pictures and Albums", found in the "Networking" section. A new page will appear.

    3. From here, you can select "Add Album" or modify an existing album.

    To post pictures form you album, found in your "Public Profile"

    1. Open the photo album, either from the "User CP" button or directly from your "Public Profile".

    2. Click on the picture you would like to post.

    3. The picture will come up on a page by itself.

    4. Below the picture you will see two lines of code. One says "Picture Url" and the other says "BB" code.

    5. Click once on the line that says "BB" code. It will highlight the information in the line, with a gray color.

    6. Now, position your mouse cursor over the highlighted line and RIGHT click.

    7. You will see a popup menu, and from that, select "Copy".

    8. Now when you start a post that you want that picture in, you can position your cursor anywhere in the "Reply to Thread" box, and RIGHT click and select "Paste" and it will paste the "BB" code into your "Reply to Thread" box. The line of information should start with [​IMG].

    9. From there, you can either "Preview Post" or go ahead and "Submit Reply".

    Hope this helps

    *Thank you Joe Bingo*
  4. Tank1

    Tank1 Big Dog

    Do you know how to reduce picture size? I keep getting a reply saying that my pictures are too large(pixels).
  5. UAYEB

    UAYEB Big Dog

    How to post youtube videos??
  6. mdp1985

    mdp1985 Big Dog

    Can I posts pics from my iPhone
  7. SacRedboyOwner

    SacRedboyOwner Top Dog

    Need instructions for iPhone cuz it don't let me search files
  8. tomski

    tomski Pup

    140.png london #1
  9. amistad

    amistad Big Dog

    I have been trying to post a pic of some drawing's but the pic come's out sideways. I rotate it and it still come's out the same is it the size or am I just doing something wrong, I have posted other pics and they come out ok. Help if you can.
  10. Lil Toro

    Lil Toro Pup

    Thank you Vicki. Much appreciated.
  11. Augustus

    Augustus Premium Member Premium Member

  12. Kodirty

    Kodirty Pup

    I can not figure this out on my iPhone
    Any help would be appreciated
  13. Same here I phone? Anyone help?
  14. Augustus looks like a Stillwater chain set up huh use the same thing good and fast service get his collar swivels there real nice.


    I hate 'Puters and phones/ I have art work and pics to share but idea how to do it. Gonna go walk my bitch 2 miles instead
  16. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    You need to use a photo storage site like photobucket. Upload your pictures there. Once you do that you will be given 4 links to be able to post to certian things like email, a direct link, IMG link or HTML. You want to copy the IMG link and paste it on whatever thread here you want the picture to be seen and your picure will show on the thread. Will look like this:

  17. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Big Dog

    Gallery Message
    An error occurred while attempting to create a folder for your files. If the problem persists, please notify the webmaster
    This is all I get no matter what I try...I know I'm not the smartest but was allowed somehow before.

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