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Interview with Don Mayfield

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by F.W.K., Feb 15, 2018.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    Interview with Don Mayfield

    Q. Good day Don how are you doing ?

    A. Its winter season in my area and most of my time is at my desk writing, at this time of year, by a wood burning stove enjoying life in fullness, a peak winter season online at the end of 2000.

    Q. How old are you Don ? and what year did you seriously get into the dog game?

    A. 63 years old. It was in the mid 1950's with outcross bred roll dogs, over the years my dogs became the purest family.

    Q. Who was the first dog that you matched ? Please tell me a bit more about his match ?

    A. It was a good bred dog called LIGHTNING he was matched 4 times won two and lost two, he was the only dog to live after a match with TUDORS SPIKE, he was a game proven dog who scratched game after each match.

    Q. You are the veteran in this sport, and you probably know answer on this question. Who is the first person who started with dog fight in America ? Hundred years ago American fanciers were importing dogs from overseas , I know that Irishman brought some dogs with him.

    A. Thir was no one man who was the first in America with match dogs. The pure familys of fighting dogs came with the English people in the 1600's in the area of VA, the breed were then known as ENGLISH BULLDOGS, the breed latter became known as AMERICAN BULLDOGS, in the 1980's the breed became known of as AMERICAN PITT BULLS, today the breed is know as AMERICAN GAMEDOGS. The BREED name has changed 9 times since the BREED came to America in the 1600's up to todays time.

    Q. What was your relation to Earl Tudor, Pat Patrick ,or other dogmen ? And please tell me what is happening with all old dogmen, I know that Earl Tudor died many years ago, but where are the others? Do they still have some dogs ? James Crenshaw is still around.

    A. I first met Earl Tudor in 1960 and was friends with him till he died, we were very close he gave me his lifetime picture collection before he died. The only dogmen who I know who is alive today, who was in the game in the early and mid 1960's when I first started matchen dogs are Scotty Nelson and Floyd Boudreaux back then thir was only a small number of us who was MATCHEN DOGS IN THE CORE OF THE BREED in the U.S.A. thir could be a few alive that I don't know of.

    Q. Your Nigger was off of Tudor dogs, what is his story ?

    A. The Nigger dog was a OUTSTANDING dog in ever way, he was never matched as to the fact he lost all his teeth before he was two years old. In one show here in Texas in the early 1970's thir was 7 of his off springs matched, all of them proved to be game

    Q. How long was match between your Tombstone and Bullyson Jr. ? What can you tell me about that show ? Did Bullyson make any serious damage to him and opposite?

    A. I don't remember the time off the top of my head of the match, it was over an hour, a strong hard match. BULLYSON JR was a very hard biter but he was not a gamedog, he quit on top. TOMBSTONE was a true deep deadgame dog, both were in top condition for the match both dogs were eat up after the match. BULLYSON JR died the next day.

    Q. Without giving away any secrets, could you give our readers, some of your views on conditioning ? how about something from Tombstone cond. training , feeding?

    A. I have no secrets about conditioning I published my keep in 1976 at the time when I was at my peak conditioning match dogs, its called the catmill keep its been published in magazines and on websites. I believe Conditioning reached a PEAK in the game in the 1970's before all the ones matchen dogs started using drugs in thir dogs. I truley believe the conditioners of the 1980's and 1990's have not reached the level of condition the conditioners of the 1970's were puten thir match dogs in.

    Q. When do you roll your dogs what qualities your dog must have, and the same question goes when you game testing ?

    A. In the 1970's when I was at my peak in the matchen my dogs, after I had been in the game near 15 years, I school my dogs from the time they left thir mothers. I let my pups run loose, I live in a country area with fields and woods around our place. The pups spent ever day running and hunten in the fields and woods building thir bodys for the pit. I put my pups on chain when they started showen lots of fire and fight, witch most would be near 6 months old at that time. Then for a few months I would walk a fight crazy soft mouth dog around the pups, when they started showen lots of fight I would let the older dog take holt of them for only seconds then part them and go to another pup and do the same, all the pups would go wild to get free for the fight. I school my pups like this ever week or so till they were 8 or 9 months old, then I started taken them to the schoolen pit and let them go for 2 or 3 minutes at first few goes, with the same soft mouth schoolen dog, scratchen each dog one or two times. This is a subject I could write pages and pages about, SCHOOLEN A MATCH DOG but as to your number of questions I'll cut it short. My match dogs would be schooled and ready to match starten around 18 months old with most of them. I had two or 3 good fight crazy SCHOOLEN dogs that I used to school my dogs with I matched a few dogs at 15 or so months old. If a dog showed and bad signs I would look a little deeper into thir gameness. If they showed right to me, I matched them and let them prove thir level of gameness in thir match when they were in peak shape. I never made my match dogs PROVE thir level of gameness in thir schoolen, in the way of some dogmen had to see before they matched thir dogs. I did look deep at each dog for thir level of gameness, but never two dog them, or puten them down to be eat down for about a hour or so then see if they would scratch. I let the match prove the truth of my understanding.

