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If your having problems with the site...

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by AGK, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I figured I'd start this thread so we can get an idea of everyone who is having issues with viewing the site and using it's functions.

    This way, instead of PMing me or posting it on other threads where Vicki most likely will not see that you're having issues therefore doesn't know something needs fixed she will be able to see who needs what fixed here in this thread. I'll put a sticky on it so it stays up top.

    If your having issues with the sites functions, post what issues you are having here and we can work at getting them resolved
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  2. Michele

    Michele CH Dog Super Moderator

    Not enough Chihuahuas on this forum:D:D
    oldguy and AGK like this.
  3. stickler

    stickler Banned

    Can't open pics. And this is new: Are you sure you want to like this post?
    Sorry, but now I have to be more selective with my likes. lol
  4. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    same here cant enlarge pics etc when i click on them
    ckBone likes this.
  5. Its all fucked up...its not to bad.
    apart from the pictures.

    I pm Vicky on friday..still no reply.
  6. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Same again fellas! sometimes works and sometimes not, usually when it comes to viewing/enlarging photos, but also sometimes I have difficulty uploading photos to share with other board members.. At first I thought the internet police were blocking the images coz they know I stole them off Facebook, but I realise that's only drug induced paranoia from my teens and it's probably CIA/MI5 sabotage because they don't want the public to know how good Ed Reid dogs really were :-B
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  7. :)):)):)):)):))

    To funny man.
    fuck of man!
    david63 likes this.
  8. Hahahah fucking funny man.
  9. Fucking nuts you are OldGuy!
  10. Cant see it mate?
    looks like a baby..cant see no dogs.
    david63 likes this.
  11. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    Pics wont work
    ckBone likes this.
  12. Drug parronia??

    I thought you were so old..that drugs had not been invented in your day and age?

  13. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Operation Julie baby haha!
    david63 and Soze the killer like this.
  14. :)):)):)):)):))

    My god you were worser then this generation..
    the acid must of fucked you up!

    Fucking wild at hart you are..
    never tamed lol.
    david63 likes this.
  15. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Soze the killer likes this.
  16. Bones1

    Bones1 Big Dog

    Not able to view pictures
  17. RobR73

    RobR73 Big Dog

    Pictures both posting and viewing.
  18. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    There you go @Michele
    Bad mthr fckr!
    david63 and Michele like this.
  19. Philippe

    Philippe Pup

    Cannot link on any pictures or links posted at all.
    I get a gamedog forum error message as a result.

    Kind regards

    Attached Files:

    stedz likes this.
  20. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    same here

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