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I'll share with you all...

Discussion in 'R.I.P.' started by SouthernDixie, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    Thanks for the discouragement?

    I do not wish have a dispute with you, or anyone really, about the situation. People tend to think that because I'm only 21, that I am not capable of owning, nor being knowledgable, of APBTs (I'm not accusing you of this - yet I am treated like that on a regular basis). Granted I do not know everything, yet it is my quest in life to learn as close to everything as possible some day. I respect the breed, it's history, and it's ability. And what happened in these incidents was not normal for this animal.
  2. Riptora

    Riptora CH Dog


    100% true. This is a breed that I like to call "specialty." A breed that requires experienced animal handlers and owners. This is a key factor in adopting these dogs out, good rescue organizations keep this in mind and do their best to meet the needs of adopters and the dogs.
    However, human aggression is NOT a typical temperment for this breed. Love for humans and the desire to please them is a MAJOR reason why this breed is fancied. Alpha male? Sounds kind of like that, who knows? Sound like a reasonible quality in a German Shephard from working lines, but IMO not a quality I would ever keep-around in an APBT. If you want to think about in a nature sense: in a pack if a member continusly challenges the alpha, the alpha kills it or bans it for life.

    SoutherDixie- Once again, I am sorry to hear this. I am very sure that although it is painful it is a learning experience none the less. I am sure this experience will be in the back of your mind when you select future dogs and consider training methods. After all, none of us were just born full of doggie knowledge, it takes time and even then there are professionals who still get stumped.

    I can see that you have over 975 posts and have seen you on the forum many times. You have a nice gallery with photos of healthy, active, happy dogs. THIS IS WHY I DID NOT DOUBT YOUR DECISION. If you were some newbie with their first dog they got from some shelter I would have raised my eyebrows, but I have faith in your ability to take care of your household without having to know you personally. I also have faith that you will continue to own APBT's and that you will keep and raise great dogs.
    $hit happens.
  3. davidlau_2002

    davidlau_2002 Top Dog

    gamebred26, although his delivery may be a little....well f*#K it he straight hit you with a bat. he's right though. it is very interesting too that people with attitudes like gamebred26 never seem to have dogs out of control though. i understand the whole "make pitbulls your friends" type of deal but that gives them the opportunity to learn the idea that they can lash out with the ingrained notion that they will be "properly" punished. i'm not trying to stereotype but after watching so many shows of fatherless children hitting and cussing out their non-dominant single mothers, i realized that structure and consequence is important for all. Pitbulls, i think, with their undying drive and physical stature, rely on those two components with an even greater consequence.

    with that said though, i still think you made the right decision LADY. the type of pitbull that you can have given your social surroundings cannot lash out like you described. It's people like you that, owning a pitbull with the same correct social friendliness as you, become prime examples to helping fight the BSL. i doubt a "gamedog" man would be very influential in gaining the majority public's vote in fighting bsl. temper-tested pitbulls from the pound would be a great fit since you would not have to temper-test or structuralize the dog. getting another breed altogether does also seem to be the easiest way but i see you love this breed too much to do that.

    regardless, given your situation and the lack of opportunity to hand your dog to someone you trust could handle him, you did the best you could. good luck and bless.
  4. SouthernDixie

    SouthernDixie CH Dog

    Riptora, Davidlau...thanks. Both of your posts are very much so appreciated.

    It's actually heartbreaking to hear "get a different breed" because I swore after getting my first, that I would never own a different breed. And it wasn't because they're cute and cuddly and are just big o clowns. It's because I've researched and learned a lot about the real APBT - and that information took hold and isn't letting go. I wish to be with this breed until the day my body fails me from being able to work and take care of these dogs.

    Got a long ways to go. But I'm not giving up on this.
  5. Riptora

    Riptora CH Dog

    Yep, there's only so much you can learn from books, television or the internet. It's nothing compared to hard core experience and I have to say that you just got yourself a good lesson. Sharing that, I believe was the purpose behind this thread from the begining.

    Own another breed? Doesn't that mean, hang your head down and give up? Hell no, if your heart is in this breed, that's where it stays. You will only grow stronger.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 9, 2006
  6. pepper_mommy

    pepper_mommy Big Dog

    amen riptora, no one here is the holy messiah of APBTs, get off your high horses, b/c shit DOES happen, as someone said, and it could happen to you or your kids, or pregnant wife, it doesnt matter how much you think you know about ANY breed, a dog is an animal, one that does not talk out their feelings and try to have a sit down to discuss things that should change. it is an ANIMAL that can turn in a seconds notice and grab you or anything standing close enough, the only difference between owning another APBT and poodle, is that *if* another problem should arise, for whatever NATURAL reasons, one is gonna have a smaller mouth!
    and if i get banned for this, i dont care, get this breed off a petistal (sp?), it is a damned DOG!!!! one that everyone here obviously LOVES. either work together and learn to support those owners who are faced with tough decisions like this one, or be a rogue and do your own thing, I have a feeling if it was certain other people here that had this same situation arise, there would be NO questions asked. its very clique-y, and pretty lame.
  7. Attila