    Q. How many dogs you have at this very moment ? what is your favorite producer(stud), and what is your best bitch ?

    A. At this time I own one dog and hes near 10 months old and is for sale. At this time I believe the best stud dog of the breed is a dog know as KERSHNERS ARNOT, a very pure family bred dog. I have no intrest in outcross bred familys of the breed. And I have no intrest in dogs with UNTRUE PEDIGREES, I would not breed to a 10 time proven game winner, if I did not know the true breeding of the dog.

    Q. Beside you what other breeder can you recommend today ?

    A. The only breeders I would recommend today are the breeders breeding the purest bred familys of the DIBO family. Rod Kershner is breeding the purest familys of DIBO dogs at this time and has the largest yard of the DIBO familys. I have spent near 10 years schoolen Rod on breeding the purest familys, I don't think thir is a yard of American Gamedogs in the world thats bred as true from the DIBO familys as Rods, and the other breeders breeding the same familys, Rods yard is the largest yard of the breed at this time who's breeding the purest DIBO familys, and he has the purest of the DIBO family bred today in ARNOT his sister RAZZ and thir dam TAZ. Check out the pedigrees on Kershners Website and you will be able to see just how pure that DIBO family is that I bred over my 45 years breeding gamedogs.

    Q. You must be heard for Dead Serious Kennels Gr Ch Banjo ROM what is your opinion about him ? Does he deserve to be called one of the best dogs of today ?

    A. The BANJO dog must have been a good one from all I was told about him. I don't for one second believe he is bred the way the owners showed him to be bred, a blindman who knows anything at all about breeden can see that looken at BANJOS pictures. COY at one time had a very pure bred dog from my purest LIGHTING family, he was older then BANJO but he had the same name and looks as BANJO had, I believe someday the truth will be told about the true breeding of Grand Ch Banjo. Thir has been many outstanding dogs who thir pedigrees show them bred different then the way they were bred. Such dogs as GREENWOODS DAVIS, BOUDREAUX ELI, BOUDREAUX MAVERICK, MAYFIELDS TOMBSTONE just to name a few with untrue pedigrees. This is a area of the game wher one must be a TRUTH SEEKER to learn a true understanding of BREEDING one must know the true breeding of thir dogs, breeding is the core of understanding the GAME and the BREED, the dog ALLIGATOR allso has untrue pedigrees.

    Q. Who is the best Pit Bull writer ever, and which one do you like the most, and why? What books what you reedit can you recommend, and what video that you saw?

    A. Since the late 1970's thir has been a number of writers writing books about the gamedogs, 99% of them are full of bullshit lies, and near no true understanding of what thir writing about, the same is true of the large percent of the writers who are writing in the magazines since near 1980. Videos are like the writers in the game, all of them are interesting to all who have gamedog interest, the level of truth in them are all different. I look upon the game in a way its a TRUTH SEEKEN game wher the truth over time becomes proven to the ones with true understanding to seek for the truth. Read the story now being published on my website, it tells how the gamedog game is a game of SEEKING TRUTH in a ONENESS way of life. Believe me in the gamedog game everyone is a GOOD OL BOY that very different then 99% of society, this is a game about a man and his true understanding of nature, wher the laws of nature is kill or be killed.

    Q. Lots of people today, when they feed themes dog, in the time of training they try to avoid meat products many of them eliminated meat at all , last time when I've heard that was from the Tom Grub from Texas?

