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----------------How to use a flirt pole-----------

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by F.W.K., Aug 17, 2017.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. B.I.S.

    ----------------How to use a flirt pole-----------

    It's best to gradually work your dog a little more each time, in gradual steps. He will become more efficient at catching the hide,and you will become more proficient at keeping it away from him.

    So with this in mind, if this is your first time useing the flirt pole please stay away from making your dog jump high, as he could injure himself if not done properly.

    Ok the way to use a pole. First get him excited about it with your voice when you take it out for him to play with, dance it around him wiggle it, shake it, all the while getting him excited with what ever words you use.

    When your are in postion let the hide touch the ground a little then whip it away from him just out of his reach low to the ground, this will help him maximize his leverage when the hide suddenly changes postion, let him charge it as you swing it away from him, just as he is ready to catch it, pop it up a little just over his head, and swing it in the opposite direction, also do the same in a figure eight motion.

    You can also do a couple of complete circles, but not to many as this will make the dog dizzy.

    Jumping- Do this gradually also, start out easy. Pups will learn to jump and keep thier balance eventually, but start them out low as they may land wrong and injure themselves. Once they show more balance then go little higher, my oldest dog twist in mid air then lands on all fours just like you see with those frisbee dogs, so will most dogs eventually, be patient. Hang hide in front of him make him lean forward so his balance is right, then when he leaps forward move the hide back so he jumps forward, this will teach him balance and give him a feel for jumping up and landing on all fours while trying to snatch something out of mid air, if he does catch it praise him.

    When my dogs catch the hide, I let them pull me forward a few yards so they get a good hinde end work out, as well as have to breath with thier mouth holding on to something, the way a catch dog would try to if he had a hogs ear in his mouth. I do so without bending pole, but rather hold the pole in a position so the direct tension is on the rope, pole would be horizontal to dogs mouth, with rope taking all the tension while you hold on to the grip.

    Shake and hold- If you have a puppie that is sarting out or older dog, when he catches the hide and shakes it, praise him and encurage him to do this more

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