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Irish Jerry Dogs

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by nmdogs, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog



    he owned honeybunch but later resorted to jeep dogs until they wore out there welcome tahn they added redboy and so forth, but truth be told irish jerry used it all...
    anything and everything enabling longevity of his dogs which should make this thread go on for a awhile...


    my friend wardog, you notice a particular name I told you about in this pedigree agian???
  3. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    Thanks for clearing that up its just that I've seen his name associated with jeep and jeep crosses more then any other
    Line so I figured since to me it seems like his base bloodline
    That I'd call it the Irish jerry jeep strain just to keep things

  4. StarLion

    StarLion Pup
    Anyone knows anything about this dog? There was a dog that came to the islands in the early 90's that is papered with this name. It's a funny story really which I thought of starting a new thread "outrageous peddler stories", was a big red dog owned by the master salesman in the island. About that time the Stratton books were the only sources of information, so naturally the big red dog's name was "Wallace" and boy did he make a killing, the seller that is. It was only years after the dog had passed that I saw his ADBA paperwork and thought he might have been a better bred dog than advertised


    good share starlion,I enjoy the old island stories...
  6. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

  7. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

    like the way ol skoool is bred. lol

    That keybump blood is my foundation.
  8. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

    that leigh knot blood is still around as well...the male is about 8 or 9 years old bred back into our keybump blood


    Nice dogs Nfahred, I also lke the key bum dogs for multitude of things including his sire beetle bailey...
    But that georgia bulldog blood old man hunt accumilated was as good as it gets, I dont care what line you like...
    Mr.Hunt had the best of it, and in this case I am particulary fond of that bullyson ex missy and mendencino blood via buford...
    Let ray ramsey tell it and buford was better than his sire and thates why ray gave arty2x to floyd to utilize in breedings, while ray used his son buford...
    Floyd has said that he felt arty2x was a better producing son of bullyson than any he used but I think ray had it better with bolios sister mendencino...
    Both irish jerry and old man hunt had more than sharing the same state in common as they both were as open to other blood as any and this helped thier longevity...
    As far as breeders, old man hunt was hard to beat and owned some of the best of alot of bloodlines, the georgia bulldog isor was a class act...
    I know he was friens with dr kimsey woods and his sundanc dog was a great catalyst for the key bump...
    does anyone know if the the georgia bulldog mr hunt is still alive???

    Another bulldog that I like his pedigree and would like to learn more about is the lanky hank dog, any info???
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  10. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    Thanks for the info guys !
    Anyone know anything more
    About Irish Jerry's Jay Jay ?

  11. wardt

    wardt Banned

    Great PED ,Look T(H)under,s Dempsey ID=375048 ,The Dog IRISH JERRY,S TOOTIE 1,I Bredt Her whit WARDT,S CH THUNDER in 1992 and becaus of this Litter Problem,s Sarted, Many Story,s about This Breeding.
  12. wardt

    wardt Banned

    Sorry People can,t put a ped here ( new comper shit) maby Same budy do it for me ,see Elias I told You Burton,s GR CH HANK PRODUCE EVERY GOOD?Look the intervuiwwww Whit CAK were the Tell That That The HANK X BOOMERANG Were SUPER GOOD bud the other Breedings Whit HANK, BURTON,S ,did,t Produse so good like the looked ad HANK Turnig is not Good BUD The was only 1 HANK who good Fool YOU HAHA.
  13. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

    Good stuff Elias.


  15. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

    Who you know currently that still run the keybump heavy Elias? Hit me in the Pms. I don't know of anyone outside of me


    tried to send you a pm but too full...
  17. nfahred

    nfahred Big Dog

    Let me clear out some space
  18. bandm

    bandm Pup

    Lanky Hank was a pretty good dog as was his brother Rowdy Red. Toogie owned them and did pretty well with them.
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  19. Caos

    Caos CH Dog

  20. durock drake

    durock drake Premium Member Premium Member

    fat bill was a crook in my opinion. did u ever see some of his "training tapes'? no dogs in tape. used a 5 gallon bucket for training tapes. P.O.S. TAPE. LOL

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