    A. I very much belived meat for my dogs, and lots of it in thir dite. Corn allso bones and grain.

    Q. Back in the time when you started with Bulldogs, wasn't there any knowledge of using steroids ? And what are you think about them ? My opinion is who ever is using this drugs he don't have a good enough dog, and the only thing what that person can do is to pump him with some drugs.And on the end who won the fight Dog or Steroids?

    A. I was the first in the game to try Steriods in my match dogs, back then we call them HORMONES, they have the ablitiy to bring out the best of a dogs condition, but they cannot over come a peak condition dog not on drugs. Drugs have the ability to show some conditioners as a good conditioner, when in fact they have very little understanding of conditioning, drugs miss the peak far more times then they hit the peak. I was using drugs in my dogs for years before I let the game know about them.

    Q. Most of the people are spending around 45 - 47 days on the condition training on each dog, some breeders was conditioning there dogs for 6 months ! what difference they can make, and I mean what is the point?

    A. The condition I put on each dog, started when I started schoolen them as pups, it lasted till thir last match, and they were no longer open to match. The more I was able to condition my dogs the higher peak they reached.

    Q. Don did you know Walter Komosinski, what are you think about him and his dogs , somebody told me that he killed whole his dogs in the yard before he died ? and did any person, dogman in U.S.still have that line, and who, that you know ?

    A. I did write and get a few letters from Walter I never met him I didnt care for his understanding of the game. I came along at a time when the large percent of the game were old men who had been in the game for 30 or more years, thir was only a few of us like SCOTTY NELSON & FLOYD BONDREAUX who were my age and had goten into the game near the same time I did. I came into the game under FRANK FITZWATER learning all I could from him. Then I stated dealen and learning from GEORGE SADDLER. Then I started dealen and learning from EARL TUDOR, all three of those men were one of a kinds who had been in the core of the game for 50 or more years of thir life at that time. Earl and George had been in the game most all thir lifes, and Frank was matchen dogs before they were born, these 3 men were my TEACHERS then I added to what I learned from thir schoolen. All three of thos men told me they had never seen dogs in the condition of the dogs I was matchen in the 1960 and 1970's. Frank said his GOLDIE dog that I matched in 1961 was the best condition dog he ever seen in the pit over all his years. To me learning that from thos 3 men was one of my greatest honors I ever had in the game, as conditioning gamedogs to me at that time was the main part of my lifestyle. In the 1970's thir were times when I would be conditioning as many as 10 dogs for matches, thir would be dogs worken on my catmill for 24 hours a day, I condition as many as 6 dogs for one show. At times I had as many as 3 men helpen me work the dogs here on my place, I over seen all thir work, and fed and cared for each dog here on our place. Over my years I won 15 or more trophys for BEST DOG OF THE SHOW, I allways tryed to match into the top dogs of thir weight class, and the number one conditioners in the game. From 1970 to 1978 I had one or more dogs matched at all times, I was conditioning dogs ever week from 1970 to 1978. Some dogs I condition for one to two months before thir match, others I conditioned for 6 months or so before thir match. In the mid 1970's I condition most all my dogs for 6 or more months to reach the PEAK I was looken for, a peak condition dog would work my catmill for 6 hours a day.

    Q. In Europe ( Yugoslavia ) where I am from we started with Snooty and Mayfield blood line, he is the Champion and he own ROM title.Our country is very small compare to America, it's around 10 million people including just two parts of Yugoslavia where this sport is the most popular, and so far ,for the last 15 years or so we have good results : 10 ROM dogs one of them Mayfield line as I said, 7 GR CHAMPIONS, and 115 Champions. The longest match was 4:20 minutes, and the shortest one 0:3 minute, between Yankee Knls Ch Yankee ROM and Rebel's Muggs (son of Homer)dog who's got imported from United States. I know that many of them are having a trouble to get in touch with you, please tell to all of them how, where and what is the best time to reach I find you?

