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If you could go to a beach.....

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by BKNLS, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. BKNLS

    BKNLS Big Dog

    If you could go to a beach in one of these destinations, what would you choose? Please rank all options accordingly (1st, 2nd...etc)

    Puerto Rico

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

  3. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Im goin to Cancun in June. Money seems to go further there than other places.
  4. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Been to cacun n Miami out of ur choices I would pic cancun. If I had to stay in the carribean but could pic ne where St Johns BVI or Ochos Rios Jamacia.

    Cancun has nice white sand, good all around waves for swimming and sports. Clubs, reasturants, places like Talum, XelXa, isle de mujeres, n Cozumel, good malls, cigars, tequila n brandy (can drink n smoke while u shop) duty free, they all got great ladies...AND BEST OF all way cheaper than MIAMI or Hawaii
  5. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    Mexico then MISSAPBT's lol
  6. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Sheeet, me and the misses, well the misses has been dying to go down under, but the airfare, flight time, and time off of work are just not something we want or can do right now. Have to say from what I saw in Bora Bora the south pacific is the best beach place bar none.
  7. mike916

    mike916 Pup

    Hands down Hawaii
  8. Ninety-Nine

    Ninety-Nine Big Dog

    I live near the beach, would love to see snowy mountains.
  9. lovemybull

    lovemybull Big Dog

    well i'll be more than willing to trade with you...there are no mountains where i live, but the snow banks get to be just as big.:D
  10. lovemybull

    lovemybull Big Dog

    Oh and I would pick Hawaii first, then Cabo, PR, Miami.
  11. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    peurto escondito in mexico, 50cent coronas and the heaviest beach break waves on the planet.
    Then the rock, oahu .
    But only if it was free, we have the greatest beaches in the world right here on my doorstep with no people and if you want to people watch there are plenty of those here aswell.
  12. redwar

    redwar Big Dog

    Braddahs and Sistahs I have been to all those places and Hawaii is the best(for me),I loved Maui and Kuai, Oahu is nice too but very touristy. Many good dogs there as well, if you get out and talk to people, get a tad off the beaten paths there are many game chickens and dogs there and good people to shoot the breeze with. I am sure the other places are similar but HI has my heart. JM2cnts
  13. I love the beaches where I live, in st thomas virgin islands.

    But from your list I would choose Hawaii first since it would be most different than what I am used to and it looks nice in pictures. Never been

    Been to Miami, PR and Mexico on several different trips to several different beaches. I guess Hawaii would be new to me.
  14. dayair1

    dayair1 Premium Member Premium Member

    Been to most except PR.
    From your list;
    Hawaii is the prettiest but priciest.
    Cancun is very nice also , but not as cheap as you would expect.
    Did not care for Miami, but weather was not that great at the time.
    Most people feel the south pacific has the most beautiful water for snorkling or scuba.
    My favorites, "and yes I have been to them"
    1. Ipenema or Leblon, Rio de Janeiro " Every single man owes it to himself to go at least once" you will never see more beautiful women in one place. :p;)
    2. Fiji "Very friendly, beautiful water"
    3. Hawaii, pricey! But many beaches to chose from, beautiful beaches.
    4. Jamaica, water not as pretty, but very laid back and reasonable.
    5. Cancun "can be very fun"
  15. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    Apart from my lovely beaches here in cali, I would choose Hawaii as my first choice from your given list.
  16. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    i've had many good times at the beach and boardwalk in santa cruz, riding the giant dipper and swimming in the ocean. the water always felt warmer in santa cruz than the water at ocean beach in the city where i lived at that time.
  17. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    Nice so you use to reside very close to me than, I agree with you about the boardwalk and the santa cruz beach. I actually haven't payed a visit to Santa cruz for nearly a year now it's only 40 minutes away from me. It's very populated during the summer I still wish to skate around sc sometime :)
  18. garth

    garth Big Dog

    I have been to most of the place's listed,But the beaches were I live may not be rated as some of the best in the world but are just as good if not better then some.The water is clean and clear you can see your toes.The only down fall is that it is costly to visit by plane,much cheaper by ship.Of thouse listed my pick would be Mexico.
  19. I've been to all those places, some several times, and if money is no object than Hawaii would be first on my list. Second on the list would be FLORIDA but NOT MIAMI. Cancun and PR are OK and not too expensive but not everyone speaks english and it's a travel headache.

    I live in Florida so I'm a bit biased but Florida offers most everything you'll find in those other places, (with the exception of Hawaii), and everyone speaks english, with the exception of Miami where it seems even those that do speak english won't just to piss you off. Actually, if you want to visit a foreign country without leaving the USA, visit Miami.

    The Florida Keys are like being in the Caribbean and there are hundreds of spectactular beaches all over the state. Water sports are abundant both fresh and salt water. Then there are the theme parks in Orlando for the kids and on and on.
  20. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    LMAO that is so true about Miami! Like another world down there. I think we were the only english speaking anglos at Key Biscayen:D......I agree with you the state of FL has many wonderful beaches. St.pete/Clearwater beach has some great beaches. Sand Key is a top ten beach! all this is located about an hour give or take from Orlando. Also Jupiter and Juno beach area north of West Palm are nice - but not Cancun or Hawaii nice.

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