    Attila Guest

    wow how did we get from the sad reality of having to put one down and praying for comfort in that to a arguement? No one person knows all there is to know about any given topic lest he be God. I sure can't walk on water. Thought I could once but was told Ice does not count. Alas I am just a man. I feel so very sad for this girl having to put down her beloved dog. It hit me deeply as I have had to do that. Not for the same reason but I have had to do it a few times to end suffering. I pray that one would be so kind to hold my hand in the end and have the heart to put me down if it be need be. How hard that choice is and how it hunts you afterward but it makes you stronger and wiser. You learn more of what to look for in a dog. No one can say what went wrong or what could have been as we were not there. I feel that she made the correct choice in her situation. I praise her for having that much strength and currage to do so.
  8. catcher T

    catcher T CH Dog

    personally speaking,,I like a dog with an attitude,,kind of a @sshole personality,,one that has confidence and is defensive,,those are the dogs I like to train,,usually these are traits that are created more then likely in the wrong form and if born this way not trained in the right way to use them effectively,,for someone who dosen't train or can't handle them isn't a good dog to have. hard to find a home,,I sometimes won't take them because u have to break down then build up in the correct way,,that is rehabilitation,,not for everyone
  9. Attila

    Attila Guest

    catcher T,

    no it sure isn't for everyone. I have done several myself and it can be a long process. However I will not tollerate a dog that bites me. I don't care what it's reason is. It will only happen once. But if your good at it by all means go for it. Someone has to be. Thats my limitation to rehabilitaton. Anything else is workable. I have kennels to separate them from other dogs till I iron out the edges. Some take longer than others. It is like basic training for some and Ranger school on others to get them strait. Personally I don't think I found either one that challenging. I admit the first jump in airborne school did make me balls draw up but one boot in the rear fixed all that.
  10. chrisgr212

    chrisgr212 Big Dog

    so so sorry. i hope the best for u in the future
  11. prettyfulpitbull

    prettyfulpitbull Bullylover06

    I personally feel she did the right thing.What if there was a child there while the dog was so upset?There's no telling that the dog would or wouldn't attack someone else.The dog is already gone so there's no need to judge and being I noticed someone said she's been a member here a while I highly doubt she did it because she didn't know of the breed.You learn a lot on here and aggressiveness in this breed has been discussed many times on here.I support her descision and give my deepest appology to her.I wanted to see if my dog got along with another dog and judging by her barking and actions and knowing she's a alpha I knew they wouldn't get along BUT I was still able to touch her by her mouth etc.Maybe she's just really loyal I don't know but I have absolutely no fear of my dog trying to bite me.If you are afraid of your dog you shouldn't have it.There are two reasons for being afraid of your dog imo.1.You are not very knowledgeable of the breed or dogs in general etc.2.Your dog really does have a aggressive problem.I feel that her dog had a aggressiveness problem and she knew what she was doing.We should support her as we all now know the whole story.
    1 person likes this.
  12. JuicyCa

    JuicyCa Big Dog

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that Mel. I know you loved your Bubby very much. I agree that you did the right thing. I KNOW you know a lot about APBTs and whether or not it was "your fault" he acted in that manner-people make mistakes (not saying you did, heck bad breeding could have played a hand in this situation). How is one to be expected to TRULY know about a breed unless they experience it firsthand? APBTs are not dogs you can just read about and go.

    You can bet your ass that I would have done the same thing-especially since I have two small children. You never know what could happen, and I don't care how much I love the dog, or how many OTHER dogs get PTS-all that crap takes a backseat to my children's safety. That's why when I get MY OWN-not some random pup my BF brings home-dog (in 3 years maybe-a lot needs to happen before I could even consider it) I will be sure to take the neccessary precautions, as I would do with ANY breed.
  13. prettyfulpitbull

    prettyfulpitbull Bullylover06

    Juicy Ca I just love that dog in your signature!BEAUTIFUL
  14. Suki

    Suki Guest

    Ice doesn't count?????

    good post! yup, until you're standing in someone elses's shoes, don't judge.
    (You have only yourself to answer to.)

    May you be conscience-free...

    R.I.P. Bub
  15. prettyfulpitbull

    prettyfulpitbull Bullylover06

    My heart lies in Cali!!!Me too but i'm stuck here in Ohio.Too cold for me down here brrrr
  16. SEAL

    SEAL CH Dog

    its your dog you made the decision and you were the one who took the bite. How many of you would be talking out the side of your face after taking more than one bite from your dog. I can say if mine were to attack me or another person unprovoked in my presence his hours left to live are numbered.

    I have seen some of these dogs live in multi dog households just fine. But the majority will not.

    sorry you had to let a friend go but in the end its better for everyone that way.

    ps dont let the newbs get to ya.
  17. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Guest

    Southern-I support your decision 100%. You CANNOT own a dog that you cannot trust. I feel that you should not have had to explain yourself numerous times, its ridiculous. I know some wanted to further understand your situation, but come on now, I think she is intelligent enough to know when something is not right with her own dog, regardless of breed. I think she came her for a little support and some comfort, not to be questioned or judged on her knowledge or experience with APBTs. So, yea, that's all I have to say. Anyways, I'm with ya on this one. (if it makes ya feel any better ;) )
  18. How did he bites you? Did he bite in your hand to get the other dog or did he realy fight against you? Sorry for my asking but I realy like to know. My dogs fight each other, badgers and sometimes strange dogs and most times I was involved to stop the fight, sometimes in the dark of the night but never ever one of my boys niped at me. M y heart goes realy out to you because I think that I wouldnt be strong enough to do that, to kill my dog....he would die for me and I couldnt stand there and wait until he is gone....maybe a bullet in the heart would be the best thing. And that would mean a bullet in my heart....

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