    A. If thir was something I feel has been left out as to what I may won't to say to the game. Thir has been a number of the breeders and dealers in the breed who has told the game I got out of the game after I quit matchen my dogs near 1980. In the 1980's I bred and deal a large number of gamedogs into a number of stated throughout the U.S.A. and into a few different nations throughout the world, I bred and deal dogs up to 1995 here on my yard, haven a yard near 50 dogs in the 1980's and about 20 or so in the 1990's. In thos same years from 1980 I published many stories and pictures in different magizines, and publish one book all in the 1980's. In the 1990's I published 27 different videos and over 500 different audios, plus publshen a number of stories and pictures in magizines throughout the world. Now the year of 2000 has only a few days left, this past week we created our website and I have plans to do alot of publishing on this website. I could write for days about the very large number of match dogs that was bred from the dogs I bred and deal out into the game since the early 1970's. I have never been a writer that has wrote about the match dogs that I've bred, or the ones bred from the dogs I deal out over my years, I've allways been a writer whos wrote about the history and heritage of the game. My point being, no I didn't get out of the game after my last match in the game. Since then I have lived my life in a way I enjoy very much the part I have has in the game, schoolen the TRUTH SEEKERS who seek deeper to learn the truth of the game, and the truth of the way thir dogs are bred. The truth is in all games, thats what life is about SEEKING for the TRUTH of all the subjects in the games we live in our lifestyles. Believe me in the wordsize game of American Gamedogs the largest percent of the owners and breeders and dealers in the game try hard to keep the truth from the game and the ones they deal with, with them the game is all about FAME and MONEY. The time will come when the ones I've deal with over the years, and the ones who owns the familys bred from my proven understanding, will write and publish thir stories of thir years and dogs of thir past. Truth is very POWERFULL no one can over come the power of truth. I know of no game one can live that has the level of truth seeken as our gamedog game has, and I know of no game that has BULLSHIT LIES as deep as it is in the American Gamedog game , if one is short on seeken truth in this game they will be eat alive, and have very little understanding of the BREED. Thir is and has allways been a large percent of the game who pray on the newcomers and the one with little true understanding of the breed. All gamedog stories are interesting and are value for all gamedog people to read, or leason to when talked by any gamedog person, no matter if its truth or not. TRUTH SEEKING in this game is the MAIN PART of this game, right to the core of the pit. Not only is this a game of seeking truth, its allso a game of proven the truth of ones understanding. Our game is a game very much about nature and animals witch teaches us the understanding of people and who we are, this game teaches us people are very much in controll of both nature and animals. People are now in control of all nature, animals, fish, fowl, plants and all living things here on earth, and GOD is in control of the weather and mankind here on earth. As I remember the word of GOD says we mankind are to seek the truth and take control of all things here on earth, this is the truth we in the American Gamedog Game learn over the years in the game, like the control we have over the dogs. I think we in the game can learn alot as to what has taken place in ENGLAND, HOLLAND and IRELAND between 1978 and now, with the American Gamedogs. Each of theose nations started with the outcross bred familys bred in the U.S.A. they allso started with a number of dogs with untrue pedigrees. They allso started with a number of the purest bred familys in America. Over the years they prove thir understanding of breeding. When they started with American Gamedogs all thir familys had a high value for the first few years, then over years of truth seeken and proven the truth, the purest truest of value, the others became free for the taken, this is true in thos nations today in the BREED, just as it is here in America. In this interview I didn't look in the records for a more detail account of the subject, I read your questions and wrote the interview off the top of my head from my memory. Alot took place over my years, not even tryen to think deep as to how many gamedogs I have had here on my place counting pups that I bred and deal over my years, but I would think it was over a thousand. They were not all game but over the years they became gamer as the familys I bred became bred more pure and more pure, of family breeding the ones I proved game. I never bred for style, looks, body, or ability, I only bred for gameness. I know of no family of American Gamedogs that has produced as many proven game match dogs, as the purest familys I've been the breeder of over my years. The American Gamedog breed of dogs, since I was near 15 years old, has been a major part of my lifestyle, and still is, breeding for gameness and keep em scratchen has always been my understanding. Over my years I seen 25 or more ACE match dogs in the pit, these were all ace fighting dogs who were matched a number of times in the core. These were such dogs that kill near ever dog they were matched into. I seen a few other dogs that were never matched but they were just as much ACE match dogs as the ones matched. All those 30 or so ACE dogs I seen over my years were bred right out of EARL TUDORS purest bred familys, that EARL and I bred in the 1960's and the 1970's. The number one dog I seen in the pit over my years up to around 10 or so years later, when I seen one who was by far the greatest pit dog ever bred in the game. Over my years I have researched very deep the records of the BREED form its beginning here in America. I feel thir was many ACE match dogs that proved the truth of thir breeding, I believe the very best of them was TUDORS BLACKJACK Jr. up until 40 or so years later when TUDORS SPIKE proved his breeding. Then 10 or so years later the greatest of all match dogs bred in America proved his breeding, his name was MAYFIELD PIT GENERAL, PIT GENERAL was such a dog that kill dogs with one bite, he had the ability to bite hunks of meat out of one holt, he would eat a dog as he killed them. PIT GENERAL was a dog bred from a family of gamedogs bred from EARL TUDORS purest familys cross with BILL LIGHTNERS purest familys. This family had been bred and proven over generations of breeding the family here in Sunnyvale. Over the years FRANK FITZWATER, BUD WOMACK and myself had been breeding and proven this family, we bred the family more pure to the TUDOR bred family of DIBO dogs. In the mid 1960's I took a bitch called WOMACKS MERT to EARLS and bred to the young very pure family bred dog TUDORS NIGGER. The breeding was the first time the NIGGER dog was bred, it was a large litter of 8 or 10 pups with everyone of them match dogs that proved to all be game. EARL got two of the pups, witch he latter deal them both to DANNY BURTON. The male pup danny got from the litter turned out to be a ACE match dog that won one match
  2. SonnyLong

