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I Cant Believe This

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by TruPitLver, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. I just really don't know what to say... some people shouldn't own this breed.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 7, 2006
  2. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

  3. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    Regardless performing medical treatment on your animal such as removing parts of its ears just so they look better is illegal unless performed by a vetrinarian. This isnt a case of patching your dog up after an accident this is a case of elective surgery performed illegally. plus this guys an idiot anyway did you see them tieing the dog to the fence and harrassing it and practicing making it an attack dog.

    Having knowledge and treating your injured pet is different than elective surgeries so that you can make your dog look better and in this case his im cool blue dog.
  4. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    I wonder ;)
  5. LOL!! I wanna be just like that when I grow up LOL!!
  6. jankab

    jankab Top Dog

    Hey who took my picture?
  7. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    Ummmmm mmmm mmmm He has a pic of a dog that ain't his!!! I'm telling! LoL
  8. davidlau_2002

    davidlau_2002 Top Dog

    giving a true game-bred to a thug is like giving a sherman tank to a chinese old lady for her commmute to the grocery store. It just ain't right cuz somebody's gonna get hurt!!! i'm not being racist. i'm refering to how my mother drives. i hear "INCOMING!!!!" when she drives by people.
  9. SAM_I_AM

    SAM_I_AM Big Dog

    Well From what I have seen looks to me like his dogs seem healthy, the crop job on the ears even though not done by a vet still look pretty damn good, About the video maybe he is having his dog protection trained. What seems to be the problem here?
  10. davidlau_2002

    davidlau_2002 Top Dog

    oh yeah. the video. i've seen videos like this before. i don't see what's wrong with the protection training he's doing. game-dog wise i can see why they shouldn't but protection training wise, they're not harming the dog in any way.
  11. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    You don't see what is wrong with the "protection training"????

    The damned dog is tied up while they use a whip to hit and aggrevate it. They annoy the shit out of it and jump in and out of range of the dog to piss it off while occassionally putting on the armpad and let it bite it and jump away from the dog and let the dog have the armpad. The whole purpose was not to teach the dog control (which is one of the main purposes of schutzund). They used various people to come at the dog and torture it in hopes that it would become aggressive towards them while the owner praises the dog for trying to attack the various people. This not protection training, this is training a dog to be a manbiter. Hell, the armpad only appears for 3 or 5 seconds out of the entire video. The rest of the time they are just pissing the dog off and praising the dog for lunging at people.
    This is the exact reason why I am absolutely against bitework with this breed. There are too many pieces of shit that have no idea what they are doing. Schutzund must be done properly or it can be very dangerous and these people are not doing it properly in any sense.

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 7, 2006
  12. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

    Good post tommy.
  13. davidlau_2002

    davidlau_2002 Top Dog

    i see. but i saw the exact same things from trainers on this site. http://www.gladiatorkennels.com/videos/dog510video1.mpeg i hear they are pretty reputable also. what's the difference between the two? i'm not being a punk in any way.is it because of the absence of the sleeve? i just really like to understand and be able to tell between the two. thanks.
  14. missybee16

    missybee16 CH Dog

    This fool thinks he's hard & that's the way he's going down!
  15. Bullyboi

    Bullyboi CH Dog

    If those gladiator kennels want a guard dog go buy a rott. A pit bull aint no guard dog which is exactly what there training it to do. Probaly aint even pure, probaly a bandogge.
  16. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Guest

    I dont care how much you know about dogs, be whatever the breed, I dont agree with ear cropping in a garage on a dog that is obviously to old. Thats too much of a risk for me. What if something went wrong, then what. As for it being a simple procedure does that mean we should let anyone who says they are qualified remove our childrens tonsils in their garage? And as for the video, this is the one time I wish a pit would attack. This kinda sh*t really pisses me off. This is why the breed is being banned and having restrictions put on it, because of dumbas* kids like this guy. :mad:
  17. I just watched the video...the dog is wagging his tail in playful excitement the whole time. The dog is not aggressive, he wants that sleeve just as my dogs act when I'm teasing them with a ball or tug-o-war rope. No, apbt's shouldn't be 'trained' for protection or aggressiveness...its just not smart...but I would walk up to this dog in a dark alley and pet him. He's just being playful in the video.
  18. findrodhere

    findrodhere Top Dog

  19. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Yes, Pamolive dish soap. Which contains none other than. . . Ammonia.
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