    SonnyLong Pup

    Boudreau didn't breed Eli. He stole him.
  3. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  4. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    For being such a good competitor his bullshit will outlast his accomplishments.
    david63, patjr and Dusty Road like this.
  5. 80BOWTIE

    80BOWTIE Big Dog

    I wonder what would have happened with Pit General if he wouldn’t have been stolen? A culmination of a mans career cut short because of envy! Haters
  6. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Lost his 3rd match ?
    david63 likes this.
  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The guy that turned me on to the dogs did a week long visit with him in the late 70's, maybe have been 81/82.

    He came home and changed the way he used the slat mill, changed the way he fed dogs and changed his approach to prepping a dog.

    Some years later when the videos/writings and articles starting coming out he publicized his keep and it was widely available in the mid 80's/early 90's. I remember asking about Mr. Mayfield and he had some kinda sorta negative comments, "like he is god for the dogs, good for the game, but he is not a good person" In so many words.

    Then just a few years ago I met a an older fellow from SC who went back and forth between SC/Texas/Oklahoma doing dogs. He says the Mayfield dogs were well conditioned and well prepared so I asked about the 8 hours on the Jenny as I find that hard to believe. He told me it was true. The dog was put on the jenny, Mr. Mayfield then passed out drunk and when he woke up several hours later the session was over. He also said from 1965 to 1980 every dog that made CH or GRCH or produced a number of CH's were from his pure family of dogs. Every one that made it and were not attributed to him were paper hung. Every one of them. If you don't believe him....just ask him as he will tell you again.

    I have enjoyed reading his work/articles as I am a big fan of the history in the dogs. But at the same time I can't always drink the Kool-Aid.

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  8. Hazko

    Hazko Big Dog

    Can you go into the diet more please ?
  9. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I was a kid back then. Maybe 11-12. I do not remember the exacts but back then it was a lot of dry food with additives. The meat of choice was chicken necks (and as I have aged and had to foot my own bills the most of the time it is more what one can afford/where the deal is at that dictates feed-not necessarily what is best for the dogs)

    At 11-12 in rural setting a lot of your jobs are the same jobs an adult would get, but adults cost money and kids were free labor. LOL I can remember the cases of chicken necks and my buddy and I would separate them into 1lb. freezer bags.

    The keeps consisted of a couple pounds of chicken necks, a handful of dog food, some greens, some cereals or carbs, jack cheeses and the go to supplement back then was Clovite Horse Conditioner. Other than the chicken necks it was the human athlete approach to nutrition.

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  10. stedz

    stedz Top Dog

    I wonder why M didnt care for Wk,s understanding of the game.Given that walter was the mentor of big brad,ossie stevens etc.
  11. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    My best guess...and maybe reading a little deep into his comments is that WK a lot like Ozzie Stevens was about winning dogs.

    They had several families/strains and their approach was good dogs to good dogs, and they crossed families.

    Just sort of the way I took the articles, no real personal knowledge.

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  12. che

    che Top Dog

    i only mind my own business. I think he should too. He was a good competitor and next level conditioner. It is not up to me . I am not at that level the judge this man his work but i would keep it simple.
  13. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    Who's without an sin throws the first stone. If there is one on this board it should surprise me,LOL.Don Mayfield RIP wore the T-shirt & played a big part in APBT history, and forgot more about the dogs then most will ever learn during their life time. In his heyday he was on top of it. Have spoke to a lot of men from his time who were around him. Don was a changed man over the years but still he had their respect. In our talks we argued back and forth and agreed tot disagreed at some points but the respect was there.
  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    No doubts. No disrespect intended. I repeated two first hand stories. That too is a part of the history.

    I agree he was ahead of his time with working the dogs. I have read his keep like a thousand times and each time is as enjoyable as the first.

    stedz, che and david63 like this.
  15. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    He was not the average kind of guy and probably to strange for a bunch of people.He told and wrote me about all the Bad and Good he commited over the years, interviewed him as many other oldtimers for hours, days,got it all on tapes never publiced and i will keep it that way. I know that you don't show disrespect @slim as you are an stand up Guy and a dogman pursang.
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  16. che

    che Top Dog

    I am with F.W.K. I only quote his text.

    I know that you don't show disrespect @slim asyou are an stand up Guy and a dogmanpursang.

    You give people always something to think about, many times when I see your posts, I take my time and read it twice. I like that much. Thank you for beeing a honest dogman. You are very knowledgeable man.
    F.W.K. and stedz like this.
  17. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    His work using table salt was as advanced as anything of its time. And the best part is the dogs have not evolved to the point it can't be used today. Tons of insight there, maybe even from a medical condition he or someone he knew made him think some things thru and then expound on blood concentration and its affects/effects on working dogs.

    I can remember watching a video and reading articles about the length of time dogs spent on the jenny. I always found that really hard to believe. Then I applied that time line to some of the dogs I had worked. When I put CH Lil Man on the turn table he ran that thing like it was no tomorrow. He ran it so hard for so long I was worried I would hurt him rather than help him. (Then it dawned me I did not have a brake system....being a real thinker I guess, LOL). I would then picture Lil Man on anything for 6-8 hours. I am sure at some point he would stop on his own but a big part of me felt like he would have killed himself on it.

    I never met him personally nor talked to him personally. His hey-day was about the time I was a born and when he had aged and was dropping knowledge in articles, interviews and books I was a young kid who did not know at the time I should have reached out and tried to get that knowledge first hand. I would have love to ask him about the 8 hours and that approach.

    My friend who matched into him in the early 70's said he was a forward thinker, even back then they spoke of him as ahead of the game. At the time no one was thinking about using an air conditioner to dial weight during travels nor running hot water in a closed bath room. He said people had the utmost of respect for him, even tho if he was dis liked he was still respected. They bought dogs from him and when they came back home the Lightning blood they bought was bred to get Jocko which in turn was half of maybe the greatest cross in the history of the dogs.

    And with all the successes the RBJ dogs have seen (and will continue to see) Mr. Mayfield did not approve of the cross that got to Jocko nor his family being pushed to a quarter with the addition of the Red Boy. The dogs were suppose to remain pure.

    Again, no disrespect but repeating what was told to me, he did not dislike the successes of other people but he simply disliked the crossing the dogs of his he considered pure. Even when that cross led to great (greater) things.

    Great topic. Great conversation.

  18. Fatman91

    Fatman91 Pup

    Mitch kemmers books have some interesting writings in them about Don and the dogs and his conditioning, Also speaks quiet a bit about FB.. Makes interesting reading
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  19. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    He was a purist, bred them tighter then anyone into one and the same bloodline. Saw the pure ones go which didn't impress me that much,although winners purebred resisted such as Gr Ch Otto bred by Keystone out of Don's blood .some of the outcrosses were very good dogs, such as the Alligator/Mayfield and Wardt's Ch.Thunder/Mayfield and Mayfield/Bolio/Tombstone crosses delivered some bulldogs worth feeding.
    He liked the pure that much since he didn't had trust in the true heritage of dogs from different bloodlines. Endless were his story's about the paperhangers and decievers in the game,LOL, a lot have heard some of his ramblings. Don Mayfield a real character and a legend in the bulldogs RIP
    Tudor-Mayfield likes this.
  20. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well said.


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